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  1. Basard

    AM4 bracket from Silverstone!

    I just got word from Silverstone support that they're in the process of making an adapter for my HE- 01 so it will fit AM4 CPU sockets! Just thought I'd let u all know.
  2. Basard

    Having a direct link to the forum post in news articles.

    This has been bothering me for YEARS now, time to bring it up. I seem to remember that, back in the day, when I was in a news article, I could click the "Discuss" link and it would take me to the forum post. Do I have to forever be clicking on the forums tab, and then finding the posting in...
  3. Basard

    [FS][US] 4x4GB Dominator Platinum 2400Mhz DDR3

    Selling these four sticks of Dominator Platinum. Now asking 70 bucks. PM me and I'll get back to you. Tested yesterday, working fine. No fan, just RAM sticks. Edit: FREE SHIPPING TO US! Paypal accepted! Edit: Price reduced! (sorry, it's not last year anymore!) Thanks for looking!
  4. Basard

    Phenom II x2 555 on a GA-990FX-Gaming overclocking/unlocking

    Hey, I recently upgraded my Gigabyte MA-770T-UD3 to a the GA-990FX-Gaming. I'm having trouble unlocking the cores and keeping the system stable. I had the four cores unlocked, on my old board, for years... running at 3800Mz, never an issue. If I try unlocking on my new board, even after...
  5. Basard

    Small amp or reciever for computer speakers...?

    Ok. One thing I'm not really into is audio. That Ship set sail and sunk for me some time back before I was born. Any audio works for me, I've got some OLD 2.1 speakers and they are fine for me--even though one channel doesn't quite work right. My wife, however likes better sound quality...
  6. Basard

    [FS][US] Antec Twelve Hundred (new)

    Antec Twelve Hundred (SOLD) Case is sold.......
  7. Basard

    OCZ Vendetta 2 @ t-break

    OK, I decided to go over to t-break, and look at this review of the Vendetta 2. It left me bewildered. According to their charts, the Intel stock cooler is BETTER than ALL THREE other coolers reviewed (Vendetta 2, Thermalright Ultra-120, and Asus Triton 81) at stock voltage. Is this even...
  8. Basard ?? i'm sitting at techpowerup.com homepage and it takes me to this ^^ and brings me to a blank pdf document.... about 6 hours ago today, at techpoerup's homepage, it opened up acrobat reader (outside of firefox) with a blank...
  9. Basard

    Mic stopped working...

    OK, I got this new microphone headset... the one like telemarketers use, with green and pink plug. Unplugged my old mic (the OLD ones, like the first computer microphones... back when they were still called microPHONES), plugged the new one in, and I go to UN-mute my microphone volume, and it...
  10. Basard

    Tom's CPU Cooler Charts...

    Well, I read the first part of this article, and just now the second part. It seems to me that either Intel's new CPUs run too hot, or Tom's is doing something horribly wrong with their tests. They don't make any mention of overclocking the QX6850 tested with all of the coolers, so how is...
  11. Basard

    Crucial Ballistix 2x1gb on tforce 550

    Ok, I finally got 2gb of DDR2 800. Pretty decent deal on Ballistix at newegg for 65 bucks shipped. Part number BL2KIT12864AA804. They are rated to run 4-4-4-12@2.2v, but my motherboard goes 1.8-2.1v in bios, and has a jumper to switch to 2.4v... nothing in between 2.1-2.4v though I guess. I...
  12. Basard

    newegg selling xigmatek finally

    Hey check it out, my dream finally came true. Newegg sells Xigmatek stuff!
  13. Basard

    virus from cpuz?

    Well, somehow, AVG never detected this before. It's ran like 20 full system scans, then on the 21st scan, it found a virus on the cpuz files. CPU-z's been there for like a year or something... now all the sudden it turns into a virus? Or what do you guys think happened?
  14. Basard

    steam's backup utility

    Well, I'm trying to backup TF2 with steam's built in backer-upper. It gets about halfway thru the backup, and starts to SLOWWWWWW down, to about 1mb per second..... This is very lame. I sit and wait for it to CRAWL from 4gb to 6gb (the TF2 download was less than TWO GB!!) and it seems like...
  15. Basard

    Gigabyte X48 @ anandtech

    Did you guys see this motherboard at anandtech, with a core2 extreme they overclocked to 5.3Ghz... Under 9 seconds in superpi, 16k 3dmark06 with an 8800gts 640mb...
  16. Basard

    Classics For Sale

    Ok, heres what I have: RAM: (All ripped from Dell servers/desktops) 8 x 256MB EDO ECC Ripped (PC100? came out of a PII Xeon server) (pn mt36ld3272g-5) 4 x 128MB Micron PC100 ECC (pn mt18lsdt1672ag) 2 x 128MB Micron PC100 ECC (pn mh16s72bamd-8) CPUs: (none tested, Mhz unknown, all slot...
  17. Basard

    Help identifying older ram...

    I've got a bunch of old RAM laying around, mostly ripped from Dell servers and desktops. I'm including some pictures of some stuff I have. I did a couple internet searches and got some mixed answers, so maybe you guys can help. edit: well, nvm, actually... I figured em both out at 128Mb...
  18. Basard

    weird titan quest/crysis junk?

    So... I'm playing titan quest, and of course the game locks up for about 5 minutes, then once it resumes, Sygate pops this up (see attachment): wtf?
  19. Basard

    CPU temp vs CPU Core temps?

    Which one really matters, I'm assuming it's the actual cpu temp, not the temp of core0 and core1, right? Because the core temps seem pretty low... Just kinda wondering which ones really matter, and why did they even put the core temps in there IF they don't matter.:confused:
  20. Basard

    HT speed above 260 wont work.

    Well, really what I'm trying to do is get my RAM speed up a little bit. It's 533Mhz DDR2... right now its running at 488Mhz. HT is at 255x4 and CPU is running at 2681Mhz. Everything works just fine at these settings. But I try something like 275x3, with a lower "NPT FID Control" (thats the...
  21. Basard

    OCZ Vendetta @ Newegg now

    Well, finally, these guys are selling the vendetta, and its cheaper than tigerdirect. I thought maybe somebody else might be looking for the same cooler.... Well, the wait is over, you can get it at newegg now, finally. Otherwise you can get it at zipzoomfly for the same price. Tigerdirect...
  22. Basard

    4000+ on TF550

    Hey, I finally got my PSU back from RMA, so now I've got my "new" system all built up. Right now I'm running my CPU at stock voltage (1.25) and ive got HT set at 265Mhz, with a 4x multiplier. My 533Mhz ram is set to 400Mhz, and with the overclock it runs at 506Mhz with 3-3-3-9 timing. Cpu...
  23. Basard


    Hey, finally I ordered the open box Tforce 550 from newegg for $40 bucks, coming the 20th. And, I'm buying my friend's xfx 7950GT, the oc'd version, with the silent heatpipe cooler for 65 bucks!! He's kinda giving it to me cheap for an xmas present. Godly, finally I'll have a sweet system...
  24. Basard

    gigabyte 790fx

    Did I miss the official launch of these motherboards or something? I mean, I saw the pictures and everything, but I didn't know they were for sale at newegg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128070