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  1. zo0lykas

    COLORFUL Announces iGame G-One All-in-One Gaming PC

    5k for what? Srsly why? They are trying apple strategie? Price tag lol
  2. zo0lykas

    EK Releases EK-Momentum ROG Strix Z390-I Monoblock for the Mini-ITX ROG Motherboard

    sure it cost, but nowadays much more people doing water cooling so profit going up, so whats a point to be a greedy ? if exist other brands where you can go ? :/
  3. zo0lykas

    EK Releases EK-Momentum ROG Strix Z390-I Monoblock for the Mini-ITX ROG Motherboard

    EK, why in last few years your price tag for gpu or cpu blocks just destroying our wallets?
  4. zo0lykas

    HP to Introduce Omen X 25, Omen X 25f 240 Hz, 1080p TN panel Monitors

    500 quid for 1080 panel? Okey add some rgb in case sales don't go as you aspects...
  5. zo0lykas

    US Senator Proposes a Ban on "Manipulative" Video Games

    Good, 1st game on the list world of tanks
  6. zo0lykas

    AMD Radeon RX 3080 XT "Navi" to Challenge RTX 2070 at $330

    Look guys what I found
  7. zo0lykas

    AMD "Navi" Graphics Card PCB Pictured, uses GDDR6

    I believe hbm they left for workstation gpus and for gaming thy use ddr6
  8. zo0lykas

    Thermaltake Outs Toughpower PF1 ARGB Power Supply Series

    instant of installing display with current watt usage, they adding some silly RGB :// and most psu nowadays hided under psu shroud
  9. zo0lykas

    HyperX Releases High Speed Additions to Predator DDR4 Memory Lineup

    i probably cant read, cuz i cant see where the hell you found available now ?? The new frequency options will be available
  10. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    good morning folks :) when i tried flash dos or windows mode, new bios version name was biosn.rom so no gaps no space in russian forum i found atiflash -unlockroom 0 tried dos version its not recognise, in windows atiflash no different looks like i screw it :-) and i need stay with secondary...
  11. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    Yes forget mention, I downloaded and last version, and year old atiflash no changes. Tried in command prob with admin Tried all commands copy to *. bat fail but when i run it it says flashing bios.... Press any key to continue, when i press any key windows disappear, strange cuz in *. Bat fail...
  12. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    nothing, tomorrow ill do it again and record video :) now is time to sleep btw what you mean make sure my bios format name is 8.3 ?
  13. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    guys thanks for try help i flashed all my gpus for last 6 years i know how is work, but in this case iam lost :-/ but like i mention i try a lot and nothing helped, i even created bootable usb, and tried force bios in dos mode but get error "0FL01"
  14. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    i know how to enter in bios, i telling you i cant enter, before boots bios, motherboard scanning cpu,ram,gpu, and led stack on gpu, and nothing, until this wee test not finish no bios :)
  15. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    thanks for quick respond :) lets start i have msi vega 64 air cooled,but is under water block at moment sure after i fail with bios, i found a correct one lol, and reason why i flashed bios, like i mention before its underwater block so water higher clock speed so downloaded bios "water cooled...
  16. zo0lykas

    FSP Announces Liquid-Cooled Hydro PTM+ 850W Power Supply

    water cooled but still have fan ? its a joke? :D
  17. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    Hi primary bios is corrupted due my idiotic move, by rushing and not keeping attention i chose wrong bios, and now my gpu card vega 64 is working only on secondary bios. on primary bios black screen when try boot pc, motherboard show gpu fail indicator. i tried a lots of way to restore/fix...
  18. zo0lykas


    so much money spend on RGB.... and stay with 1080 rez 24 or 21 inch monitor .... sure
  19. zo0lykas

    EK Water Blocks Releases EK-Vector Series Water Blocks for AMD Radeon VII

    looks really nice ! i like that wee R inside ;) but price OMG :-) i remember when i was water cool r9 290 4 years ago block was 80 quid + 22 or 24 for backplate
  20. zo0lykas

    NZXT Announces HUE 2 Ambient Kit V2

    Do you understand its AMBIENT LIGHTING RGB. It's not just blinking lights... I was looking for a long time, and cheapest I found whole kit was around £300. But i check reviews of this ambient lighting kit, like i mention before it have not enough leds on strip, and on review they show this...
  21. zo0lykas

    NZXT Announces HUE 2 Ambient Kit V2

    its really good price, if you guys search much cost ambient lighting whole kit, this price is a joke, sure in this kit not so much led, and how brighte they are, but anyway $100 is deal :-)
  22. zo0lykas

    Cooler Master Unveils TR4 Edition Variants of MasterLiquid ML RGB Series AIO Coolers

    All the same apart just bigger bottom plate, lol.
  23. zo0lykas

    GIGABYTE Unveils C621 Aorus Xtreme to Challenge ROG Dominus

    And dont forget build 1gw power mill in your back garden, if you planning get one of this beast
  24. zo0lykas

    CORSAIR Hydro X Custom Watercooling Parts Up at Swiss Retailer + Visual Impressions

    Yeah price tag for this fittings are joke..
  25. zo0lykas

    Kolink Launches the New Phalanx Case with Hinged Tempered Glass Panel

    I like that cable mess behind, I just can imagine when case fully loaded lol. Btw in 2019 they still use molex power connector