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  1. Aldouz

    ASUS Readies ROG ARES 2 Graphics Card with Dual-HD 7870 GPUs

    Can't agree more :laugh:
  2. Aldouz

    F1 2012 To Launch Worldwide in September

    I second that
  3. Aldouz

    Samsung Miniaturizes 1920x1080 Pixels Into A 4.8" Display

    OMG :eek:, I always dream to have FULL HD device I can hold in my hand... Samsung u make my dream come true :D
  4. Aldouz

    Far Cry 3 Coming September 4, 2012; New Trailer Packs Incredible Visuals

    Ubisoft :eek: No Thanks
  5. Aldouz

    Rambus Barth Patents Claim Completely Invalidated by US Government

    Yeah eat that you Rambus :p
  6. Aldouz

    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    Yeah, Next-Gen XboX means No Game are actually for sale, they are for RENT for unlimited time as long as your XboX console still working...
  7. Aldouz

    Razer Reveals 'Project Fiona' PC Gaming Tablet at CES

    Nice, "Project Fiona" Best gaming tablet no one buys
  8. Aldouz

    Gigabyte Recalling X79 UD3, UD5, G1.Assassin 2 Motherboards

    Agree, ASRock Mobo quality getting better and better these days (specialy the price :D) while Gigabyte quality declining...
  9. Aldouz

    Noctua Announces Free Upgrade for LGA2011

    If youre talkin about D14 its worth Lol a Noctua fan itself cost you 15-20 bucks I bought U12P SE2 years ago this is great news, I dont have to buy new HSF if I upgrade to LGA2011, Thanks Noctua :rockout: