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  1. skycrane

    GTS 250 or HD 4850 or anyother???

    look, im not trying to be a fanboy either way, im a dedicated cruncher, and have 15 rigs with a mix of amd and intel, with 9 gpu of both ati and nvida. its just that for most of us, we know about the 88 - 98 -gt250 stuff that nvida did. and it seems to me that the OP did not know that...
  2. skycrane

    GTS 250 or HD 4850 or anyother???

    and the 9800gtx, is another mighty 8800gts, so yea, your getting a card that was originaly devolped 3 generations ago.... i think i would stay away from it..
  3. skycrane

    Is thermal paste absolutely necessary?

    i would definatly wait till you got the paste in. you could try and do it without it, but when you fry your cpu.....
  4. skycrane

    can my computer handle this card?

    remeber, dont skimp on the power supply... it it was me, id go with the PC&C myself. for the difference in price between the 4870, and the 4830, i would not trust the adaptors to run them when your psu new cost less than the cards. if i remeber right, the 6 pin is rated for about 75w...
  5. skycrane

    Do NVIDIA's CUDA and PhysX play a role in your buying decision?

    i need the cuda to run gpugrid :)