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  1. The Von Matrices

    Crucial 128 GB DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Now Available

    Got a spare $500000 for an 8-processor, 224C/448T, 12TB memory server? I wonder if there is even a single user who will ever buy such a system.
  2. The Von Matrices

    Intel Core i9-7900X 3.3 GHz

    Is that a bug in CPU-Z or did you disable two of the cores when overclocking?
  3. The Von Matrices

    Crucial 128 GB DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Now Available

    Still seems like a bargain compared to the $13k MSRP of the flagship Xeon.
  4. The Von Matrices

    HDMI 2.1 Specification Sets New Resolution Standard

    I've had a different experience with HDMI 2.0. I tried six different cables, all '4K certified', and only one of them was able to transmit the full 18gb/s HDMI 2.0 over the 7m between my media PC and TV. (props to Blue Jeans Cable for being the only good one). So while I agree that the bullet...
  5. The Von Matrices

    Samsung Electronics to Increase its DRAM Output

    My experience has shown that's it's always a good decision to max out your PC with the highest capacity "obsolete" memory modules just as a new memory technology is coming out. The price of the previous generation memory just keeps appreciating as the supply dries up but people are still doing...
  6. The Von Matrices

    7th Gen Core "Kaby Lake" Won't Work on 300-series Chipset Motherboards

    We would be hearing the exact same complaints if there was a new socket incompatible with older processors. Every 2 generations, Intel makes the socket electrically incompatible with older CPU; that's nothing new. This time, they just aren't changing the number of pins, but that hardly makes a...
  7. The Von Matrices

    ASRock X299 Killer SLI/ac

    You must be referring to a different board, since the latest BIOS on their site is 1.30A. And I agree, it works fine with the latest BIOS version, but why did I have to put up with a month of a non-working product? The majority of people who buy motherboards aren't going to update their BIOS...
  8. The Von Matrices

    ASRock X299 Killer SLI/ac

    I own this board, and I don't think it deserves an editors choice. You probably wouldn't find it during the tests in a review, but the BIOS is buggy and has caused me more frustration than any other board I have ever previously owned. The initial release BIOS would stop detecting M.2 drives...
  9. The Von Matrices

    AMD X399 Platform Lacks NVMe RAID Booting Support

    With AMD announcing that it is deprecating Crossfire and now not supporting bootable NVMe RAIDs, those 60 PCIe lanes that everyone was ogling over look more and more superfluous every day.
  10. The Von Matrices

    AMD Giving Up on CrossFire with RX Vega

    I think this is a good choice. My experiences with Crossfire have been frustrating at best. I'd rather they stop supporting the feature and reallocate their driver team elsewhere rather than continuing to advertise a feature that doesn't live up to its promise because they never invest enough...
  11. The Von Matrices

    AMD EPYC Architecture & Technical Overview

    The 8 core server processor still has 128 PCIe lanes, making it great for a storage server or GPU compute server.
  12. The Von Matrices

    Microsoft Won't be Profiting from the Xbox One X's $499 Price Point

    Is R&D included when assessing whether each console is sold at a profit or a loss? I would hope not because R&D is a sunk cost; all that matters is the marginal cost of producing an additional console.
  13. The Von Matrices

    PCI-SIG Fast Tracks Evolution to 32 GT/s with PCI Express 5.0 Architecture

    And users will still complain that their PCIe 5.0 GPU is losing 0.01 FPS because it is only getting 32GB/s of bandwidth at PCIe 5.0 x8 instead of x16. BTW, the standard runs at 32GT/s, which means 4GB/s/lane. So that 128 GB/s bandwidth is for the mythical x32 connection that we have yet to...
  14. The Von Matrices

    On Elmor's Open Letter, or The State of the Industry

    Motherboards have stagnated simply because of integration. Today you can buy a board with no additional controllers other than the chipset and have all the ports you could possibly need. With the chipset having the same base set of features and performance, there's little for motherboard...
  15. The Von Matrices

    Aqua Computer and Rockit Delidding Tools tested on Core i7-7700K

    I always thought you needed to cut the glue with a razor before delidding, but these tools seem to not do that. Is there an advantage to cutting the glue first? Also, one thing that no one is considering about Intel's stock TIM is that it has to last the lifetime of the processor, which can be...
  16. The Von Matrices

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card at $699

    The performance doesn't mean much without a price.
  17. The Von Matrices

    AMD Reveals Ryzen 7 Family, Pricing, and Radeon Vega Logo

    I agree. I would like to see comparisons to the 7700K as well. All the of the AMD benchmarks compare it to Broadwell based CPUs, so on top of the frequency difference there's also a 5-10% clock-for-clock performance deficit compared to Kaby Lake based cores. It's stll a monumental improvement...
  18. The Von Matrices

    Death By a Thousand Cuts: Toshiba to Sell Majority of its Semiconductor Business

    To be clear, the loss was related to cancellation/delay of new reactors across the world (designed/built by Westinghouse) as the result of renewed public opposition to nuclear power, not the meltdown itself. When one company buys another, "goodwill" is the amount of money the buyer pays over...
  19. The Von Matrices

    Cheap case for massive number of hard drives?

    There are no SATA extender cables used. The mesh sleeving on the SFF-8087 cables is only about half the length of the cables, and you are looking at the heat shrink securing the ends of the sleeving. They were sleeved that way when I purchased them. I used this HDD cage. The temperatures of...
  20. The Von Matrices

    Cheap case for massive number of hard drives?

    I just bought generic SATA to SFF-8087 cables through eBay. The reason they are routed in the front is because the ones I purchased aren't long enough to go through the back. I believe the ones I am using are 0.5m and 0.75m. The other problem with my configuration is that my SAS expander has...
  21. The Von Matrices

    Cheap case for massive number of hard drives?

    I used these, although I had to modify them to put the SATA power connectors closer together. The power connectors just clamp onto the cable, so they're easy to remove and clamp in a different place depending on how far apart the hard drives are spaced. The case now has 16 x 3TB HDDs and 4 x...
  22. The Von Matrices

    Asustor AS6208T 8-bay NAS

    Great review! One of the most comprehensive NAS tests I have seen, which is great. There isn't a link to the comments in the "page select" dropdown menu, so I'm not sure that many people know this thread exists.
  23. The Von Matrices

    How to avoid the pitfalls when buying HDMI cables

    It doesn't matter... until you get to long cable lengths. My UHD TV is 30 feet from the PC driving it. None of the $35 generic cables transmitted anything better than 1080P at that length. The $50 highest grade Redmere cable from Monoprice didn't work any better either. But the $103 Belden...
  24. The Von Matrices

    Intel Readies Skylake-X As its Next High-end Desktop Platform

    It seems obvious to me that they're just taking Kaby Lake dies that would otherwise be in LGA1151 packages and putting them in Skylake-X packages. Thus, it's not "hamstrung" at all since the missing features (compared to Skylake-X) were never present on the die in the first place.
  25. The Von Matrices

    Intel Readies Skylake-X As its Next High-end Desktop Platform

    Have you seen the number of threads in the past few years of people complaining about Intel's change to paste from solder? For a lot of people it was like the world ended when they did it with Ivy Bridge. Not everyone can afford or can benefit from 6+ core CPUs.