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  1. Atnevon

    [FS/FT] Full i7-7700k System w/ GTX 1080, 32GB RAM, InWin 805 Infinity Case - $1,800

    Long time lurker, first time seller. I have accepted a new job in San Francisco and that means downsizing as much as I can. Sadly, I believe I need to part with my desktop I built for Mass Effect Andromeda this past March 2017. Its been a great rig but with new adventure comes changing pace...
  2. Atnevon

    Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crates Under Gambling Scrutiny

    I don't support the loot crates at all, but, the biggest difference between Overwatch and Battlefield II is that in Overwatch you can argue do not change the mechanics of the core game at all. D.Va with BeeVa skin and special emote do not change how she plays at all; its cosmetic and extra...
  3. Atnevon

    G.Skill Announces Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266 32GB Quad-channel Kit

    They need to fix their garbage software IMO. Its fine 90% of the time but having inconstant pulses and sometimes flat-out going to default on a stick is VERY annoying when it happens.
  4. Atnevon

    Where Art Thou, Denuvo? Shadow of War DRM Cracked in Two Days

    With how big games are nowadays the CDs and DVD media are way to small to hold the data. Hell, patches themselves are 700mb+ :(
  5. Atnevon

    All Hail a Forerunner of Social Media, AOL Instant Messenger (1997-2017)

    I remember my transition super clear. Once GMail allowed for AIM into GChat I never opened a client again. I pretty much lived in GChat from 2005-2010. (Still always have a Gmail tab open out of habit) Facebook seems to have really taken more and more in terms of friend chat but I still use my...
  6. Atnevon

    Benchmarks Find Intel Core i7-7700K Better Than i7-7800X for Gaming

    Not a bad analogy. I'd say though this is more like the 2014 vs 2017 Civic Si though. Because in this case its a whole new socket, core design, and motherboard needed to upgrade. The Civic Si went to a smaller engine, with a turbo, and in terms of numbers it didn't get much of an upgrade at all...
  7. Atnevon

    980ti or 1070

    I'd say a 1070. More future proof, lower power, and in 2 years you can easily get another one for an SLi build and do so MUCH cheaper for a performance boost for another 2 years. The extra ram on the card too will help GREATLY in that textures are much larger as time is going on.
  8. Atnevon

    Chrome 62 Really Won't Like "HTTP" Sites When In Incognito Mode

    Checking email on another computer is really handy. If I have something in my GMail I'll incognito it so I don't have to interrupt anyone else's account activity, and I can close the browser knowing nothing of mine if left behind. Of if it's my machine, I can take a gander at another account of...
  9. Atnevon

    MSI Intros the A320 Grenade Socket AM4 Motherboard

    MSi what do you have...for me? (sings Bruno Mars in head)
  10. Atnevon

    MSI Announces the Z270 Gaming M6 AC Motherboard

    Better than the Biostar boards. In my case the coverings are hidden and there are no signs of text or logos lit up. Its better looking than MANY others and has a great UI as well. I actually am really happy with my M7. (those PCi slot lights too look pretty awesome) The MSi boards are great At...
  11. Atnevon

    Awsome M.2 SSD cooler

    SUPER ugly though. That "awesome" label is just....ewww. I ordered one from modDIY: https://www.moddiy.com/products/Premium-SM951-SM961-950PRO-XP9410-M.2-SSD-Cooling-Heatsink-%28Black%29.html and it came in yesterday. About to throw it on my 960 EVO.
  12. Atnevon

    Z270 MSi m7 Board and a Corsair RM750...wheres the 4 pin?

    Well it booted first time and my butt is now un-clinched. Wheeeeeew. Thanks for the info! :)
  13. Atnevon

    Z270 MSi m7 Board and a Corsair RM750...wheres the 4 pin?

    So not required? So would it help to try and get a cable? I was reading on an another thread somethat that it 'helps with overclocking'. but I am a tad confused.
  14. Atnevon

    Z270 MSi m7 Board and a Corsair RM750...wheres the 4 pin?

    Hey gang, So I am builind a new rig and moving the power supply I got less than 2 years ago over. However I noticed something. There is an 8 pin (blue) and an 4 pin (pink). So, is it possible that the pwer supply does not have the proper cables or fit to make this work? I hope this was not...
  15. Atnevon

    AMD Reveals Ryzen 7 Family, Pricing, and Radeon Vega Logo

    Some motherboards showing up on Newegg now
  16. Atnevon

    AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leaked - Amazing Multi-core and Single-core Performance

    But in My case its a Ryzen CPU and an Nvidia GPU. No plans on replacing this GTX 1080 (now Hydro) any time soon. :D
  17. Atnevon

    AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leaked - Amazing Multi-core and Single-core Performance

    So curious to the Vets: Where do the Adobe CC benchmarks tend to lean? I'm replacing a 950 and I see a mix on those charts. I know an 1700X is foreseeable but I'm curious if the extra 100 bucks for the 1800X might take me 2 more years further down the road. A good game is a good game in all, and...
  18. Atnevon

    MSI M.2 Shield is Snake Oil Say Tests, Company Refutes Charges

    LOTS of talk about m.2 cooling. I saw This thermal pad from Silverstone and curious how you could pair a heatsink then with it. I assume it would be better than the MSi solution, but, where to begin?
  19. Atnevon

    AMD ZEN CPU Complexes Indivisible, Don't Expect 6-core Ryzen: Report

    I just want these things to release so I can know before Mass Effect whether to chuck it back to a Kaby Lake released earlier in the month, cough....RELEASED EARLIER IN THE MONTH DURING CES... or if the hype will make AMD fall on its face flat again.
  20. Atnevon

    What is the quietest (or fan modifiable) 240mm closed loop cooler you know or have?

    So im awaiting Ryzen like many others to arrive. Im planning on this build having a closed loop cooling system, however, I really want it quiet. I hear the corsairs are quite noisey and looking at many reviews there seems to be a great deal of. selection. Im the time to pass I was wondering...
  21. Atnevon

    In Win Shows Off the 303 Type-C Chassis

    If I didn't already have the 805 Infinity this would certainly be high up on my list.
  22. Atnevon

    AMD Says "ZEN" CPU Architecture is Expected to Last 4 Years

    These powerpoint slides are great. What do I wish were on them? A price and release date. Intel put their stuff out right at CES fresh and ready. Are they going to drag in hopes of Vega? -_-
  23. Atnevon

    AMD Ryzen Performance Review Leaked: Promising

    Man the AMD teasefest is in prime season! Ughhhh!
  24. Atnevon

    MSI Z270 Motherboard Lineup Smiles for the Camera

    Looking sharp. Hopefully they'll do a Carbon version for the Zen's X370 chips. The RGB and M.2 shield add a good bit of nice touches.