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    i5 4670k vs i5 3570k vs i5 2500k

    4670k without a doubt. I just put one in my dad's machine I just built for him with stock speeds & stock cooler and it's performs exceptionally well.
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    Your PC ATM

    This is my current setup the sorry about the pics took them with my phone and lighting is bad in here.
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    x4 x8 instead of x8 x8 pci e

    I fired up Unigine Tropics full 1080p maxed out settings in window mode both GPU's over 95% usage and GPU Z still shows 1 card running x4 3.0 and other x8 3.0
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    x4 x8 instead of x8 x8 pci e

    There is a bios update but I'm not going to risk running it and having things get borked. Thanks for the help all the same.
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    x4 x8 instead of x8 x8 pci e

    My scores are fantastic so I know I"m not losing any performance. 3Dmark 2011 is 15,146 and 3dmark Firestrike is 10,069. I was just trying to get it to do x8 x8. If I set it to auto it defaults to x4 and x8 3.0
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    x4 x8 instead of x8 x8 pci e

    Still only running 4x 8x in 2.0 pci e instead of 3.0 as it was before
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    Confusion on 4930k overclocking and turbo mode in bios

    That's what I did I gave up trying to get 4.5 or 4.6 just requires to much extra & temps start running over 80c. 4.4 is very respectable.
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    x4 x8 instead of x8 x8 pci e

    I tried setting it to PCI E 3 but when i reboot it don't take.
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    x4 x8 instead of x8 x8 pci e

    I've been running SLI GTX 760's for a few weeks now. I'm only able to get x4 x8 speeds for the cards. I cannot seem to get x8 x8 that I should be. They are running flawless and the benchmarks/games are off the charts. I really don't want to mess with updating bios I have my rig running perfect...
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    Need help choosing a CPU cooler

    212 EVO is my recommendation keeps my 3770k @ 4.4 around 70c under normal gaming/converting situations. I stopped running IBT and all that crazy stuff I use Wprime & Multicore Super Pi to test my overclocks. As long as all 8 threads are 100% and it don't crash or blue screen I'm happy.
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    Confusion on 4930k overclocking and turbo mode in bios

    I'm running 4.4 auto bios everything max voltage is 1.28 turbo is left on and I'm rock stable for a year now. I got 4.5 manually putting the voltage to 1.35 but I could never get my chip to do 4.6 no matter what I did. 4.4 is a really good spot far as I'm concerned if you guys are getting i7's...
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    3570k @ 4.5Ghz help and advice!

    I'm running i7 3770k @ 4.4 auto everything and it just runs great. I tinkered with manual OC when I first built this machine a year ago and 4.5 is the most I could get it to run so I just put it 4.4 auto. The highest voltage I see when I'm fully stressing all 8 threads is 1.28 everything in bios...
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    Thoughts on GPU upgrades.

    I'm running SLI Evga GTX 760's 2 gig and I couldn't be happier. I was really apprehensive about adding another one & going with GTX 780 instead. I can say with total confidence I made the right choice. No problems with any games so far, benchmarks results are simply fantastic. Very happy
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    [Case Gallery] The Beast !

    Amazing 10/10
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    [Case Gallery] BigNano

    I gave ya a 10 because that is one gorgeous looking case.
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    [Case Gallery] GTX TITAN 3 WAY SLI

    I voted 10/10 because: Simply amazing!!!!
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    Long time visitor just registered! Got some OC questions for you guys

    I've been slowly but surely working at raising my OC and today finally reached my goal. 3.6 with memory @848mhz. That's the farthest I've come so far. I have finally gotten brave enough to mess with the voltages as on stock I could only hit 3.4 @ 800mhz. So far this setup is stable but I haven't...