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  1. The_Ish

    "Hostmonster" +Youtube = getting redirected every time i click a video

    What the title says. It began out of the blue. I haven't installed anything recently. And it's really really annoying, since I can't watch anything without getting immediately redirected.
  2. The_Ish

    Really annoying cursor/chrome issue (Found nothing on google)

    So, everytime I want to click a link I have to first click taskbar before the cursor will even change into the link indicating hand cursor (essenssially deselecting the window that should be active, and selecting it again). If I don't do this, I'll have to click furiously for about 5 sec before...
  3. The_Ish

    Multi monitor problem

    Update.. Apparently it happens even with just the PC monitor connected now as well. I goes into power save mode, even though I'm actively using the PC :S ^^^^^^^^ Why does my computer screen randomly turn off when I also have my TV connected? Yeah I know, overwhelming info, but my guess is as...
  4. The_Ish

    CPU cooler leaked fluids, need some new stuff..

    Ok, so this is what I know. I woke up to my GPU reving 100% and no output on the screen. I opened up my case and saw that (i guess) some seal on the cpu's cooling had broken. I took the upper GPU out and i poured a good amount of liquid out of it. It's 100% dead. Next i hoped nothing else had...
  5. The_Ish

    Mionix Naos 5000 - Trouble updating firmware?

    I just got it today, and after downloading the software It told me there was a new firmware version avalible, however, when i press "Download Driver" (it's a pop-up button) nothing happens :confused: Anyone else got this issue? I'm running Win 7 x64.
  6. The_Ish

    Whats the cable I need?

    On one end it connects thru a 6-pin straight to the PSU, and the other end connects to "the cable that distributes the electricity to the hard drives". So it needs to be a 6-pin on one end and whatever it is that connects to .. Whatever that cable is called. Makes sense? :rolleyes: I know what...
  7. The_Ish

    What Did You Think of Men of War : Vietnam ?

    So I'm an avid fan of the series. Just waiting for a friends to come home so I can sink my teeth into this game. But I see a lot of game reviewers giving this game a lot of bad press because "ohh it's so hard" and "it's to much micromanagement".. Am I the only one who feels they kind of missed...
  8. The_Ish

    Literally the fastest bug ever

    I think the picture speaks for itself :rockout:
  9. The_Ish

    This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Long story short, I wanted to install 11.8 driver. I uninstalled, did a driver sweep etc. All the stuff I normally do. Except I got a ton of problems with 11.8. At first it wont install, and just crashed the install manager. I update Visal C++ and get a bit further, then it hangs at something...
  10. The_Ish

    Mouse->Keyboard->Computer = more mouse lag?

    I've got my mouse connected to my keyboard, which in turn is connected to an usb port on the motherboard. I'm not having any problems or anything, I just wanted to know if this could cause lag (even if unnoticeable) in comparison to plugging it directly into the MB itself.
  11. The_Ish

    Custom PC builder by profession?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if there are any custom PC builders that do it professionally. Just out of curiosity. I know there is a Swedish guy* who does it kind of on the side, but does anyone know of anyone that got an actual income and work with building customized PC's? *...
  12. The_Ish

    [Possible solution] BFBC2 Crossfire FPS/Laggy starts problems!

    So guys, try this.. Went from 40-100 fps and really laggy first 30 seconds upon joining a game to 150-200 fps the instant i hit deploy! (11.7 & 11.7 CAP 2). All I did enable V-sync, changed resolution to something other than native, and then back. turned of v-sync and voila! 140-200 fps on...
  13. The_Ish

    Calling all 6xxx crossfire users

    Am I the only one experiencing terrible scaling? Especielly in BFBC2 where i get LESS fps, and incredible lag. I really feel cheated on buying CF. You don't buy a new hybrid car where only one of the engines work, because that would defeat the purpose. Ok, bad example, but you know where I'm...
  14. The_Ish

    Worst mainstream sound card manufacturer? (In your opinion)

    My vote goes to Razer, hands down. My AC-1 haven't done anything right since the day I got it like three years ago. And the the first headphones they released stopped working after about six months. Can't say they about my Sennheiser's which I've dropped in the floor about fifty times (PC360)...
  15. The_Ish

    Asus P6T V2: Confused about pci-e northbridge setting

    So i'm having crossfire issues in BFBC2, and i can't get the game to run at any reasonable fps. There's Auto, 16x/1x and 8x/8x. Right now I'm running the latter, and even windows is choppy. I thought this mobo supported x16/x16, what gives?
  16. The_Ish

    FPS problem, but only online (BF:BC 2)

    I get good smooth gameplay in the campaign, but as soon as I go online. I get terrible fps spikes. If I turn CF off, it solves it, but it sort of defeats the purpose of CF if you can't even use it. First, a couple of things. I use the latest drivers as of yesterday for my GPU's. They are 6950's...
  17. The_Ish

    Xsyon, anyone tried?

    I bought it today for no reason. The servers are down, so I've read reviews/manuals etc meanwhile. but has anyone here tried it, and if so, what did you think of it? My fear with indie games with a small dev team is that they promise the world and then fuck their customers over with content...
  18. The_Ish

    WiFi works, but not ethernet. New router, new cable. Does not work on other devices

    I've tried ethernet on my PS3, and two other computers to no avail. The WiFi works flawlessly, but i get unidentified network when i plug the ethernet cable in. I've been looking for a solution for the last five days and I still can't wrap my head around this fucking problem. WiFi works with...
  19. The_Ish

    How much difference does a good soundcard really make?

    I used to use my Razer AC-1 soundcard, but after switching to the onboard a week ago just to hear the difference, I can only conclude that the onboard chip is better by a great margin. What made me wonder was a review I saw of the PC360's on youtube where the reviewer basically said "don't...
  20. The_Ish

    Smart gameplay mechanics

    The purpose of this thread is to identify and discuss intelligent and/or smart gameplay mechanics. It might be quite subjective but that just makes for a good debate ;) So I tried Alpha Protocol yesterday. The game itself was "OK" as far as entertainment went, but it was in no way a complete...
  21. The_Ish

    What are "von drivers", and should I use them?

    I'll be the first to admitt how crappy I understand the search function. So if this has been covered before, my mistake. :banghead: I play a lot of ArmA 2 and I was told it did wonders for Crossfire with that game. The only source of instruction and download I could find was over at 3DGuru, and...
  22. The_Ish


    I'm quite perplexed as to why some games requires you to install physx, when you have an AMD card. Or does AMD make use of physx? :confused: I mean, yeah.. I could install the drivers and the games run, but WHY on earth would I want install completely useless software I can't even take...
  23. The_Ish

    Time to get a new case

    I was gonna buy a GPU but then I ended up buying two, so then i had to buy a new PSU which didn't fit my case and here we are :) So any suggestions? Usually you don't see a chassis flaws before you've lived with it for a while, and i was hoping i could learn from your mistakes this time instead...
  24. The_Ish

    Monitor enters "power save mode" on startup

    Hi guys. I'm on my cell so I'll keep it short. I flashed my two 6950s and when I tried to play a game I got what looked like tv static. Knowing my psu was under powered for the job I took one out and now my monitor:) won't go out of power save mode. I doubt It's anything wrong with the hardware...
  25. The_Ish

    Do I need a more powerful PSU?

    Hi guys, I recently ordered two 6950's from Sapphire, with the intention of flashing them and giving them the 6970 clocks. My question is if my PSU/Mobo can handle it. The internal components, as I don't thing external ones makes a difference(?) are as follows: Seasonic M12 (700w) Asus P6T...