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    Raid 0 worth it??

    I have two Crucial M4 SSD's that Im going to set up in raid 0 for my OS and a couple of essential apps. I have a Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB SATA 6Gb/s HDD for storage and other apps such as steam etc. Im wondering wether to get another WD 2TB drive to set up my storage drives in Raid 0...
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    Speccing up a case for 2 Rads??

    OK, so Im guessing that Im actually asking 2 questions.. Im planning an upgrade to x79 and Im also going to watercool for the first time Im guessing that I will need 2 loops? loop 1 for the cpu/mobo chipset - maybe a 240?? loop 2 for the 2 x 470 gfx cards - is a 360 enough here? Can...
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    possible motherboard fault?

    Im putting a new build together for a home server project I have bought the following 1x gigabyte MA790X-UD4 mobo athlon64 X2 5050e 1 x OCZ 2GB value DDR2 800Mhz Seasonic true power 400W PSU I already have an assortment of various SATAII drives and an old ATI passive cooled pci-x GPU I...
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    Nvidia or gigabyte mobo?

    Im looking at mobo's for a home server and have narrowed it down to 2 choices I though originally that I would buy my first choice mobo below but came up with a couple of gotchas My case can hold 12 drives The mobo support 6 SATA drives, which means that I will have to buy add on expansion...
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    want to add a 2nd hand GPU to a dell!

    Fancy upgrading my dell work machine so that it has a graphics card in it that I can crunch some seti units on. On initial checking, I thought that this would be a no go as I only had one spare molex connector, so would not be able to power any card that I put in there. Digging around in my...
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    Windows Home Server Project

    Hi Everyone, Im looking at building a Windows Home Server NAS and could do with a reality check as I in two mind on which way to go The whole projects was inspired by this device below (and the need to put my 400+ DVD and 1600+ CD collection onto disk for my newly built HTPC)...