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    Hardware Acceleration Isssue

    Bought a new laptop last week. I7 6700HQ+HD530+GTX960M is the main config. I cannot play 4k youtube or 1080p twitch streams consistently at the 60fps framerate the video is streamed in, i only get around 42-50 using hardwre acceleration. If i force the dedicated card the situation is pretty...
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    Need advice for replacing laptop

    Being a student i cant really carry my desktop after me each week and to the Uni and back. I am not a person that is into highend stuff, but i don't wanna end up with some utter piece of garbage. Having some fair knowledge about computers usually every decision involves a lot of research, maybe...
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    I am not even sure what i want :) Ultraportable device

    As the title says i am having problems deciding what device would suit my needs better. I am debating things since half a year and a lot of things have changed, mainly with teh Baytrail-M chips for notebooks opposed to Baytrail-I for tablets. currently have a 15.6 Laptop (i7+GT525M) + the PC in...
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    Realtek Audio Issues

    Today i wanted to add an extra pair of speakers to my system. After the upgrade i was using just the ones incorporated in my monitor connected to the green output. I went in the Control Panel and found out surprisingly that i cannot retask any output to front speakers/headphone from...
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    Mini stresstest

    This is one of my old projects... A program for stress testing which was my first and last attempt at multithreading. Works pretty well, if configured right it manages 100% cpu load with a simple algorythm searching for prime numbers. Originally written in Delphi, but i plan on rewriting it in...