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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    This is where I ordered mine and according to their shipping page they do ship internationally. I go to the local CompUSA store a lot and they are very honest and good to do business with in my opinion...
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    There are cards that are clocked faster than 499/499. I was just going by the ATI card specs. :) to try to keep the answer simple.
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    I don't think there is any advantage to using the XT bios other than the identification ( XT as opposed to PRO)? and it sets the GPU and Memory Clocks higher and you can do that yourself with RaBiT. The Pro clocks are normally 499/499 and the XT are 520/540
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    Just wipe it with a clean cloth then dampen the cloth with 99% alcohol to finish cleaning. Not rubbing alcohol (has too much water in it)
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    Never re-use Thermal paste. Clean GPU and heat sink carefully and apply just enough NEW thermal paste to cover GPU then re-install heatsink. It is very important that you do not contaminate the paste.
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    How can we test airflow dynamics?

    White Smoke of nearly any kind should work. Darken the room and try a black light. Too much light will make it hard to see the smoke. You might also want to try a digital camera with no flash to get a still of the smoke stream. Normally this kind of testing is done in a closed chamber where the...
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    Mah ghetto vga cooling, **WARNING* must have protective eyewear

    Hey, I think it's great if it works and shows imagination. It does not look that bad either. I have seen aftermarket coolers that look worse :) Good job. (please, no hug if you are male) LOL
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    Well, I was hoping it would work for you :( I guess the bright side is you now have a bios that makes the fan work :)
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    Did you use the modified flasher? If not, it will ignore the pipe settings. You can get it here: http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/100/images/flashrom16p.zip I will also attach a copy of my modified bios. The hex editor was free and I got it here...
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    X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

    This worked great for me. Thanks!! I bought an X850pro VIVO, Used AtiTools to dump my bios,a hex editor to edit the number of pipes, RaBiT to set clocks to XT settings and the modded flash tool to flash the X850XT bios. After flashing the card things acted a little strange so I uninstalled all...
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    bios recovery failure

    Could be a number of things, but seeing as how you already took the Mobo back for an exchange I would rule that out. That pretty much leaves you with Bad CPU, Not enough CPU cooling, Bad Memory (as in not compatible with Mobo or overclocking) or a crapping out Power supply.
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    Bios for Ati Radeon 9200 128MB (BBA) ???

    If he does not want your 9800PRO, my kid is looking for and upgrade from an old 9200 also and I am sure he would be glad to get your 9800. I just opened my X850Pro up to 16 pipes thanks to the great help on this forum :) This place is great!