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    Sapphire NEW HD 6950 2gb OC edition

    I recently aquired this http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1041&pid=1530&psn=000101 from Newegg.. I think Sapphire is playing dirty as I believe they selling previously owned and returned card as they don't unlock.. These cards probably the ones from the first...
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    Orbis Implements Multi-GPU, Too

    Holy macaroni! This will be faster than my HP laptop dv6 6620G that I paid 600$ for it and this prolly can be overclock whoot whoot!! ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30zTM11hg7A
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    Multiple player online benchmark

    For the last 4yrs of playing that is the only solution. it is not enjoying, losing some enthusiasm to the game.... why I'm posting this is because i'm planning on a new build. I like to have some input for performance to plan my budget and balance the components.. sigh, it's suck to be a dreamer...
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    Multiple player online benchmark

    Yeah good point. but you don't see npc's bundled up together in 32 or more in your screen.
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    Multiple player online benchmark

    Sorry, should mention fps lag not latency lag... I don't think latency lag will affect your fps. What i mean is when theres a lot of player details sent to your machine, it needs to render all the details and that's where you see fps droping like crazy (this is mostly MMO). For the latency or...
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    Multiple player online benchmark

    Is there a benchmark for 64 or 32 man player for GPU or CPU? i like to see some benchmark of those.. Most benchmark are for single player. It can help players of MMO or FPS that like to do big battle, but to their disappointment their lagging badly and having trouble upgrading their machine and...
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    GTX 680 Generally Faster Than HD 7970: New Benchmarks

    For that reason my money goes to 7870.. They are really smart ass, imagine stressing that midrange card to run 1ghz and if it died prematurely, "Nvidia, well it's price is double send another one to that guy."
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    GTX 680 Generally Faster Than HD 7970: New Benchmarks

    Nvidia pls, this is clearly a milking process, you stopping the inovation, were getting old.. Clearly it's supposed to be a mid range card Y change the plan? you want to dominate the market? It's now the time! just put the price as mid range like 300+ .. but, maybe it's DOUPOLY!..
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    ASUS ROG Ares Specifications Surface

    The best design i've ever seen and the card of my dream.