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  1. GLD

    Storage Wars.

    I am happy with my recent SSD purchase, and want to share the results. Screens done with a RYZEN 2400G, SSD just below 50% full. Lowest score is with a 2014 era 1TB SSHD. Medium is with a Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD without Crucial Storage Executive software. Highest is the Crucial...
  2. GLD

    Would you still choose an MLC drive today versus 3DTLC?

    I am not a tech guru like most here, but I suggest the Crucial P1 1TB NVMe at $130 with it's 5 year warranty. Make sure you download the Crucial Storage Executive tool and enable it's "Momentum Cache"... and hold on to your hat! I have a EKWB heatsink on mine and it out performs the Plextor...
  3. GLD

    MSI X470 and B450 Motherboards Receive BIOS Support for Upcoming Athlon "Raven Ridge" Processors

    I have the MSI B450M PRO-VDH currently paired with a Ryzen 5 2400G, as my one and only desktop at the moment. I did have the same board paired with an Athlon 200GE as my second rig/daily driver, but the CAMP Fire took all my schit. So people do pair the APU's with these boards. I can't find the...
  4. GLD

    So... advertising CD Key sites

    I used: slmgr -dli in command promt. It reported RETAIL. No screenshot, take my word on it. Cheers.
  5. GLD

    So... advertising CD Key sites

    The Win 10 Home key I got from GO24 is a Retail key. It took a couple of hours to arrive, that was worrysome.
  6. GLD

    AMD Speeds up Ryzen APU Support with Radeon 19.2.3 Drivers

    I hope the new drivers bring some extra horsepower to the 2200G/2400G APU's.
  7. GLD

    Would you Buy RGB Fans?

    One theme at a time for this guy. I don't like a fiddly rig. Set it and forget it is my MO.
  8. GLD

    AMD Athlon 200GE 3.2 GHz

    Its a new ASUS 75hz refresh 1080p freesync monitor. Game rig on it with display port. (shared monitor/keyboard/mouse)
  9. GLD

    AMD Athlon 200GE 3.2 GHz

    I bought a Athlon 200GE and paired it with a MSI B450M PRO-VHD, updated to latest bios. I connect it to the monitor in my system specs with hdmi. It will not let me get in to my bios pressing the delete key. It hangs saying out of range. Even on a clean boot, it doesn't show the post screen...
  10. GLD

    When i finally want to build a new system, there are no perfect motherboards

    I wanted an AM4 board with pci. The first gen. 3xx boards had some. I didn't want first gen. I don't think any second gen 4xx boards have pci. You may just have to give up your pci card(s) as I did for the sake of a kick azz Ryzen build. I say good luck, but also get used to saying good by to pci.
  11. GLD

    TechPowerUp and SeaSonic Focus Plus Gold PSU Giveaway: The Winners

    Congrats to Juan for winning the PSU, and congrats to the rest of us who won a gym bottle! Even though I don't comment a whole lot, I am a daily reader. TPU is a great site!
  12. GLD

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    I have a 65w 2600 and now a 105w 2700X Ryzen. The 2600 is a keeper, but I want to get the 2700X to run like the vanilla 2700 at 65w or so. That is my mission.
  13. GLD

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - mini-review

    I plan to buy the game. Looking forward to a lot, so I didn't read your review, in fear of spoilers. I do have a question. You didn't play the game in DX12?
  14. GLD

    After a Windows 10 Update Today Overclocking is lost. WTF Microsoft and Intel???

    That is some BS hosiery you Intel guys got with the forced update. :(
  15. GLD

    Battlefield 1 On Sale for €4.99, Free Premium Pass Download

    If you love or don't love EA, for $5 people it is worth it for the single player camping alone! Life is to precious to harbor hate, and we ALL know that is true. :toast:
  16. GLD

    September 6 $200 Billion Tariff, Hardware Price Spike Imminent, Buy your wishlist components now?

    :roll: Recently I have been on a pc schwag buying binge. Upgrading 1, 2 are all new low watt/older tech. Anyways, I hope the prices of our vices doesn't increase.
  17. GLD

    Finding the right RAM for Ryzen 2700X ?

    You could save some $ and go with a vanilla 2600 Ryzen like I did. I was wanting a vanilla 2700 Ryzen, until I saw the TPU 1080p shakedown here: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_5_2600/13.html
  18. GLD

    Finding the right RAM for Ryzen 2700X ?

    Get This Kit! I have it in my Ryzen rig, and it is flawless at 3200MHz @ 14-14-14-34!
  19. GLD

    X450 boards.

    I am happy, real happy with the sound on my new MSI board. Going spend many hours listening to it with headphones during this Saturdays AMD VLAN. :rockout:
  20. GLD

    Rumor: AMD's Zen 2, 7 nm Chips to Feature 10-15% IPC Uplift, Revised 8-core per CCX Design

    Pic is dated August 23, 2016. Back to the future news. I dig it. Happy as a clam with my new Gen 2 Ryzen rig!
  21. GLD

    XP activation?

    I have old games I never finished, but still want to someday, that will only really run on XP, so I understand where the OP is coming from. If the rig wont be going online, then don't make it go online.
  22. GLD

    X450 boards.

    Well I couldn't wait any longer. I ordered the MSI X470 Gaming Plus board, a 2600 cpu and 2x8g of G.Skil Flare X 3200. I guess my pci sound card wont be getting reused in this build. Sad.
  23. GLD

    X450 boards.

    I know my pci sound card is dated and all, it's that I am a nostalgic guy who likes to get ever bit of use possible out of my gear. I should just go with a X470 and see how the onboard sound is. For my 2.1 speakers and occasional head phone use, I bet onboard will be fine.
  24. GLD

    X450 boards.

    I see 4 AMD X450 boards on ASUS website now. 2 full size, a matx and a itx. Yet none of them have a pci slot. I don't see any X450 boards on any other mfg site yet, so there still my be hope for us that have a pci relic that they just cant seem to want to stop using. Creative X-Fi Fatality sound...
  25. GLD

    Ryzen 2700 and 4 DIMMs

    Good read. I want a Ryzen 2600 but want to wait for the 450 boards. Plan to start with a 2x8G kit or ram. I know the Ryzen rigs are tricky with ram, that is a bummer.