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  1. 1Kurgan1

    W10 Moving Windows to Monitor 1 After Waking.

    I run a two monitor setup, got a 1920x1080 main screen and had a 4:3 1280x1024 second monitor for a long time. But finally upgraded my second monitor last week to a 24" 1920x1080 Samsung LED. Scored it for $30, and super happy with it except one thing. I use my main monitor for gaming. The...
  2. 1Kurgan1

    R9 Fury Spiking GPU Load

    A friend just picked up a R9 Fury, an upgrade from his old GTX 950. He mostly plays CS:GO and didn't matter settings before he got around 200 fps on his 950. But his FPS is much worse with the R9 Fury. His GPU usage was low he said, I had him get this...
  3. 1Kurgan1

    TPU Capture Auto Zoom

    Not sure where else to post this since it isn't listed in the TPU Software section. But when I hit print screen it instantly zooms in. If I try to take a fullscreen shot it only takes the zoomed in window. Any ideas here?
  4. 1Kurgan1

    GIFV Support

    Not sure where to request support for this or if it's even possible. I'm mostly asking this because of the General Nonsense forum, the gif thread. With the advent gifv, most gifs are now coming in that format. Sure you can chop the v off and it still works, but it loads up much slower, and in a...
  5. 1Kurgan1

    Picking a new mouse

    Looking for a new mouse here, and have a few criteria for it. I'd like to have 4 side hotkeys and I want it to be comfortable (I have bigger hands and like to rest it on the mouse if I can, but most mice I can't). The most comfortable mouse I ever owned to date was the original Logitech MX...
  6. 1Kurgan1

    Win 7 Install stuck on "Setup is starting..."

    Trying to get W7 onto my aunt's laptop. She picked it up without a power cord for it. So she got one of those and it started, but no Windows on it. HDD seems to be ok, I've tried installing W7 from USB and from DVD and either of those results in the samething. It has the beginning prompt for...
  7. 1Kurgan1

    New Flatout Game

    Well the name hasn't remained, but the same Dev's just put up a Kickstarter for it. The last Flatout was garbage, but wasn't from the same Dev's. This ones looking good, think I'll be throwing $20 for a copy of the game. Link below for more info...
  8. 1Kurgan1

    New Mobo Dead?

    Stumped here, just picked up a new mobo it's a Asrock Z77 Pro 3. Wiped my SSD and put a new copy of windows on it. Then it restarted and finalized the settings, prepared the desktop. Then made it to the desktop and 30 seconds later windows says it's shutting down. So I fire it back up, Bios...
  9. 1Kurgan1

    Out of Ideas

    So I built my parents a computer about 2 - 3 months back. All new components, but the mobo died a few weeks ago. So I RMA'd it for them, got the new one back, got it all setup again, was going to bed and decided to set Windows Updates to go over night while I got some sleep. I wake up in the...
  10. 1Kurgan1

    Looking for a Dolby Digital Live Card

    Looking to pick up a DDL card sometime soon, need one with a Optical Out, and thats about the only limitation. I'm going to be using this solely for it's DDL to send out to my Astro Mixamp, so the cheaper the card the better. The cheapest I can seem to find that support DDL with an Optical out...
  11. 1Kurgan1

    EA selected for future Publisher of Star Wars Games

  12. 1Kurgan1

    TPUCapture Hotkey issues

    I've never had this issue with any other computer running tPUCapture. But this one has always had this issue. Fresh cop[ies of Windows, first time I ever try to start TPUCapture it usually error's and says "Could not register hot key for full screen capture". There has been a few times when it...
  13. 1Kurgan1

    Driver could not find compatible hardware

    Well having a pretty annoying issue with the better halfs computer. She has a AsRock H61-DGS and a i3-2100. I have been running the CPU as the video device for a while since her old 5850 died. Well I picked her up a temporary videocard (GT240). And I finally put it in, and tried installing the...
  14. 1Kurgan1

    Age of Empires II Coming to Steam!

    Finally, I been waiting for this for a long long time. I've played a good amount with the current widescreen patcher and had my fun, but thats a bit buggy. Finally someone wised up and realized the best AoE game should be on Steam. Price is ab it high, but honestly, I don't even care, I want it...
  15. 1Kurgan1

    Next Gen Console - Easier to Port from PC

  16. 1Kurgan1

    Community Thanks Giveaway!

    Well as a few here know, lately I been working on my Youtube Channel a lot. I have posted some videos here, and have got some great feedback, I know some here have even subscribed. And since my channel is really starting to take off, and I have already said thanks so many times. I felt it was...
  17. 1Kurgan1

    Elder Scrolls Online

    New video was just released from Betheseda. There hasn't been a ton of information out there on this yet, but it looks pretty damn amazing to be honest. They got some great ideas like "mega server", allowing you to chose any weapons/armor type you want, and a few others. Keeping my eye on this...
  18. 1Kurgan1

    Processor Clocks and GPU Scaling

    See if anyone has any ideas here. Just got my RMA'd mobo back on Tuesday. Played some games on it fine. Then later went to OC the proc and it was lowering my multiplier, I ended up reflashing the bios to fix it. Then went to game and my 1st 7970 was getting no load, but my 2nd 7970 was and...
  19. 1Kurgan1

    i3 + AsRock H61 won't boot

    Been using the wifes comp for the last week or so since my mobo was RMA'ing. I swapped my i7 into her mobo since I do encoding and junk. After a few days I felt her 4GB of RAM wasn't cutting it. So I put in my 16GB and then her comp wouldn't boot. It would just fire up restart, fire up restart...
  20. 1Kurgan1

    The WarZ

    Well this game just went into "Open" Alpha Testing on Oct 15th, and more entered on Oct 31st. I was one of those people. The below link will bring you to the site to see the pricing models. http://thewarz.com/ Overall, I been having a lot of fun. It's more than enough to hold me over for a...
  21. 1Kurgan1

    Audio popping

    The other day I came home from work, decided I would play some games for a bit. Maybe capture a bit of game footage. I fired up MechWarrior Online and started, not long in I noticed nasty nasty audio popping/crackling. My computer had been running for a few days at this point and I had played...
  22. 1Kurgan1

    Slender Game

    Haven't seen a thread here about this. So figured I would see if others have played this. I been hearing more and more about it, and it actually seemed a bit scary. So I figured, hell, might as well fire up the recording and see what happens on my first play... Sadly I didn't make it, but it...
  23. 1Kurgan1

    Breaking HDDs set in RAID0

    I got a set of Seagate 750's set in RAID0, but I no longer have the mobo or chipset to which they were RAIDed. Anyone got an idea of how to break that RAID?
  24. 1Kurgan1

    Looking for an adapter cable

    See if anyone had ever seen anything like this. I run a USB 5.1 Headset. And I want to have my game sounds and skype/TS sounds on their own channels for when I record videos, so I can turn the game or voip sounds up/down/off independently. I have been using Virtual Audio Cable for this. But...
  25. 1Kurgan1

    Media Player that can play numerous audio tracks

    I'm using Dxtory to record gameplay. And I have Game Sounds, VOIP Sounds, and my Mic Sounds all being recorded to different channels. So that when I am tinkering with the videos I can adjust or turn off which ever audio channel I please. Problem comes now is that I need to use a Media Player to...