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    [Case Gallery] X7900D Titan's Rampage

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: intel 3930k evga titan x2 asus rampage iv extreme corsair ax1200 ocz vertex 4 ssd in raid 0 kingston hyper x 32gb 1600mhz lots of water cooling parts Mods: I made a custom LED illuminated midplate for the 900d. cut holes for tubes,reservoir...
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    x7900D Build Log Corsiar 900d asus RIVE Dual Loop Titans

    [Build Log] x7900D Build Log Corsiar 900d dual loop titans LED Mid Panel! Hi and Welcome to my First Build Log! Working Title for this project is x7900D because it is an x79 system in a Corsair 900d! i was fortunate to get the 900d form one of the first shipments from Amazon, This...
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    dual monitor setup

    I have an opportunity to grab another dell ultrasharp 2407wfp on the cheap, and i was wondering if i should go for it. I got this monitor as a graduation gift in 2007 and its been perfect. now i want to maximize my gaming experience and grab another one if it warrants it. Do you think i...
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    [FS/FT] Two GTX 690 for Two Titans!

    Two GTX 690 for Two Titans! PLUS CASH Hey Techpowerup REVISED 5/12 I am now offering 1 gtx 690 plus $100 cash for 1 titan .that I can pay through PayPal. And since i have 2 690s for sale it will end up being 2 690s plus 200 cash for 2 titans Thank you As the title says, I'm looking...
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    Craigslist Win!

    Well its been a while since i modded my old lain li, so i wanted to start back up again. I've been researching and putting part lists together for a couple weeks and decided on the X79 platform. here is my workhorse, 680i with sli 8800gtx [/URL][/URL][/IMG] Now to sleeve! [/URL][/IMG]...
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    [Case Gallery] Greatest Craigslist deal ever

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: i7 3930k @4.6ghz, Geforece 690, intel dx79to,2x256gb ssd in raid 0, 32gb 1600mhz RAM, antec p280. Mods: individually sleeved wires, cut holes in case to route wires better, cut and painted plexi glass to block off sections. and pull cables through...
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    [Case Gallery] Final Revision

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: intel c2duo @ 3.45 8800 gtx oc edition sli 4 gb ram 1tb hdd Mods: painted interior black sleeved cables watercooled
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    8800gtx and Diablo 3

    maybe you guys can help me i play d3 on all max settings, back ground fps maxed as well on 1920x1200 resolution and i get 45 fps, my cpu is an e6600 at 3.4ghz and i have the 8800 clocked at 621/1030 im getting higher fps than my friends i2500k at 4.5ghz and a 550ti and hes on 1920x1080 i...
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    [Case Gallery] new age mods on old pc

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: c2duo @3.4ghz 8800 gtx sli @ 621/1015 1tb hdd 4gb ram win 7 pro Mods: cut case to accommodate 120.2 radiator internally watercooled cpu and cards,painted interior black, sleeved each cable individually after my 2nd 8800gtx died i decided to clean...
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    Touched up my 7 year old pc

    i just wanted to share some pictures of my computer. after my #2 8800gtx died i decided to change up a few things i switched from an external water cooling system to a custom interior system, painted the inside black, sleeved the wires and tidied up a bit specs 680sli 4gb ram c2duo at...
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    Sata power cord wiring

    Does anyone have a guide or something detailing how to make an sata power cable in line? like this: Thank you!
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    [WTB] WTB lian li v2000 or tj07

    As the title states im looking for a Lian li v200 or tj07 black is preferred and no window is preferred on the tj07 send me an email vwcr6pimp@yahoo.com thanks!
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    [Case Gallery] Da Beast ! for sale make offer!

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: E6600 @ 3.45 3.7 for benching Evga 8800 gtx 671/1038 for benching 2 x 1 gb g.skill 6400 74 gb raptor 150 gb maxtor koolance exos 2 water cooling unit swifttech apogee gtx block ek 8800 block evga 680i ar please vote 12531 in 3d mark06 tryn to get...
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    [Case Gallery] Lian-li pc1000 *new pics*

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: intel e6600 @ 3.5 tryin to get that 4.0 Evga 680i Evga 8800 gtx 630/1030 74gb raptor 850 watt coolermaster psu 2 gb g.skill 6400 Mods: 2x120mm Aero cool 89cfm fans 2 12" blue cathodes for the front scored 12600 in 3dmark06 this is only my...