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    Plextor Unveils the M6S Plus Series SSD

    Isn't this the same as the this post from Feb? The title is the same too https://www.techpowerup.com/219919/plextor-unveils-the-m6s-plus-series-ssd
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    Toshiba THNSNJ HG6 256 GB

    Is the controller a rebranded Marvell? afaik, that was what the old "Toshiba" controller was
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    MSI Z97 GAMING 5 (Intel LGA 1150)

    It seems like the motherboards get better and better every generation. The Gaming 5 seems like a replacement for the G45 and it's better all around with more features. Audio is better, POST code is nice addition, LAN is a bit better and M.2 is better than mSATA Only things I don't like are the...
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    PC Shipments Down 7.6% in Q3, According to IDC

    Shipments of PC's made by large OEM's are down is what they mean. I've managed to convince pretty much everyone I know to build their own PC's or let someone build it for them. Higher quality parts and last longer imo. Only hassle is buying your own OS and having to handle individual warranty...
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    Intel Z87 and i7-4770K 24/7 Overclocking Guide

    Great job! Thanks for the great write up. I was thinking of getting an Haswell rig to play with since I may have a buyer for my Ivy rig. You said it was the luck of the draw in terms of Haswell. I was wondering what kind of OC did you get out of the bad chips? 4ghz? 4.2ghz? I can run my 3570k...
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    Corsair Force LS 240 GB SSD

    Nice Drive Seems like this drive would make a great budget choice especially if were given some discounts every now and then
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    Intel Cracks Down on Motherboard Vendors Offering Overclocking on non-Z Chipset

    Button Down Well time to disable non-security Windows Updates and bios updates for everyone on those boards. I am guessing though that a clean-install+re flashing to older bios could allow OC again? Or is the code changed forever for that CPU? Intel also took away the 4 extra OC bins for...
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    Intel Haswell 35W Dual-Core i5-4570T Benchmarks Surface Online

    i5 vs i3 i5 are called i5's instead of i3's even if they have the same core count is a strategy from mobile use. In mobile, i5's are only differentiated mainly by having turbo boost enabled. I guess they are slowly bringing that naming convention over to desktop. In mobile there are 2c/4t...