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  1. eroldru

    R9 380 4GB Crossfire and Power Requirements

    I have read this too. I don't know how true this is though. I hope not. Anyway the 6100 is pretty fast even without OC. It's just a starting point PC tho. I plan to upgrade in the future.
  2. eroldru

    R9 380 4GB Crossfire and Power Requirements

    ATM I don't want to spend anymore than 650€. This is what I have until now. I don't want to change any of the parts. They are the cheapest and best price to performance to personal preference ratio I could find...
  3. eroldru

    R9 380 4GB Crossfire and Power Requirements

    Hi peeps I am looking to get me a new PC and as a starting point I'd like to go for the i3-6100, 8GB 2400 DDR4, MSI Z170A PC MATE and a R9 380 4GB. I chose this setup as a starting point seeing that the i3 can be OCed and is prety decent for gaming. I wish to go for 4.2 as a starting point and...
  4. eroldru

    AMD Now Almost Worth A Quarter of What it Paid for ATI

    With fanboys all over the place and wrong information given by reviewers and review sites, AMD is taking heavy shots. I'm always very careful not to make the wrong judgement, but Intel has been playing with the desktop customer for more than 2 generations. Crappy CPU assembly and minimal...
  5. eroldru

    Nvidia GTX 970 problems: This isn't acceptable.

    You could have bought a R9 295X2 and wouldn't have this problems lol. Anyway DX12 in near. You can (theoretically speaking) use 2x3.5GB
  6. eroldru

    AMD R9 390 Series To Launch Alongside Computex 2015

    This speaks for itself and it's taken from techreport http://techreport.com/r.x/radeon-r9-285/power-load.gif
  7. eroldru

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN-X Pictured Up-close

    Inspired by gamers, never affordable for gamers!
  8. eroldru

    ELSA Announces GeForce GTX 960 SAC Graphics Card

    smells a little like inno3D
  9. eroldru

    GeForce GTX 960 3DMark Numbers Emerge

    128-bit was such a bad move NVIDIA! :slap:
  10. eroldru

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 G1.Gaming Pictured

    I want to laugh! That cooler is way too much for that card. What will the temps be? 10C under full load? Even a cooler with a single fan would be enough, but hey, they have to sell stuff, don't they?
  11. eroldru

    Choose R9 290 Series for its 512-bit Memory Bus: AMD

    Yeah, and I wonder why people are so mean to AMD. At least they try to please the gaming community with low prices and good products. Maybe they are not the best, but the price is great. Hell, people do you remember 700$ GTX 780 Ti? And 3000$ Titan Z?
  12. eroldru

    Cooler Master PSUs Follow New EU Regulations

    Does anyone know why B series don't have 80+ certification while having over 86% efficiency on 50% load?
  13. eroldru

    ASRock X99 Extreme4 is World's First Windows 8.1-Certified X99-Based Motherboard

    ASRock does that. But I don't think high end users need a certificate. That piece of paper looks valid for OEM
  14. eroldru

    stuck on FM2+ kaveri 7850k supported motherboard & cooling decision

    Why go Kaveri, if you don't mind me asking?
  15. eroldru

    $2,999 Price of GeForce GTX TITAN-Z Not Justifiable: Review

    by 200%? Yeah that would make it a good buying option. But why pay twice for a lot less performance?
  16. eroldru

    Drivers Holding Back GTX TITAN-Z Launch

    Yeah drivers, of course. If you put your logic aside, drivers can save you. But if you think with logic then you understand that 3k for a gaming gpu is plain extravagant. Even the 295x2 is overpriced.