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  1. AltecV1

    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    may i ask how did you obtain those codes good sir ?
  2. AltecV1

    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    any of you play on the european server
  3. AltecV1

    AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series Single-GPU Graphics Card Price-Points Surface

    are they f..king INSANE...this is the worst recession after WW2 and these MORONS are ...........OMG this pisses me off :mad:
  4. AltecV1

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    There must be something wrong with me coz im finding Skyrim very boring, atleast there is World of Tanks and Saints Row 3 do satisfy my gaming itch :ohwell:
  5. AltecV1

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    im gonna come out and say it...THE UI SUCKS ASS!!!! WTF where they thinking,its like they didn't even play the damn thing :shadedshu
  6. AltecV1

    Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM !! 11-11-11

    any of you know if there is a way to increase the FoV ? also im experiencing slight stuttering even thou the framerate is constantly 60 :confused:
  7. AltecV1

    Grand Theft Auto V Announcment Trailer Coming Nov. 2nd!!

    well i am VERY disappointed that they choose San Andreas over Vice City....sigh.
  8. AltecV1

    Do you prefer matte or glossy laptop screens?

    matte of course,why would i want a shitty mirror
  9. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    battlefield 3 runs like shit on a dual core ,just like bad company 2 did (maybe one day they figure out that half of gamers are running dual cores and hopefully OPTIMIZE their cpu heavy engine)
  10. AltecV1

    BF3 Vs MW3 (Single Player campaign)

    gametrailer.com has the pc review up ...and the campaign is you average CoD shit ! oh and about your question, which one of those games has a better SP campaign!?..THEY BOTH SUCK
  11. AltecV1

    Editorial Sunday Special: LITS Event & Thoughts On The State Of PC Gaming

    ..i always thought english people are weird,but having a show about sluts :roll: lits = slut in estonian
  12. AltecV1

    new HD6870 leaves artifacts on screen :(

    try different drivers like the 11.8 and 11.10 preview coz if they dont work its just that your OC card cant handle that OC and you should return it and they should give you a new one FOR FREE
  13. AltecV1

    The RAGE Megathread

    yay got to dead city and framerate went from a steady 60 to low 20s....WTF :banghead: why oh why dont they test their games :shadedshu
  14. AltecV1

    My £500 Build

    either get the 2400 if you dont OC or get the 2500K if you do!the regular 2500 is pointless 8 gigs of memory doubt you need it and ripjaws are pricey if you dont OC get some cheap generic 4gig 1600MHZ sticks mobo is good and of course as any new system builder you spent HUGE amount of...
  15. AltecV1

    The RAGE Megathread

    for some reason i cant get this game to work..its driving me MAD :banghead:
  16. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    uninstalled and preorder canceled..fu.k this stupid buggy shit
  17. AltecV1

    Mac Fan/Console Elitist Needs PC for BF3

    2 gtx460.....booooooooo better get single 6950 or GTX 560TI
  18. AltecV1

    The RAGE Megathread

    ~25fps on my computer with 800x600 res and no aa....sigh :shadedshu
  19. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    ok thanks :) there are people logged in but i guess nobody is playing,i try later again when you bastards wake up in the US :p
  20. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    OK but i cant find how do join them...or is that even possible?
  21. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    can someone help me please.i joined the TPU platoon but i cant figure out how do i see who is playing and join them ?
  22. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    how can i play with you guys? EDIT: never mind i applied do the platoon
  23. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    spray that shit son,spray it good
  24. AltecV1

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    i cant join any goddamn servers....it so damn frustrating