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  1. NC37

    Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Same here. Couldn't stand any Ghost Recon since the first. All it really lacked was the godlike aim of the bots being resolved. Otherwise, it was brilliant. Fantastic fun in COOP too.
  2. NC37

    U.S. Hikes Tariffs on Electronics Imports from China by 2.5 Times

    Well you just identified yourself as someone who doesn't watch any business news. China's economy has been slowing down. Enough their supreme leader is trying to accelerate his silk road plan which would bypass the American control of the sea routes for trade. China is hurting and frankly, it's...
  3. NC37

    China Deepens Ban on Certain Content in Gaming: Gambling, Blood, Bodies and Zombies

    Inspecting everything... Watch in a year they change the policy and all the games they "inspected" have surprise Chinese knockoffs. Ridiculous that companies continue to do business with China when the government itself is the greatest culprit of IP theft.
  4. NC37

    Nepal Bans PUBG on Account of Negative Impact on Children

    And facism is tied to socialism which is practically communism 2.0. Any system of government which gives the government too much power and puts it as a god, is from that same basic core belief. All like that are doomed to fail because government should never and can never fulfill that role...
  5. NC37

    "Steam Was Killing PC Gaming", Former Valve Dev Says

    No one can really become a proper Steam competitor unless they compete in all areas. Steam has solidified it's community greater than others. The flaw in the plan of all these devs is thinking about the money first, features later. Origin launched stripped down, Uplay stripped down, Epic has...
  6. NC37

    GameStop Records Worst Losses in Its History, Hinting at a Digital Future

    Game prices have been pretty terrible too. Sales aren't what they used to be. Used game prices have also not gone down like they used to. I used to buy a lot of used Vita stuff at Gamestop. Then prices wouldn't go down. Stopped buying. Now I don't play my Vita.
  7. NC37

    AMD Ryzen 3000 "Zen 2" BIOS Analysis Reveals New Options for Overclocking & Tweaking

    I wonder if all the AM4 chipsets will handle Infinity Fabric 2. I assume so since it'll be in the CPU and not restricted to the board. However, I can't help but remember back to the AM2 days. You could use more advanced CPUs on the older socket but you'd get a big performance hit and loss of...
  8. NC37

    AMD Ryzen Memory Tweaking & Overclocking Guide

    Nice article and all. DRAM calculator would be a lot more useful if it could just read your settings and fill out the values. From what I've seen so far, it won't work with my Hynix-M. Gives all sorts of bogus values for the numbers. Don't dare try to tune this with this calculator.
  9. NC37

    Denuvo Performance Cost & FPS Loss Tested

    More from that chain of thought... 2000 = you PAID the game, you get FREE patch updates and new content! 2019 = you PAID the game, that'll be $5...oh you want more content, that'll be $30 for a season pass which covers only a small portion of the new content scheduled to come. You want the game...
  10. NC37

    DirectX 12 Makes Windows 7 Debut With Latest World of Warcraft Patch

    Guess Blizzard forgot there was Vulcan that worked better than DX12 and worked on Win 7. I keep hearing more devs not wanting to bother with DX12 in favor of Vulcan. All sorts of development issues with DX12. Heck look how long consoles spent in the DX9 era with the 360 only having a slight...
  11. NC37

    Spoiler Alert: New Security Vulnerability Found Affecting Intel CPUs

    As with all HP machines...wait for it. Happiness starts falling apart as soon as you realize how many corners they cut in construction. Heh...
  12. NC37

    Anthem Physical Sales Unsurprisingly Worse Than Mass Effect Andromeda

    Told Bioware in the closed Alpha that Anthem was too much like Destiny and that it would bite them in the butt...
  13. NC37

    Tight Squeeze Below $350 as Price of GTX 1660 Ti Revealed

    If AMD was doing it, they'd "accidentally" allow the initial models to be unlocked to full versions. Which later gets "fixed" but lasts just long enough to create a frenzy and drive up sales.
  14. NC37

    Activision Blizzard Doubling Down on Diablo, Warcraft IPs Amidst Changing Market

    If they had turned Overwatch into an MMO like they originally wanted to... You know it's trouble when all success rests on Blizzard. Blizz nearly collapsed their own cash cow in WoW. Silly it got to the point that private servers running vanilla were more interesting than modern content. Enough...
  15. NC37

    ASRock Launches Its Radeon VII Phantom Gaming Graphics Card

    Did not know ASrock got into GPUs. Dunno if I'd trust the quality. Have only ever had mixed success with their boards.
  16. NC37

    Metro Exodus Developer Discusses Boycott of the PC Platform for Sequels over Steam Review Bombing

    lol, all this is going to do is make them do it more. Frankly, don't care. The Metro devs burned the bridges to my wallet the moment they wanted me to pay money for a new version of what I already own and barely changed anything about it. Paid patch update...they can rot.
  17. NC37

    China-based DRAM Maker Fujian Jinhua Closing Shop in March Following US Trade Ban in October

    And where would you hold the trial? If they hold it in China, Fujian would have won by default. The Chinese gov would have immediately sided with them regardless of the evidence. If they held it in the US, China would have made a big scene about it and claimed it's another case of the US picking...
  18. NC37

    Arctic Announces New Freezer 34 Generation of CPU Coolers

    I remember the day I bought Artic stuff. Some of their designs were really neat and innovative. Then they became...cheap crap Alu rehash mess. Would never see anything remotely copper in them. Now to see this...zomg they finally caught up to 10 years ago.
  19. NC37

    Bulldozer Core-Count Debate Comes Back to Haunt AMD

    Easy case to win. Just look at benchmarks. It beat i7s back then in multithreading. Pretty clear when you got into the heavy workloads that it wasn't a quad core. Physical cores always are better than SMT. Sure it sucked big time in single thread and everything else, but it definitely was an *8...
  20. NC37

    2018 Was the Year of VR Headsets - Except it Wasn't, According to Steam Hardware Survey

    Price is still limiting. Also the fact they are kinda useless outside of software that supports them.
  21. NC37

    Vega II Logo Trademarked by AMD

    Aggressive pricing would be like a return of the 3870 days when ATI couldn't make a competitive GPU and all they could do was sell for dirt cheap. nVidia rode the 8800 series and later the G92 forever. Pricing that cheap would mean Navi will flop. Which is kinda expected. At this point AMD...
  22. NC37

    Epic Games Begins Moving its Games Off Steam and on to its Own Store Platform

    Go down in price...:roll: If a company can keep prices high and people will still buy it, they'll do it. Ah the good ole days when game devs shifted to digital and said they'd pass the savings from retail onto the customer... Lasted about as long as the first publisher which practically said...
  23. NC37

    Razer Updates Blade Stealth Ultraportable laptops For 2019

    Basically they thermal throttle it a lot. Check out the Zenbook line from Asus, they have a fantastic little model that has the 150. I actually had to get one for travel and I can confirm it does throttle a bit. You can't even select a "High Performance" option in the power settings. I tried...
  24. NC37

    Epic Games Store to Launch Soon, Developers to Receive 88% of Revenue

    As long as Epic isn't a dick about it like EA did with Origin and pulled all their games from Steam... Or M$ being a dick and doing the same thing with the Windows store... Or... Guess this is a trend with these store fronts. Frankly as far as I'm concerned I just buy less of their games. Maybe...