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  1. xfxrising

    HD 4890 vs GTX 285

    I know these are reallyyy old cards but they are really cheap at the moment and the pc i should be building soon isn't really gaming focused so they'll still be more than enough! I know 285 is more powerful but by how much? 4890 is £18 cheaper and uses less power but is nosier and slightly...
  2. xfxrising

    £300 build, need questions answered and opinions :)

    Okay so last night i finally convinced my dad to let me build a pc and then what do you know? I wake up in the morning and someone has bought the last 960t :( So i've had to restructure the build and this is what ive come up with: CASE: Zalman T2 (£17.94) CPU: AMD FX 3820 (£124.74) MOBO...
  3. xfxrising

    Going from 65 TDP too 125 TDP - Impact on electricity bills?

    Building a new pc and i was gonna get a phenom 960t and try to unlock it (Im on a strict budget and i can get this for £70 which is great Price/performance) and im 15 so ya know, living with parents and all and because we now have a 4th child in the family, money is a little tighter than before...
  4. xfxrising

    £300 for new parts what shall i get?

    Building a pc that is being used for alot of 1080p gaming and alot of Sony Vegas/cinema 4d/ after effects rendering. Parts i have: 500gb hdd, 250 gb hdd, cd drive,windows 7 ultimate pci wireless. Need: gpu, cpu, ram, psu ,mobo, case. I can however go a little over £300 and i don't care about...
  5. xfxrising

    Quietest hd 7870?

    Hey which vendor should i buy from? I was looking at the msi hawk hd 7870 but 46 dba or what ever it is, is too loud for my likeing so which one generates the least amount of noise? Not really bothered about temps
  6. xfxrising

    Using dual slot card with only one expansion slot at back of case?

    Is it possible? I was thinking of installing a low heat dual slot dual fan card or would it end up with overheating issues because it can't blow the air through the vent holes at the back of the card where the display connections are? Also what ate some good low heat cards? I don't really want...