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  1. baggpipes

    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

    Why all suprised? MS has been doing this for years with DirectX... To get 10 you needed vista...
  2. baggpipes

    Want new Vcard

    Grammar Nazis are the best way to learn Grammar. Just keep posting to TechpowerUp will earn ya an associates in English....
  3. baggpipes

    AMD FX-8350 Overclocked to 8.176 GHz with 8 Cores Enabled

    Looks good to me.... http://www.overclockers.com/amd-fx-8350-piledriver-cpu-review
  4. baggpipes

    HD 6850 over HD 6750, good or not?

    This true?? Is there a thread on here about it? I was going to recommend the 7850 they just got cut in price to $200ish....
  5. baggpipes

    AMD Radeon HD 8970 - 30% to 40% Faster

    Did i say something?? If you dont care for my opinion i might as well not even come here.... Swing ur mighy ban hammer.....
  6. baggpipes

    AMD Radeon HD 8970 - 30% to 40% Faster

    Watch it you might get called a fanboi....
  7. baggpipes

    Logitech Unveils Washable, Ultra-Durable Keyboard

    Food establishments need these as mandatory... I used to manage a pizza place and they needed something like this.
  8. baggpipes

    Windows 8 Graphics Performance

    Im about to stop coming here its all mail man troll these days.....
  9. baggpipes

    Firefox 14.0.1 crashing

    Agreed... FF isnt cutting it anymore... Ive made the switch to chrome much more stable and faster too :)
  10. baggpipes

    Old rig back to life

    I had pci-e version of the 4670... Card rocks still going in parents computer like champ mine was HIS too :)
  11. baggpipes

    Help me upgrade my GPUs

    Something with lots of video memory....
  12. baggpipes

    HD 7850 overclocking wall

    Walls are supposed be there?
  13. baggpipes

    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    Yup patch 8.0 looks very nice
  14. baggpipes

    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    Love the game my name is treadbreaker37... Got mostly teir 4's and teir 5's...
  15. baggpipes

    Dell monitor RMA - should I be happy with this?

    Orly? You dont say... I had this problem with acer monitor and best buy... But i had one 1 stuck pixel. They said it must have 4 or more pixels off for exchange. Surely you can get this problem solved.
  16. baggpipes

    I can't download anything. Slow internet?

    I would complain to you ISP. Is this a wired or wireless connection?? Might be bad router... But i guess its your ISP. Is it cable or DSL?
  17. baggpipes

    My First RIG Part 2

    Douche bagg.... Some people dont like to spend alot of money so they can they got big e-peen.....
  18. baggpipes

    MSI Introduces OC Certified Mainboards - Change the Game of Overclocking

    Looks real nice... MSI is putting out some nice boards in the past few years.... love my 970...
  19. baggpipes

    Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.3 Specification

    Monopolies are bad... I hate how some people think there need to be just directX... Just like Nvidia fan boys always get any opportunity to feel superior.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbovJbKALzA
  20. baggpipes

    Need some help on picking some good headphones

    LMFAO.... and does everybody like buy headphones yearly? so many headphone experts...
  21. baggpipes

    dram light flashing when i put ram in slots 3,4

    You try 1 and 3? are they the same ram sticks?
  22. baggpipes

    AMD Readies Trio of Athlon II X4 Processors in FM2 Package

    The GPU is disabled in these chips...
  23. baggpipes

    AMD Readies Trio of Athlon II X4 Processors in FM2 Package

    So L3 doesnt help gaming?
  24. baggpipes

    Which is the best screen recording program?

    Where is the video??