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    GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce Motherboard Now Available... For $899 or €1049

    Jesus, what is this?... And then they wonder why they have to lay off hundreds of workers...
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    Rapoo Announces Its Newest Gaming Headset the 'VH300': Exclusive to Gamers

    "....leader in Wireless peripheral technology " Makes wired headset.
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    MyDigitalSSD Introduces M2X External USB Enclosure for NVMe, M.2 SSDs

    Well, if you think that this USB drive, or any USB3.1 G2 will be anywhere close to 1.25GB/s, you're mistaking... 1GB/s is much more realistic. I mean, we are talking about JMicron here...
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    MyDigitalSSD Introduces M2X External USB Enclosure for NVMe, M.2 SSDs

    I'm guessing you have a faster external enclosure?
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    AMD 7nm "Vega" by December, Not a Die-shrink of "Vega 10"

    Sounds good to me. For some reason people forget that AMD has to get this architecture in the hands of developers first, ie their Radeon Pro GPU line. Developers need to be able to build around it first, and apply the new technologies to the new software/hardware systems. And of course this...
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    TSMC Fabs Offline, Hit by a Virus, Production Impacts Confirmed

    I work in the semi-conductor industry... In the IT world, so I see this stuff. Competitors wouldn't do this, because competitors want other companies to florish too, because if they florish, the costs go down for them as well. If TSMC lost all business, orther businesses would have to pay up...
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    EVGA Bundles Destiny 2: Base Game + Expansion Pass with GeForce 10-series Graphics Cards

    Someone's trying to wipe out their stock of almost-old GPUs...
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    AMD Works on "Zen 5" Micro-architecture Already

    It should be no surprise that companies in the semi-conductor industry are working on 4-5+ generations ahead. It takes a LOOOONG time to develop these architectures and bring them to market... And, the fact that every company is sand-bagging... lol. Trust me, I work in the industry... We...
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    Samsung 850 120GB Listed Online

    The biggest difference between the EVO and Pro was the warranty.... And a 3 year doesn't do it for me. This is why I recommend the Pro for my users.
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    Thermaltake Introduces the View 71 Tempered Glass Edition Full Tower Chassis

    Wow, this case looks mysteriously like another case.... Weird. :rolleyes:
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    Thermaltake Intros View 21 Tempered Glass Edition Case

    Man, it's almost like I've seen this case before... :rolleyes:
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    Benchmarks Find Intel Core i7-7700K Better Than i7-7800X for Gaming

    At this point, I don't even think Intel even knows what they are doing...
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    AMD's Entry-Level 16-core, 32-thread Threadripper to Reportedly Cost $849

    Also, 7900X = 44 PCI-E lanes, versus 64 PCI-E lanes on ALL of the Threadripper CPUs. That's huge to me...
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    Thermaltake Shows Off New Products at Computex 2017

    Let's see what designs they stole now!
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    ASRock X299 OC Formula by Nick Shih Pictured

    I was just thinking the same thing!
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    Enermax Launches NEOChanger, the RGB Pump-Reservoir Combo

    Here is a small review on it with more pictures. https://www.computerpoweruser.com/article/24434/review-enermax-neochanger This thing looks pretty cool.
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    Raja Koduri: You Can Use Vega Frontier Edition for Gaming; But You Should Wait

    Do Tell, my Friend! What's going on in the picture? :D
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    AMD "Vega 10" Bears Core-Config Similarities to "Fiji"

    Just to be an asshole.... The VW Up! 1.0L was an I3... 3 cylinders. Your logic is flawed. The point is definitely there....But, flawed nonetheless. :P On Topic: This article is trash. Please take it down...
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    AMD Backpedals on Quake Champions Promo Link with Radeon 17.4.4 Drivers

    I've been in the Beta for a few weeks, and i didn't even notice the icon...
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    AMD Announces New Radeon Pro Duo - Polaris x2

    Lol, wow... Of course Vega got brought up in a Professional card's news post. You are all retarded if you think AMD is going to be releasing ANY information on Vega before/after they JUST dropped brand new cards on us. Do you think they are that dumb? This is marketing at it's finest. They new...
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    AMD's RX 500 Series Specifications, Performance Leaked

    I think they're comparing the older cards because the owners of those cards have more market share and those would be the people looking at upgrading. That's my guess.
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    NVIDIA Settles Class-Action Lawsuit Over GTX 970 Memory

    First of all, how dare you try to defend Nvidia. This was settled in court showing the crippled card had an issue, and the people won. Why would you argue against a courts findings? Just face the facts that these cards where/are a sham that everyone had high expectations for, and Nvidia is a...
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    Angelbird Wings PX1 SSD Adapter

    DUDE! wtf?... You tested this on a motherboard with only a PCI-E 2X M.2 slot...For the motherboard results, of course it's going to be slower. Why didn't you use a motherboard with a 4x (10Gbps) slot?? So we can actually see if this card is really faster. I have a board with 3 PCI-E 4x...