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  1. bim27142

    Windows 10 Upgrade Begins Rolling Out in Waves

    deym, i should have read this before i did it... now i think i have to redo everything back to square one...
  2. bim27142

    Aerocool Debuts the Strike-X Cube Micro ATX PC Case

    I am inclined to buy this and probably just mod the exteriors (remove all plastics and have it powder coated or something - probably aluminum panels of some kind also)... I personally really like the internal layout... has tons of potential IMO...
  3. bim27142

    Lenovo Set to Close Acquisition of IBM's x86 Server Business

    Nope, not anymore... a decade or two ago maybe... Services is now IBM's bread and butter... https://fortunedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/rom.jpg
  4. bim27142

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4096 MB

    THAT power consumption at THIS performance level... just picked up my jaw on the floor! :peace:
  5. bim27142

    MSI ECO Series Motherboards Receive TÜV Certified Status

    25 years?! If ever, I will need other parts to last that long also so I can show it off to my grand kids in working condition... :D
  6. bim27142

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Specifications Detailed Some More

    Goodness gracious?! A very powerful GPU at under 200 watts! I foresee a lot of "buy n sell" activities soon... ;)
  7. bim27142

    ELSA Announces Single-slot GeForce GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card

    Too long for my Jonsbo U1 case (modded to fit a single slot GPU)... this is almost perfect... "almost"... :) I think I'll just have to proceed with a "transplant" project I guess (inspired by TH).
  8. bim27142

    ASUS X99-Deluxe Leads Company's Mainline

    I sooooo love the color scheme... hope they will make this their default color theme for the next generation motherboards for Broadwell... HEDT platform is not for me, too much for both features and price... :D
  9. bim27142

    ID-Cooling Announces T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

    Clever design...
  10. bim27142

    Cooltek W1

    It's from an unofficial seller... if there will be an official distributor, I expect prices to be a bit lower...
  11. bim27142

    Galaxy Designs Supremely Overkill GeForce GTX 750 Ti HOF Graphics Card

    This is more of a bragging rights thing IMO... just to prove that they can and they did... May be excellent from a technology/capability perspective, waste of time and money from business perspective... :)
  12. bim27142

    Cooltek W1

    This is mainly an aluminum case, not a fair comparison against the Node 304. Compare it to Lian Li's instead... Jonsbo is slightly cheaper... I just got myself a U1 and am pretty happy with it. No Lian Li's come close to it with respect to the price.
  13. bim27142

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 Detailed

    Hoping for a 860 or 860 Ti with no external power connector...
  14. bim27142

    ASUS Announces its Radeon R9 295X2 Graphics Card

    "That" power consumption...
  15. bim27142

    MSI Shows Off Gaming Series Mini-ITX Z87 Motherboard and GeForce GTX 760 Card

    If priced significantly lower than Asus' offering then this will surely sell like hotcakes! Finally a worthy Asus competitor in the ITX gaming arena... Now where the heck's Gigabyte???
  16. bim27142

    Corsair Announces Hydro Series H75 Liquid CPU Cooler

    Louder, yes but not all the time (if you operate at full fan speed only and to some specific cases only)... inefficient? I don't think so... Do not compare entry level CLC's to high end tower coolers, they are not meant to compete with it. But if you insist on comparing non "apple to apple"...
  17. bim27142

    AMD Radeon R9 290X 4096 MB

    THAT power consumption... even if someone will give this one out to me for free, I'll accept it still but I surely will sell it for something else... :D
  18. bim27142

    [Case Gallery] Canticle of the Apocalypse

    Bravo! nuff said... :)
  19. bim27142

    Cooltek U3

    This is indeed Jonsbo cases... the last time I contacted them, they were looking for global partners so this could just be one of it...
  20. bim27142

    Radeon R7 260X Pictured, Too

    Cooler looks great and I think it seems functional (some kind of an air channeling design). Cooling performance remains to be seen though... :rockout:
  21. bim27142

    Node 304 Case Airflow Optimization

    Would that be a better option? I mean, front fan intakes, central fans for the CPU coolers for more airflow inside the case, and finally a 140mm exhaust that should pull hot air out of the case...
  22. bim27142

    Node 304 Case Airflow Optimization

    I am using Seasonic X-560 and the fan is at the bottom, venting inside the case (though there is also a vent for the PSU side). I can't put the fan upwards as the modular cables will (it actually already have) conflict with my long GPU... :rockout:
  23. bim27142

    Node 304 Case Airflow Optimization

    Right... I was thinking of replacing my cooler with Zalman 9900DF (since it matches my theme :D ) and I think is pretty decent cooler as well in terms of performance... and then replace with Deep Cool UF140 and UF92... I find these fans quite OK and they are cheap, and again, matches my theme...