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  1. Azfar

    Last upgrade advice for an aging comp.

    Welcome to the 6870 Club :D
  2. Azfar

    32 bit vs 64 bit: How it relates to video cards

    So does that mean a 64-bit system with say 4GB ram running DX10 will have all 4GB of system RAM available since the above highlighted points wont be applicable on it ?
  3. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    Aah...you got Sapphire too :D. well mines at stock 900/1050. i'v got this particular one http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1037&pid=1270&psn=&lid=1&leg=0 Didn't have much success with my ex-275 when it came to OCing. will definitely have a go at 6870. Have...
  4. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    Alright. 6870 up and running. No hickups this time. just had a marathon run of BFBC2. smooth as silk :D. Do have one question though. why the shader clock field is not showing any value ?
  5. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    and now the UPDATE: i returned the card today. Phew!! at a loss of some $11. no worries. I was happy to get rid of it. What a Rip OFF. I'm gearing up to send this one big email to these inno3d people. where ever they are found. and yes i bought a spanking new Sapphire 6870 1GB :rockout:. took...
  6. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    Well a BIG lesson learned. you see i'm considered a 'Computer Guy' among my friends and colleagues. and see what i'v gone through. I should have known how come a 3GB card is coming in cheaper than a 1GB variant. and thanks for the link. those are the very charts i went through before going for...
  7. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    will either be buying a 6790 or 6850. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    i did a bit of research. I always do. But seriously who goes in to the nitty gritties of memory timings. all i did was to have a look at some VGA charts. Anyway, will be returning the card today. be it at a loss.
  9. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    Ouch !!!! does that mean i got a low specd card ? The vendor is Inno3D. www.inno3d.com and yes the box states that its DDR3 inside. O man. That hurts :(
  10. Azfar

    new 550ti. Unusual GPU-Z readings

    I bought a 550ti today after my GTX275 died...*sigh*. Would have gone a bit higher had my wallet allowed. anyway. I put in the card in my rig, fired it up and ran GPU-z to get a feel of its vital states. and it is showing some strange readings. on the right is an image i picked off the web with...
  11. Azfar

    Monitor Suggestion

    hands down the Alienware 2310. Its a 3d Monitor !!! They are a different breed. There are two additional requirements to take its full advantage though 1. You need nvidia 3d vision glasses to actually experience the 3d vision 2. You ned to have a vga card with dual DVI outputs. but..by all...
  12. Azfar

    Buying new LCD. Which one to get.

    After a few days of rigorous brainstorming, going through spec sheets, reading and viewing views and reviews i have shrotlisted below LCDs for my upgrade. I curently have a more than two years old BenQ 17" LCD. Keep in mind that options here in Local market are limited unlike Europe or states...
  13. Azfar

    Phenom II X6 1055T now available !!! (not 1090T yet though)

    The fact that one can reach 4Gs on air with these processors is just amazing. and their price. too good. makes me a fan of the AMD 6 cores. wouldn't mind getting one.
  14. Azfar

    AMD powned by it's own executive

    I thought AMD actually started doing well come Phenom time.
  15. Azfar

    I want to buy a computer screen

    Oh well. Then what you have chosen seems fine to me. i myself might soon be going for 22'' Screen soon.
  16. Azfar

    I want to buy a computer screen

    ^^ I Agree. Get a decent motherboard + CPU for starters. with the budget of 280$ you should be able to get a decent AMD setup ( Phenom II 550BE + 785 chipset based mobo = 200$ roughly). you will still be left with some spare cash. sell your current rig and get a mid range graphic card. bingo...