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  1. PcForge

    G.Skill Designers Pander to Their Own Vanity with a Trident-Z Royal Jewel Case

    not sure if this works for any memory kit, but if it does its a good way for reviewers/content creators to showcase ram lighting without having to use a testbench
  2. PcForge

    Phanteks Announces Universal Fan Controller PH-PWHUB 02

    how does it connect to the motherboard? does it plug into a 4pin, or something like usb2
  3. PcForge

    Lian Li Lancool One Digital

    but that case is 2.5x more expensive
  4. PcForge

    ZOTAC Announces MEK Ultra Line of Gaming Desktops

    h500m zotac edition when?
  5. PcForge

    Thermaltake Intros Pacific W6 CPU Block for Ryzen Threadripper

    not my favorite, but looks like 10x better than the intel version
  6. PcForge

    ASUS Intros ROG-NVLink Bridges with RGB LED Lighting

    the Photoshop on the back of this is atrocious
  7. PcForge

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 Bare PCB Pictured

    I See Two Fan headers, so maybe this is not a founders edition. I doubt Nvidia changed to a 2 fan cooler.
  8. PcForge

    Computer turns on but quickly shuts off

    My p55 board does this if the ram is in the wrong slot
  9. PcForge

    Worlds first RGB hard drive

    Thank you very much, I would love it if you could share it with your friends.
  10. PcForge

    Worlds first RGB hard drive

    Thank you so much
  11. PcForge

    Worlds first RGB hard drive

    I know that you all are going to hate me for this but I made an RGB hard drive inspired by the WD Velociraptor.
  12. PcForge

    Condenser Mic setup Not Working

    About a year ago I got a cheap Neewer nw700 and phantom power supply. It never worked well at all I always had to increase the mic volume and hold it less than a centimeter from my face for it to work. I assumed that it was the mic that was faulty so I just recently got a Berhinger xm8500. I am...
  13. PcForge

    DUAL GEAR Project - By RaF-MODS

    that pretty cool
  14. PcForge

    7mm height, 2.5", 1TB or higher capacity HDD which is not from seagate

    why do you dislike seagate so much
  15. PcForge

    Atari Announces Atari VCS Pre-Sale Begins May 30th

    this looks like the only console I would actually buy
  16. PcForge

    Bykski Announces Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Fittings for Watercooling

    haven't seen something like this on a gpu block before.
  17. PcForge

    No USB devices recognized

    I would try getting a USB card to see if that works.
  18. PcForge

    intel p55 & xeon overclocking

    I can't seem to get above 3.5ghz. I've seen a video of the chip going higher.
  19. PcForge

    intel p55 & xeon overclocking

    I'm kinda new to this stuff what exactly do you mean.
  20. PcForge

    intel p55 & xeon overclocking

    is there a way around it like with skylake.
  21. PcForge

    intel p55 & xeon overclocking

    I'm trying to overclock my xeon x3430 on an intel p55wg motherboard. I've increased the base clock to its max but it wont let me edit the cpu multiplier. how do I change this?
  22. PcForge

    Phanteks Releases Three New Eclipse P300 Color Options

    why no blue?
  23. PcForge

    ASUS Announces its AMD X470 Motherboard Lineup

    The strix boards look terrible