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    help with iphone jailbreak gone wrong.

    I know it wipes everything, but it's not my iPhone we're talking about. What I want to know is if there's anything I can possibly do to somehow restore the lost contacts at least... I've found the folder on my PC where iTunes dumps it's sync and backup data, but there are over a thousand files...
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    help with iphone jailbreak gone wrong.

    my inetion is not to recover the data off the device itself, but off my PC, is there any place where itunes dumps this kind of thing?
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    help with iphone jailbreak gone wrong.

    after a recent attempt at jailbreaking an iphone has gone wrong i managed to wipe and restore the device and all of its applications, but none of the contacts, photos, sms messages, etc'. a backup has not been performed prior to this. is there any way of somehow restoring this information...
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    PES2009 demo Thread

    hell yeah! pro evo for the win! awesome demo, but too bad they won't allow you to play longer than 5 minutes a match...
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    Best PC Racing Sim?

    dirt and grid are freakin' awesome games, but they aren't really sims... if you're looking for pure hardcore sim, get GTR2 or GTR-evolution...
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    Fallout 3

    i am abo-freakin'-lutley getting it! i'm a HUGE fan of the old fallout games...
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    Mass Effect Patch adds content

    wicked awesome! i've been waiting for this!
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    on the rain slick precipice of darkness

    if you like the penny arcade comics, or if you like dark and sometimes malevolent humor you should totally d/l this. this thing is absolutely freakin' hilarious, and a rather fun little game to play. a fucking steal for 20$ if you ask me.
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    Codemasters snap up Formula 1 License

    hell yeah! about damned time if you ask me!
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    Ferrari F1 GT5:P Pics!

    personally, i'm a mclaren fan, GO LEWIS HAMILTON!!! WOOO!!! but, damn, those are nice shots... looks absolutely amazing...
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    Dell Launches IT-Friendly Rugged Laptop

    this is awesome! i gotta me one of those...
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    Sins of a Solar Empire

    great fucking game! absolutely love it! anyone who considers himself a fan of any form of strategy gaming should definitely at least check it out.
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    Codemaster's DiRT

    not that i know of. awesome game though... rally rocks
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    Nintendo Patents Several Odd Uses for Nintendo Wii Controller

    :roll: that is absolutely freakin' hilarious...
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    Lite-On Introduces a Moldable Mouse That Can Take Any Shape

    that is so fucking cool... i want one.
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    Microsoft Warns Users Against Using VLite

    now there is the real headline... :laugh:
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    The Classic Car Club!

    welcome to the classic car club! the place to discuss and post pics of your classic cars, car restoration projects, and share the love for motoring history, etc' etc' the rules are simple, in order to "be in the club", you need to own a car that is at least 20 years old! (this means...
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    Leadtek Unveils WinFast VC100 U Video Editor

    got any idea what's the MSRP on it? cause the product page mentions nothing...
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    2007 Audi TT is Gran Turismo Awards' 'Best in Show'

    but the capri has the power going to the proper wheels (the back ones), and probably has a wider torque band, and will probably be quicker round a track. and its probably a lot more "lively" to drive, if you know what i mean... ;)
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    2007 Audi TT is Gran Turismo Awards' 'Best in Show'

    wrong. the people who actually pioneered the whole overhead twin-cam and 4 valves per cylinder engines, are bentley. and they did it back in the 1920's. (sounds a bit far-fetched, i know, but feel free to look it up) so to correct your statement: there'd be no 16v twin cam engines if it...
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    2007 Audi TT is Gran Turismo Awards' 'Best in Show'

    i'd much rather have one of those nifty lotus exige S'... i've always dug the 'performance-through-lightness' philosophy lotus always had...
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    Saitek Updates the Cyborg Line with New Keyboard

    took the words right outta my mouth... :laugh: