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  1. hardcore_gamer

    U.S. Dept of Commerce Gives Huawei a 90-day Waiver to Wrap Up its Affairs

    Perfect answer to "if you can't beat them, steal their technology"
  2. hardcore_gamer

    Epic Announces the "EPIC Mega Sale", with $10 Off on Every Game Above $14.99

    I don't mind the extra 2 seconds it takes to open another launcher and start the game, as long as the developers and users are getting a better deal.
  3. hardcore_gamer

    US Senator Proposes a Ban on "Manipulative" Video Games

    You can always choose not to buy any American games or even hardware.
  4. hardcore_gamer

    U.S. Hikes Tariffs on Electronics Imports from China by 2.5 Times

    Good. In addition to reducing the massive trade deficit, it's time to stop the forced technology transfer and blatant intelectual property theft.
  5. hardcore_gamer

    Digital Storm and TechPowerUp Present Lynx Gaming Desktop Giveaway

    Europe alrey got old. They should look at emerging markets in Asia instead.
  6. hardcore_gamer

    Analyst Firm Susquehanna: "Intel Lost its Manufacturing Leadership"

    This "analyst" doesn't have any clue on how CMOS process works. Try comparing the half pitch and gate insulator thickness of Intel's 14nm and TSMC's "7nm" nodes.
  7. hardcore_gamer

    NVIDIA Officially Drops Driver Support for 32-bit Operating Systems

    You can use the PrtSc Sys Rq and paste the screenshot on paint.
  8. hardcore_gamer

    ATOMONTAGE Wants to Leapfrog Graphics Rendering With Volume Pixels

    I hope this is not another Euclideon.
  9. hardcore_gamer

    CORSAIR Launches "STOP GPU ABUSE" Campaign With #GPURESCUE

    What the actual... Well, that's enough internet for today.
  10. hardcore_gamer

    CTS-Labs Posts Ryzen Windows Credential Guard Bypass Proof-of-concept Video

    I hope you take this as constructive criticism. As journalists, you're supposed to represent us when you do a Q&A with a company. I'd rate TPU's Q&A with the CTS labs much lower than Anandtech's . Focusing on technical details isn't an excuse for not asking questions about their motives...
  11. hardcore_gamer

    Futuremark Showcases DirectX Raytracing Demo, Teases Upcoming 3D Benchmark Test

    Tensor cores are half-precision matrix multiply-accumulate units. They're good for implementing feed-forward neural networks. However, they're not going to be of much help when it comes to implementing ray tracing algorithms.
  12. hardcore_gamer

    Paul S. Otellini, 1950 - 2017

    Rest in peace. Silicon valley needs more people like you, Paul.
  13. hardcore_gamer

    Intel Intros Core i9-7920X HEDT Processor

    What a load of BS. You're giving credit to Intel for all high performance digital devices released in the recent years, including FPGAs, GPUs, RISC processors and other ASICs. With that logic, Intel wouldn't be here if Bell Labs didn't spend millions perfecting field effect devices.
  14. hardcore_gamer

    Deliding i7 7700K Coollaboratory Pro or IC Diamond

    Haha. IC Diamond. Brings back memories: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/techpowerup-official-ic-diamond-test.170121/page-23#post-2943577
  15. hardcore_gamer

    Leading German Retailer Sees AMD Ryzen Outsell Intel Core Processors

    Now they need to pull off another Ryzen in the GPU market. A good gaming card with crippled mining performance.
  16. hardcore_gamer

    Intel Unveils Full Intel Core X-series Processor Family Specs; 14- to 18-Core

    Nice. I can't wait to spend $1999 on a 2.6Ghz 18-core to play CS GO. Gimme a minute to bend over and take it from behind, Intel.
  17. hardcore_gamer

    Microsoft Premieres Xbox One X

    Finally, consoles are getting GTX 1070 level GPUs. It's a good thing for PC gamers.
  18. hardcore_gamer

    Threadripper a Brand, not Codename: AMD, More Details

    Thredushredo bta 0 hardcore 1
  19. hardcore_gamer

    NVIDIA Beats AMD to Market On HBM2 - Announces Tesla P100

    It could play games as long as the drivers support it. The gaming performance would be a bit slower than Tixan Xp because of the lower clock speeds.
  20. hardcore_gamer

    SK Hynix Introduces Industry's Highest 72-Layer 3D NAND Flash

    There is a limit to vertical stacking because of heat dissipation issues, TSV overhead and reduced yield.
  21. hardcore_gamer

    AMD May Have Ryzen 16-Core Version and New Chipset in the Works for June

    It will get bad reviews because of the inferior gaming performance at 800x600 compared to 7700K.
  22. hardcore_gamer

    Trays of AMD Ryzen CPUs Pictured

    I'd choose your trolling over Ryzen review. :)
  23. hardcore_gamer

    US Prices of AMD Ryzen Processors Surface

    Does R7 1700 have 16 threads and 20MB cache ? If so, why would anybody spend more money on the 1800 parts, since all Ryzen processors are overclockable ?
  24. hardcore_gamer

    TSMC to Build New $15.7 Billion Fab in Taiwan, for 3 nm and 5 nm Chips

    This is a false statement. Semiconductor electronics has always been based on quantum physics. Even a simple P-N junction diode (regardless of the manufacturing node) characteristics is derived from Fermi-Dirac distribution and Pauli exclusion principle.