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    Why I might not go with Asus motherboards again.

    Well it might be the "only" complaint you have, but it's a helluva complaint! How exactly did you overclock it to get the speed back? I have 3x 512mb DDRs (Kingston HyperX PC3200)
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    Why I might not go with Asus motherboards again.

    I'm having memory-clock problems with my ASUS K8N as well. It refuses to see my memory as 400mhz DDR. I manually set the internal clock to 200mhz, but when I boot it blurts out "Memory speed is 333mhz". System runs solid, but performance is very bad in memory tests. I upgraded recently to...
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    What's the benefit of Control Center in the Catalyst drivers?

    .NET is Microsoft's "next generation" programming environment, that makes it easier for programmers using different programming languages (C++, C#, VB, Python, PERL, etc.) to use the same programming libraries. It's really just a clone of Java, with some built-in support from their programming...