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  1. Loosenut

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    As someone we all know and love once said: "Hookers and blow" ;) On topic, thanks to all for the black hole explanation. I'll sleep better now knowing I won't get sucked into a black hole anytime soon. At least, not by that reactor anyways...
  2. Loosenut

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    My biggest worry is if this thing implodes and creates a microscopic black hole
  3. Loosenut

    Looking to buy

    I agree, reference cards use better components but have crappier cooling. EK now usually only make water blocks for reference cards so for me that's a plus
  4. Loosenut

    AIM is dead, what to use third monitor for?

    I use my extra monitor for monitoring software while I play games on my main one
  5. Loosenut

    URGENT PSA: Destiny 2: autobans

    If OBS causes this issue, a lot of Twitch streamers are going to be pissed...
  6. Loosenut

    Thrustmaster Launches the T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo Joysticks

    Ask my ex, the b*tch...
  7. Loosenut

    Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, the Return of an Icon

    Ahhh, the memories... I'll be getting one also
  8. Loosenut

    Samsung PM971 NVMe SSD Surfaces

    That is how I understood it also
  9. Loosenut

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    ^My thoughts exactly
  10. Loosenut

    [WTB] Canada -looking for a 2nd hand gfx card

    Def a cool move!! :toast: :lovetpu:
  11. Loosenut

    Evidence of the oldest life on Earth

    Great time to be a Québecer!! :rockout:
  12. Loosenut

    AM4 Motherboard Suggestions

    If you want to SLI, no choice but to go with X370. B350 chipset only supports AMD X-Fire. I would consider the Asrock's X370 Taichi, you should read Dave's review
  13. Loosenut

    AMD Radeon Packs: Expensive Motherboards, Monitor only for Few

    I'm gonna wait for EK to come out with a block and get the regular air cooled 64. It will be more efficient, cheaper and probably quieter than the water cooled version above. Sure gald I went with custom loop and not AIO years ago. Very easy to plumb something new into the loop...
  14. Loosenut

    Giveaway(fast) Alan Wake's American Nightmare GoG

    Congratz @AlienIsGOD :clap:
  15. Loosenut

    CPU Reviews 720p/1080p/4K or 1080p/1440p/4K?

    I think 720p should be kept as that will put more pressure on the CPU which is what's being tested
  16. Loosenut

    Intel Shows 1.59x Performance Improvement in Upcoming Intel Xeon Scalable Family

    I'm thinking AMD's EPYC Naples chip is spooking Intel...
  17. Loosenut

    TRUE Copper cooler availability and replacement

  18. Loosenut

    ASUS Intros the VG275Q 27-inch Gaming Monitor

    It's got a swivel?? :wtf:
  19. Loosenut

    Vintage PC Socket A question

    Talk about flashbacks. I smiled, chuckled and cringed at the memories... Glorious!
  20. Loosenut

    AORUS Build

    Very nice work :toast:
  21. Loosenut

    Ryzen just launched???

    Newegg Canada :banghead: :cry:
  22. Loosenut

    AOC Intros Two New AGON CX Series Curved Gaming Monitors

    1080 on 27"... Really?
  23. Loosenut

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    One option would be to always have an advanced discovery scanner on your ship so everytime you jump into a system you "honk" and continue on your journey or if you're also equipped with a detailed surface scanner, scan the better paying worlds like waterworlds, earth likes, terraformables...
  24. Loosenut

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    Right now I'm space trucking "Galaxy Travel Guides" to Jacques Station in Colonia(22K Ly out). Our faction is moving there before Thargoids hit. Our feeling is the bubble will be lost so we are prepping the fallback area.