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  1. F7GOS

    VBios Blues - Ex Mining RX 560 4GB Sapphire Pulse

    So just a quick update, both cards are working spot on. AMDVBFlashWin worked a treat even with the GUI version - didn't need to touch the cmd line one. I think the black screens I was getting actually had more to do with the system getting confused with the onboard VEGA 3 graphics on the...
  2. F7GOS

    VBios Blues - Ex Mining RX 560 4GB Sapphire Pulse

    Evening folks, have a little conundrum here. Have a RX 560 4GB (Sapphire Pulse) and it have been bought from an ex miner. It has a modded bios loaded up onto it and boots into windows fine, Device manager sees it as an RX 560 4GB, GPUZ shows it as such too I want to return it to normal...
  3. F7GOS

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Details Leak Thanks to EEC Filing

    Its going to need to have no connector to make it even semi viable
  4. F7GOS

    RX Vega + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - Taming the Hotspot?

    Ive seen the coverage of it on the Radeon VII, know TG have a similar product too which may be more readily available
  5. F7GOS

    Vega owners club

    My Vega Adventures so far... Definitely the most ummm fun card i've had in a while thats for sure! :roll:
  6. F7GOS

    R9 290X 4 GB

    if original PSU No... and even if it was a beast of a PSU, if its in the HP case still no, 290X will kick out a lot of heat. just buy suitable a GTX 1050 or RX 560, if your PSU has a 6 pin PCIE connector just buy any.. if it doesn't you will want a card with no additional PCIE power cable...
  7. F7GOS

    Your PC ATM

    It's one of them new fangled invisible GPU's o_O Yeah, that image was from the case video, RX 480 is now in there for another wee project that i've got going on
  8. F7GOS

    ASUS GPU Tweak II Smears Ads Over Your Games

    getting flashbacks to the Geforce Partner Program now :laugh:
  9. F7GOS

    Massive problems with RTX series cards artifacting and dying

    It's a shame, theres been a few decent offers for the 2070 and 2060 lately but seeing how even the TU106 GPU's are being affected I think ill hold off a while yet
  10. F7GOS

    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing & Preview

    Dont know why but I really want one :kookoo::laugh:
  11. F7GOS

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Tear down of my first ever self built system from 2004 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ATI 9800 Pro 128Mb
  12. F7GOS

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.1

    Aww ill miss the green and red BFV ghosts.. :laugh:
  13. F7GOS

    Good 280mm radiator AiO?

    FWIW, I have a few versions of the Raijintek ORCUS, the 240mm is the mainstay in my main rig and keeps the Ryzen 1700 under check at 4.0Ghz no problem and I know they also do a 280mm version too.
  14. F7GOS

    Your PC ATM

    Not the main PC, but a tidy little Athlon Budget build I made up for a case review. Actually really like the case - especially for lower powered rigs. SPECS: MB: MSI B350M Bazooka CPU: AMD Athlon 240GE RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666 SSD: 120GB Drevo CASE: GameMax Solar PSU: GameMax RGB 550W Modular GPU...
  15. F7GOS

    Resident Evil 2

    Must say I'm loving RE:2.. the thing plays so so well on vega too. Using Radeon Chill with a 75fps cap, everything maxed out over two hours of gameplay the card averaged out at 690Mhz on the core... Looks amazing for being so well optimized. atmospheric doesn't do the game justice.. and I...
  16. F7GOS

    jonnyguru down?

    Still can't login though and some recent posts are not up anymore - probably still migrating
  17. F7GOS

    ATHLON 200GE Users... OC?

    Afternoon folks, just wondering if there are any Athlon 200GE users in here? I've been sampled a couple of the 220GE and 240GE Athlons from AMD and have been messing about with the overclocking on a pretty bog standard B350 motherboard. I've seen a few reviews of the 200GE online with people...
  18. F7GOS

    What the best thermal paste in 2019?

    https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/rx-vega-thermal-grizzly-kryonaut-taming-the-hotspot.251876/#post-3983092 Check the topic there for reference, I jumped to TG kryonaut for my Vega 64 and its been pretty darn good since - definite step up from the cheaper options, if its worth 3 x the...
  19. F7GOS

    RX Vega + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - Taming the Hotspot?

    Now you've peeked my interest - I know TG have a new thermal pad coming out for GPU and CPU applications.. might have to have a peek
  20. F7GOS

    RX Vega + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - Taming the Hotspot?

    It's like I always tell my wife... could be worse I could still be tinkering with cars :laugh: tube of paste certainly cheaper than a ring of rubber.
  21. F7GOS

    RX Vega + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - Taming the Hotspot?

    Don't tempt me :rolleyes: reckless enough by voiding warranty as it is... Still staying very cool after the repaste though.. :toast:
  22. F7GOS

    Would you Buy RGB Fans?

    Yup, most my fans are RGB. Doesn't mean they are blasting rainbows into the room though, depending on the build colour scheme they will usually be set to static colour or even white to give some illumination. Most are the diffused Ring type though rather than seeing individual LEDs
  23. F7GOS

    NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti on February 15th, $279; GTX 1660 in Early March, $229; GTX 1650 in Late March, $179

    Will be snapping up a GTX 1650 for sure...
  24. F7GOS

    Bulldozer Core-Count Debate Comes Back to Haunt AMD

    Maybe said with a hint of tongue in cheek?
  25. F7GOS

    Will You Be Buying Radeon VII ?

    I could be persuaded to get one.. depending on UK pricing of course.. If it still had the double precision then I would have been knocking at the door to get one and could have passed it off as a vaiable work upgrade in my head for some of the Engineering Simulations I sometimes run :laugh...