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  1. Seany1212

    Smart TV or cheap media center PC?

    I think most TVs will list DLNA support in their spec list. One point I would make about smart TV's though, my sister has one of the Samsung E8000 series (I think it's this range) from about 2013 and they've just received a notification that Skype will no longer be supported, and therefore...
  2. Seany1212

    Razer DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse Launched

    I've had the 2011 Naga for nearly 2 and a half years of near constant use and it's the best mouse i've ever brought, i will +1 for razer's drivers being really bad though, had more than my fair share of problems with those...
  3. Seany1212

    talktalk router

    RT-AC68U is not a modem/router combo. The talktalk super router linked will indeed mean you can get rid of your white openreach box because it is a modem/router, if you're looking to have one piece of equipment you just need to look for a VDSL modem/router combo but as remixedcat and a few...
  4. Seany1212

    Connection sync speeds and proportions

    I was referring to Solaris' post. Conroer only has FTTC, I have only seen BT only do FTTC for residential connections and I doubt they would use home hubs for business users.
  5. Seany1212

    Connection sync speeds and proportions

    Or he could have paid for the privilege? Back on topic, OP there's a few graphs about for VDSL speed over distance, maybe this will help http://www.increasebroadbandspeed.co.uk/2013/chart-bt-fttc-vdsl2-speed-against-distance
  6. Seany1212

    Higher high speed internet overrated/unnecessary?

    I live in a high population density area of the UK and recently upgraded my connection to 10/100 Mbps for about $50 from 10/60 Mbps. While there is an alternate package available of 15/152 Mbps (Virgin Media) available it doesn't seem justified for the extra $20 cost. In response to OP's...
  7. Seany1212

    5 full computer systems needed for very basic IT/ICT teaching @ Community Centre - UK

    Came here to reiterate silkstones point of getting second hand equipment, two weeks ago brought a E8400 wolfdale (£13 eBay), LGA775 mobo (gifted from friend), 4gig DDR2 RAM (£20 friend) and a corsair 500w psu (£25 eBay). A lot of LGA775 stuff seems to be going cheap and is still very powerful...
  8. Seany1212

    Network Administrator

    If it's something you're serious about doing and have a bit of cash lying about build yourself a network 'lab'. If you're strapped for cash it doesn't have to be expensive, pick up some cheap computer parts to act as a server, it doesn't have to have double figure gigs of ram and the latest...
  9. Seany1212

    Weird situation

    First I want to clear a few things up, if you're having problems with streaming on your PC unless you've got 100mpbs+ fiber connection to your house your router, unless malfunctioning, isn't going to be the bottleneck. Check the connection between this router (D-Link) and your cable modem...
  10. Seany1212

    Hopefully I am posting in the right place for this wifi/4g question

    Other than the obvious data caps/bandwidth drawbacks with mobile data usage the biggest one i found personally was the latency. It makes online gameplay close to unplayable when you have ping rates of around 400ms dependant on where you are in relation to mobile network masts. Unless your only...
  11. Seany1212

    Small business Wifi Network for 20-30 Devices?

    I have been looking at this exact problem myself with the same range of numbers. I've found there are a wide range of choices and performance of the network very much depends on how much money you're willing to put into it. Our wifi consisted of a single modem/router and the devices were only...
  12. Seany1212

    How to double internet speed on same PC?

    Don't tell him the secret that the more network cards he gets the more he increases his external bandwidth!
  13. Seany1212

    How to double internet speed on same PC?

    I started writing a long winded version of this and you beat me to the post :laugh: I do like how he's posted insults in other threads than this, and then in this thread has put "Anyone who says "it's not possible" has no idea what they are talking about", clearly he should read up more on...
  14. Seany1212

    Recommend an ADSL Modem?

    Hi all, I'm looking for an ADSL modem recommendation for a small business needs. Currently we have a DGN3500 ADSL modem/router that is doing the work for approximately 5-10 wireless devices and it's struggling (I gather this hardware isn't really designed for this sort of use) and i'm looking...
  15. Seany1212

    Looking for advice on a networking assignment

    I don't mean to side with the professor on this but looking at the assignment you posted my first priority would be solving the fact that multi-gigabyte files can take several hours to transfer just between clients. As this would still be the issue even if you introduced a file-server, you've...
  16. Seany1212

    Trying to make sense of an article

    Any data be it locational, graphical or physics related data can be transferred down a network, with online gaming it comes down to how reactive you need a system to be. With online gaming you've goto assume that not everyone has the same bandwidth, that even those that do might have data caps...
  17. Seany1212

    Onboard Giga nic or Dedicated nic?

    I also agree it's not worth it, the performance difference between on-board and dedicated (if there is one) isn't going to be enough to be quantifiable no matter how much you say your browser 'responds quicker'. As long as you're on a gigabit ethernet, with a gigabit ethernet router (at which...
  18. Seany1212

    Computer on network can't get ip through DCHP or Static ip...

    What are they running for DHCP? Is it server based DHCP or is it a router that's assigning DHCP?
  19. Seany1212

    researching high powered routers, need advice

    Unless you're transferring a lot between your LAN you aren't going to notice much difference with a router that throws around 600Mbps bandwidth unless you're running on fiber with anything greater than 300Mbps that your current router can transfer. The range will probably be greater however...
  20. Seany1212

    Servers, NAS, SAN, Fiber Switches Anyone?

    If you haven't given them away/thrown them out already get the servers running on a bare OS and have a look at some of the @home projects, can't hurt to be helping mankind doing some number crunching while you decide what to do with them. :cool: Seany
  21. Seany1212

    Port forwarding - am I doing it right?

    I'm trying to work out how it's all set up from the information you've given. Is the CCTV camera/s IP based or does it plug directly into the DVR? And then do you access the DVR through the network? If you can get it working in LAN first and then focus on getting it going on WAN, i don't...
  22. Seany1212

    Do I Need A New Router?

    Surely there's a modem that the cable comes into the house into... If there is how do you know that it isn't that as Mussels suggested earlier? Did you plug your computer in directly as suggested? Or do you have a modem/router combo?
  23. Seany1212

    Isp and bandwith

    The local cabinets may have been upgraded to fibre but that does not mean that's how the connection travels to your house, if anything you'll remain on copper wire because they need to keep the infrastructure in place for those who just dont want fibre/want just phone lines. Ultimately for...
  24. Seany1212

    Isp and bandwith

    Any data caps? Could be the ISP throttling the network.
  25. Seany1212

    satellite internet

    Try getting them to send the pictures split into separate emails, it might be that they're trying to send too many large pictures in one email and that either the email provider wont accept emails that large or that they aren't able to upload all of the images before closing the session. As...