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  1. kiddagoat

    Which Ultrawide monitor? Alienware AW3418DW or Acer Predator x34 Pbmiphzx

    I own the Alienware monitor and have for about a year now. I am not regretting my purchase in the least. It didn't look as big in the store and then I got it up on the desk. I shrugged and made room for it lol. I haven't had any issues with colors, tearing, or any sort of adverse effects. I...
  2. kiddagoat

    I'm about to get my laptop repaired at Best Buy...

    I haven't posted in awhile, but....... Having worked at both Best Buy and Microcenter.... I have seen many laptops with crappy hinges where the plastic posts where the threaded nuts are located crack resulting in the OP's issue. Specifically with Toshiba and ASUS laptops. If the computer is...
  3. kiddagoat

    Razer Takes Aim at FPS Market with Customizable Basilisk Mouse

    So much shade being thrown around here..... my BlackWidow has been solid for the past 2 years. My Diamondback and Mamba TE have been amazing for that period of time as well. Haters gonna hate, I have had Logitech and Razer products die on me. Shit happens, get over it. Though I will rest...
  4. kiddagoat

    Unigine Superposition Benchmark - post your results!

    5688 - KidDaGoat / Intel i7-6820HK @ 3.6GHz / Nvidia 1080 Ti @ 2025 MHz (actual boost clock) / Memory clock 1476 MHz 1080P Extreme On my Alienware 17R4 with Graphics Amplifier :D
  5. kiddagoat

    Nvidia Shield vs FireStick

    All, I do not know if this is the best spot to be posting this but here it goes. I currently use Kodi on my Amazon FireStick for streaming such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and Prime. I have noticed at times that the FireStick will start to lag and chug along even with streaming over my NAS...
  6. kiddagoat

    Is getting alienware 14 worth it anymore?

    I would go with erocker on this one. You might have better success parting your desktop out if you are that hard up for a laptop. Those new Pascal ones with a 1060 or 1070 in them are not priced too reasonably bad. At least in my estimation.
  7. kiddagoat

    Alienware Creates World's First Intelligent Notebook With Tobii Eye Tracking

    Looking like my next notebook if the price is right, that graphics amp is a big plus
  8. kiddagoat

    GTX 1060/1070 Laptops..

    I am waiting to see what Dell and Clevo put theirs at pricewise.... my Sager is 7 years old and I am looking to upgrade it this year
  9. kiddagoat

    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    I dunno why people keep drinking all the ocean water around here...... stop expecting something for nothing.... they stated in the beginning it was an upper mid - low high end card. It fills that caveat nicely between the 970 and 980. Depending on the title it trades blows. I mean AMD has...
  10. kiddagoat

    MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB

    Nicely done Wiz!! I am loving mine :D :D :D :D
  11. kiddagoat

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Goes On Sale

    They had about 15 of them today at my local Microcenter, they were giving out line tickets before the store opened. I opted for this bad boy instead. http://imgur.com/D5R6oZj http://imgur.com/oLODieX
  12. kiddagoat

    Cooling Off Nano CF

    Yeah I do not see a need to replace the thermal compound... I replaced the fans in the case with all Aerocool Sharks and I have some of the thin scythe fans coming in so I can put one on the side. I also rotated my Zalman cooler 90 degrees so it is pulling heat away from the back of the top...
  13. kiddagoat

    Cooling Off Nano CF

    Here are some pictures. Below was what I was thinking about in that vertical expansion slot.
  14. kiddagoat

    Cooling Off Nano CF

    Hey all, I was stopping by to ask a question in regards to my setup. I am thinking about adding some fans to my system. My specs should be filled out and up to date. I fun a pretty aggressive fan profile on my cards and have them sync'd using MSI Afterburner. I also keep the power level at...
  15. kiddagoat

    Radeon AIB Partners "Frustrated" at AMD

    When they say performance-segment, they are referring to the middle tier cards. AMD has not had an entire lineup refresh from top to bottom in quite some time. Just rebadging existing GPUs as they age. You are both thinking of enthusiast class hardware. @Aretak So before you want to start...
  16. kiddagoat

    Valve's new banning system is amazing

    This is only in beta and they are currently testing it out... it has only been in effect maybe 2 weeks..... Prime Matchmaking is separate queue than regular matchmaking, it is optional and you do not have to participate...... Prime Account Matchmaking excludes some types of phone numbers...
  17. kiddagoat

    AMD Official UEFI vBIOS for Fury X, released Apr 5th

    We'll give this a go, just flashed both of my Nanos
  18. kiddagoat

    Killer Instinct Season 3 Windows 10 Performance Test

    Sorry for the double post but I would say all in all this is a pretty solid release. For the time being I think I will have to keep playing on my Xbone simply due to the little caveats in getting this to work. I mean it does but it is sort of a pain in the ass. Fightsticks are not fully...
  19. kiddagoat

    Killer Instinct Season 3 Windows 10 Performance Test

    The only hitch I have noticed so far is that due the UWA nature of this, AMD/Nvidia drivers and profiles do seem to effect the game in anyway. Also, you will have to turn your monitor's refresh rate down to 60hz. With my 144hz monitor, the game is certainly 2x faster than it should be. I have...
  20. kiddagoat

    Killer Instinct Season 3 Windows 10 Performance Test

    It is cross-platform and all your stuff from XB1 is shared to the PC version. Just got mine working last night. Apparently they are rolling out the necessary Windows update in waves.
  21. kiddagoat

    AMD "Greenland" Vega10 Silicon Features 4096 Stream Processors?

    Considering the games coming down the pipe and how the porting to PC has become the norm in some cases.... if you haven't bought a new GPU in the last 3 years, anything from the Fury line or the next two AMD lines should be more than enough to hold you over for awhile. Same on the NV side, if...
  22. kiddagoat

    Repurposing Laptop

    In my specs I have listed my Sager NP8690/Clevo WU860 laptop. It is getting to be 7 years old now and I am noticing since I cannot upgrade the graphics card, it is struggling to handle the newer games coming out. I can play Source based games just fine but anything newer like Rainbow Six...
  23. kiddagoat

    Am I crazy? Possible sidegrade

    Highers FPS does not necessarily always mean smoother gameplay. I mean sure I can run CS:GO at 500+FPS but you can and will see screen tearing.... it is not as bad on a 144Hz monitor but you will see it from time to time. I have noticed with that game in particular if you crank up the...
  24. kiddagoat

    Am I crazy? Possible sidegrade

    I have an 800D here bare as can be..... hmmmm...... you might be on to something @Caring1
  25. kiddagoat

    Am I crazy? Possible sidegrade

    So I bit the bullet, took my 980Ti in for two Nanos.... I paid almost $850 for it at release..... I picked up two Nanos for $900..... Though apparently with my motherboard, Gigabyte decided that PCIE_1 and PCIE_4 would be the ones that go 8x 8x when both are used....... PCIE_3 is 4x...