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  1. zilla

    Just completed my new build

    Great job :)
  2. zilla

    Worth it to upgrade to win 8??

    ya i know the drill =) talked may regular consumer into Start8 and other alternatives :). They work nicely.
  3. zilla

    Mobo vs mobo

    lool. My MSI is doing just fine..... DOH! :slap: :rockout: Seriously - MSI has simply marketed most boards as "high performance" or "Military Class" when many of them they are neither. But many of the the 'midrange' or high end boards? are VERY good. One must know his hardware ....
  4. zilla

    Worth it to upgrade to win 8??

    ^ Both of the last posts are relevant and accurate. I'm an MSDN member long time and have given MS plenty of feedback. Regarding Win8, it's true that once you get past and learn the new (* WANNA BE LIKE ANDRIOD*) os it boots faster than seven, and is as good a gaming OS as 7. Personally I can...
  5. zilla

    Pros to PC Gaming?

    Prime example here. A man I work with (he's 53 BTW) plays flight sims and military style shooters on the PS3. Well, he asked for a new family PC. I built him a B75/i5-3450/ combo. His son was a PC gamer so he had a spare 560 non TI to use for his Dad. So he loaded up his sons copy of BF3 an...
  6. zilla

    Worth it to upgrade to win 8??

    LOL, actually, and quite ironically, windows 7 is Windows 8 done right :D. it's just miles better regarding overall usability and UI friendliness. Win8 offers no advantages but instead offers disadvantages.
  7. zilla

    Help me choose a soundcard please

    IMO having used all of the above, the best value is with the Xonar DS, it has a decent enough headphone amp in the card itself gets great volume and some nice thumping with some good cans. Creative cards, offer a bit better audio positioning in games IMO, with CMSS3D in the past series of cards...
  8. zilla

    Amd 5800k psu

    Try it and see, monitor the rail stability especially the +12v. Play some games, reboot 2036 times (kidding lol). :) 350W 'quality' PSU should be fine - the caveat to that is that there aren't too many quality 350W PSU's. Try it and find out.
  9. zilla

    What GFX to get? 7970, 670, or Titan?

    Bolded for emphasis (BFE) :toast:
  10. zilla

    Overkill or No?

    I'm doing the same thing, grabbing another HD7970 and another Asus 24" :D
  11. zilla

    HD7970 or HD7950?

    I went from an HD7850 to my current HD7970 and it was a huge gain :)
  12. zilla

    stutter in games :( (all my problems)

    I have a similar setup to the OP and on occasion have had this happen in the same game, but a defrag (IO defrag) and a different driver fixed it for me. I also installed the new DX version from MS. I also reset and defragged my page file.
  13. zilla

    Hookin' up my 9600GT

    You don't have to but it's best to for absolute GPU stability and strong even power.
  14. zilla

    Should I upgrade my sys anymore

    You don't even need a quad - an E8400 on a good Intel mobo for great 3DM06 will work, but since you've already invested in the 780g AMD system I would keep it and not worry about 3DM06 -- you'll still get the high FPS in games. Like the above poster said I would invest in a 20-22" LCD. Sometimes...
  15. zilla

    3870 owners, You gonna upgrade?

    Before I had this 9600GT I had a 7950GT 512MB (great card BTW) and when playing Oblivion I had to use a 4:3 AR @ 1152*864 on my 22" LCD (it stretched out ok) to get it to have acceptable FPS with moderate settings. Now, I can pretty much max Oblivion @ 1440*900 2X AA 16AF HDR and get good FPS...
  16. zilla

    3870 owners, You gonna upgrade?

    Well I agree, though you can see in my sig in on the green team for now, but I have your equal (nearly) with the 9600GT, and I think I will wait a year or so. Gaming is fine for now.
  17. zilla

    Cooling my HD 4850 ;)

    Nice job there :toast:
  18. zilla

    What Should I Buy???

    One poster above made a very astute observation - with Intel poised to to to the new chips - to upgrade you'll need a new mobo, this actually positions some of the AMD systems as the perfect temporary system. You can nab a 4800+ brisbane, or an older 5000+ BE cheap, slap it on an AM2+...
  19. zilla

    Yet another Q/A fest help =)

    I agree I would get a quality 550W+ PSU with a single strong +12v rail. Corsair makes a good one.
  20. zilla

    What Should I Buy???

    For 22" you may not even need that. One 4870, 260, or 280 would likely be just fine.
  21. zilla

    Video card is dieing 8800GT or 9600GT

    Well, the 8800GS 384MB card is extremely fast for the price you pay for it, many times keeping right up there with the 9600GT -- until any AA-AF are added then if falls dramatically behind especially at higher resolutions, but you can use 16x aniso and still have a very fast card in the 8800GS...
  22. zilla

    Dying 7600GT, stange artifacting all the time.

    Yes, RMA time. 7600GT's, specifically eVGA and XFX were notorious for leaky caps and memory going bad - the eVGA forums have archived posts with pictures of the 7600GT's with the busted caps and the same onscreen behavior. Sometimes it's the memory going bad. RMA
  23. zilla

    Intel X3100 gaming performance

    All iterations of Intel and NV onboard IGP are major suckage for gaming, of course unless you're in between video card upgrades or an RMA onboard IGP is extremely handy because you can use it for general purpose and older games like HL1, Deus Ex etc... for that they run great. My onboard NV 7050...
  24. zilla

    Video card is dieing 8800GT or 9600GT

    It varies by game to game with the 8800GT generally being about 3-10% faster, usually around 4-5% in most games. Some games are very close though, but if you can get an 8800GT for around $100.00 (which is the cost for many 9600GT's right now) then go for it. My 9600GT was heavily OC'ed from XFX...