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  1. Aaron_Henderson

    I want to set up a live underwater web cam.

    I would use one of the cheap action wifi cams, but you'll have to modify the waterproof case to accept a power cable. A small solar panel could likely keep it supplied if you aren't keen on running a ton of power cable...really, just dremel out a notch into the waterproof case for the power...
  2. Aaron_Henderson

    HP Workstations Owners Club

    It was super easy to mount the motherboard as it's basically ATX form factor, only a couple standoff locations near the memory slots don't line up, but it runs fine without those standoffs...could always drill and tap the extra standoff hole or two. The toughest part of the conversion is the...
  3. Aaron_Henderson

    HP Workstations Owners Club

    Here's a Z400 based build I did for my girlfriend -
  4. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    Just chiming in to say I have my T3500 board hooked up to a standard ATX PSU...a cheap 650W Corsair unit and it has been powering my PC with a 290X for some time now and not a single issue. The PSU mounting and size might be different, but if you're planning a case swap, it's no big deal, and...
  5. Aaron_Henderson

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    My current retro keyboard is a near mint Dell Quietkey SK-1000REW...gave it a full disassembly and cleaning, scrubbed every key, etc., then gave it the "ghetto retrobright" treatment...I can get some photos if anyone is interested.
  6. Aaron_Henderson

    Constant Blue Screen with Error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (Win 10)

    I would try a fresh install of a different OS...and do some error checking / load testing there...potentially from a live usb os with SSd/HDD disconnected...one thing you can do to test your PSU without swapping...underclock your CPU and GPU heavily, and do some load tests...also...run one stick...
  7. Aaron_Henderson

    Does GPU overclocking make a noticeable difference to you.

    I definitely notice it, on some cards more than others...I specifically remember volt modding an 8600 GT to nearly 8800 GT levels back in the day...now on my current 290x, not quite as noticeable with a 17ish % overclock, but still very noticeable.
  8. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    I have a W3570 but it's only stable at 3.86GHz on all cores, though I set the 1/2/3 core turbo to 4GHz and it's fine. I can run some gaming benchmarks if you'd like to compare, though I don't have many recent games.
  9. Aaron_Henderson

    Dell Workstation Owners Club

    I run a mix of standard DDR3 2GB modules, (5x2GB), and CPU-Z still reports 1333MHz with my W3570+09KPNV.
  10. Aaron_Henderson

    Dell Workstation Owners Club

    I swapped the fans on my 290x to 3 x high amp 80x35mm server fans and overclocked (1150/1500) never goes above 63 C...could probably run 1200/1600 and barely break 70 C...if you can bstand the noise...server fans are great!
  11. Aaron_Henderson

    Too old to enjoy hardcore gaming anymore? :(

    I find I game more now that I'm getting older...having money I didn't have as a kid allows me to buy and play most games I am interested in, from past to present. I own over 15 consoles, and several gaming PC. I am more into competitive gaming now than when I was young...all in all, my gaming...
  12. Aaron_Henderson

    Issue with old 775 Socket rig

    Just a thought...but many people have had success changing out the BIoS chip on these boards with FF but no boot...can find replacement chips on eBay...pull old one, replace with new...hope for the best.
  13. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    Dang...lucky dog you getting a hold of the SR-2...I'm not jealous lol
  14. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    My W3570 let's my 5 x 2GB run at their rated 1333MHz speed. Also curious what a userbenchmark might look like on that 4.7 GHz 6 core...what board are you using BouziGolouM?
  15. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    I honestly have zero experience overclocking 1366 outside of my two OEM based systems using Throttlestop and SetFSB for mild OC. 4.7GHz W3690 is pretty beastly though!
  16. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    We're talking about doing the reverse of that mod, converting 775 CPU for use on dual 771 socket board...771 to 775 is well documented and I've done the mod several times myself with CPU ranging from E5430 to X5460.
  17. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    I do have an AIO liquid cooler on my CPU, and I have a small fan on the NB heatsink of the motherboard. Also...I have 2 x Corsair radiator fans on the top exhaust of the case that push a ridiculous amount of air for a 25mm thick fan. I think this W3570 just isn't the greatest one...I am sure...
  18. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    Small feat but managed to set my W3570 that has typically been clocked 3.866GHz on all cores as any more was at the cost of stability...to 3.866GHz 4 core load and 4GHz 2 core load...and it's stable. Still wanting that W3680 but it's just not necessity at this point...I really only play Quake...
  19. Aaron_Henderson

    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on Radeon VII: "Underwhelming (...) the Performance is Lousy"; "Freesync Doesn't Work"

    Meh...was ready for another green card ( was thinking of going GTX 1070) but I just can't support this type of marketing bull...I'll just buy another used card...they've already made their money on it and none of mine goes towards bickering back and forth. Anyone got a used upgrade for my 290x...
  20. Aaron_Henderson

    The Outer Worlds (PC, XBOX. PS4)

    Looks awesome!
  21. Aaron_Henderson

    How Chinese SSD no-name manufacturers cheat their customers......... Reeinno SSD 128GB review

    I thought it was gonna be way worse...if someone gave me one I'd be fine with putting in my laptop or one of my SATA II PC...still wouldn't pay for it, but there are FAR worse drives around at that price point all over eBay and AliExpress.
  22. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    Funny enough...I've also been curious about 775 to 771 mod...I actually have a board to try it with but no longer have any 775 CPU...my concern is FB-DIMM...please share your results as it's something I've thought about since first doing the popular 771 to 775 stuff.
  23. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    Always wanted an older Mac Pro...Where'd you put the pics?
  24. Aaron_Henderson

    Lenovo Z51 laptop charging issue

    Sounds like the solder holding in the connector has cracked free...probably a job for a repair shop...if you could fix yourself this thread wouldn't exist in the first place. Shouldnt cost too much to repair at least.
  25. Aaron_Henderson

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    I missed that post but can certainly help here...the Z400 is in a Deepcool Tesseract with the power button and the USB 2.0 front panel hooked up. I'll have to pop open the side panel to have a look since it has been awhile since I built it...but I will at some point today. Edit - missed it was...