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  1. u2konline

    New Memory, not working ( possible solution )

    Hey guys, i bought this memory for my upcoming desktop i plan to buy late next month, but i was hoping it would work on my dell 780. it fits, but when i turn on my computer, i get a beeping noise https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C53GEFU/?tag=tec06d-20 I was hoping the speed would drop down from...
  2. u2konline

    Can i use this cpu

    I bought a old computer for 10 bucks last night and wanted to know about this. This is my specs & MB https://www.ebay.com/p/ECS-MCP61PM-HM-AM2-AMD-Motherboard/98256643 Manufacturer ECS Model Nettle3 (Socket AM2 ) Version 2.2 Chipset Vendor NVIDIA Chipset Model MCP61 Chipset Revision...
  3. u2konline

    Out of these 3 cards, which one best performance

    I'm about to order a card tomorrow night and want to see which one you think is the best one in terms of performance. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/588/firepro-w5000 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2978/radeon-pro-wx-3100 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/587/firepro-w7000 Proabldy a...
  4. u2konline

    World of speed is back!

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/623880/World_of_Speed/ came out of nowhere :) in 2 days!
  5. u2konline

    Techpowerup GPU Database question

    I plan to finally buy this card https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2978/radeon-pro-wx-3100 looking at techpowerup info, the Bandwidth is : 112.0 GB/s But over at this site https://techgage.com/article/amd-radeon-pro-wx-3100-workstation-graphics-card-review/ it says 96gb/s. which one is correct?
  6. u2konline

    Release Date for Radon Pro WX 3100?

    *sorry meant radeon* Tried asking radeon pro people at their site/twitter account, went to AMD forums and ask, nobody has bothered to get back to me, not even the people who made radeon pro cards, support sucks as usual lol. Anyways, I'm going upgrade from my firepro v4800 and i was going to...
  7. u2konline

    Upgrade Questions

    I' have been using LGA 775 for like forever, was planning to upgrade to a X3360 this weekend, but i have been looking on ebay and notice something. Why should i spend damn near 40 bucks on a old LGA CPU, when there's hundreds of CPU's that is like way faster at way lower prices. For example i...
  8. u2konline

    Bought a Firepro Card for gaming, Question

    Hey guys, i bought a V4800 GDDR5 1GB card, for gaming and whatever else and everything is working great. Amazing actually, the card even performs way faster than my GTX 550 i was using, which is strange , but oh well. Anyways, i am using the lastest drivers, but was curious about something...
  9. u2konline

    Question about my memory speed

    In my bios my memory speed is at 667mhz, but i notice when i removed 2 of my ram sticks and put in two of the same speeds its higher at 800mhz, but when i put the extra back in it drops back to 666mhz. I have 5 ddr2 memory sticks, two of them are the same, the other two are i believe over 500...
  10. u2konline

    BSEL Mod unclocking FSB

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but i want to lower the speed of one of my e8400 cpus to 1066 to see does it work on my MB. I was told my MB works with 45nm chips but only with 1066 speed. I am looking at videos at how to increase FSB speed, but there's no videos showing how to decrease FSB...
  11. u2konline

    Quick question

    Wanted to be sure before i make the order, i am planning to order this http://www.ebay.com/itm/201638961512 My motherboard is this http://www.ascendtech.us/dell-200dy-optiplex-780-motherboard_i_mbdel200dyox780.aspx This is the PSU which i plan to use...
  12. u2konline

    Couple questions

    Hello, I have a GTX 550 ti i want to use, some issues i am noticing. This is my PSU in the Dell Optiplex 780 https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/235Watt-Original-PW116-For-Dell-Optiplex_60387835209.html Sucks i know. These are the 2 extra PSU's i have...
  13. u2konline

    usb to lan converter

    I'm looking for one for my second computer, because the one i have has outdated drivers and does not support win64bit. btw i believe the motherboard usb port is damage and does not work so thats why i was using the lan converter. so i need an update one from newegg or bestbuy that uses 64bit...
  14. u2konline

    Only showing 2 CPU'S

    Not sure what has happen, but i left my computer on last night, this morning my electricity went out for about an hour, so my computer shut off. I turn it back on, got some message about some bios, i just ignored it, then it ask me do i want to go to safe mode or to normal, i click normal . Get...
  15. u2konline

    recording and playing games on external hd

    Just wondering is it safe to play a few games on a external hd and record gameplay footage using fraps? really just curious are external hd's just as stable like internal ones/last as long.
  16. u2konline

    Is something wrong with my LCD Monitor

  17. u2konline

    Help me solve this mystery

    Q6600 + Windows 7 + 550 ti + 301.42( best drivers for my card ) + Need for Speed Hot pursuit 2010 = GPU Usage stuck at 44% / 1600x900 = 19-27-50 fps, 1920x1080 = 17-30 1360x768 = 20-44. Q6600 + Windows XP 64 + 550 ti + 301.42( best drivers for my card ) + Need for Speed Hot pursuit 2010 =...
  18. u2konline

    Going back to XP still faster than Win7 lol

    My specs: Q6600+550ti+xp 64 pro+4gb ddr2 memory. Was using win7 , and vista over the years/months. Went back to XP game performance is still like 20%-40% faster over win7 haha. I can only guess because of the less resources XP has, 20-25 at times. PF usage is always like 260mb or 800mb or...
  19. u2konline

    External HD question

    Do they sell the power adapters and USB cable separate somewhere i can buy ? only thing i found this on newegg StarTech USB2HAUBY3 HDD Accessory - Newegg.com Would this work, despite no power adapter? seems like both my power adapter and usb cable are damage which is why my hard...
  20. u2konline

    Fraps problem

    Been using fraps for the past 5 years, did a fresh install of windows about a month ago, everything running smooth. Using win7, 4gb ddr2, pny gtx 550 ti, q6600. up until today i could record games just fine, perfect. Just a few hours ago, everything is so choppy now and recording starts out...
  21. u2konline

    Does anyone play APB Reloaded?

    If so, what server do you play on? also what do you like about it? :)
  22. u2konline

    Soundless keyboards?

    Do they sell keyboards where when you type on the keys, you don't hear anything? would love to have a keyboard that doesn't make any sounds when hitting the keys. :rockout:
  23. u2konline

    7850 / 6850

    Going to start to build my AMD system this winter and was curious should i just go with a 2GB 6850 or buy a 7850? My question is, is the price for the 7850 going to drop below 200 and also why is the 7850 double the price of a 6850, i thought they were the same cards in specs, only with the...
  24. u2konline

    Bought a GTX 550ti, question about temps

    I bought this card last week to replace my old 9800gt, awesome upgrade, even faster than my 5750 which i was using for a long time. I have a question about temps, i have 4 fans in my computer, and a great case. Its really hot in my house , but are these normal temps for this card: :eek...