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  1. diatribe

    Cooler Master Unveils V Gold and Platinum PSU Series

    That's a Delta-built PSU. One of the few PSU OEM's that may be even better than Seasonic.
  2. diatribe

    Manli Introduces GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Gallardo Graphics Cards

    That cooler looks craptacular.
  3. diatribe

    Ballistix Sport AT DDR4-3200 CL16 1x 16GB

    That price is terrible. At this point anything over $5/GB had better be "special".
  4. diatribe

    Aqua Computer Unveils Farbwerk Nano, A Tiny USB-powered RGB Controller

    Aqua Computer is killing it with their new controllers, specifically the Quadro. The new AMBIENTpx is an awesome tool that really adds an extra layer of realism to a dark room.
  5. diatribe

    Intel Receiving $1.3B From Micron for IM Flash Stake

    Interesting view of the factory from Google Maps.
  6. diatribe

    ASUS TUF Z390-Pro Gaming

    It's designed to be a discount "gamer" board, so they had to cut some features out.
  7. diatribe

    Digital Storm Lynx (i7 9700K + RTX 2070)

    You should be able to build the same machine for no more than $1,500. That's why kastriot feels as though they could have included Windows Pro. Here's a similarly spec'd iBuyPower on Amazon fro $1,449.
  8. diatribe

    Intel Also Announces Mobile 8th Gen Intel Core vPro Processors

    Is this the chip that they are mixing fabrication sizes on? Like a 14 nm Core and a 22 nm PCH?
  9. diatribe

    Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme Black Edition

    I would have mounted it with the pump on the top. That way your text isn't upside down and the tubing isn't stretched. I know it's recommended to place the pump low in your loop so that air doesn't get trapped in it. However, given it's a closed loop, I doubt that air is an issue.
  10. diatribe

    G.Skill Designers Pander to Their Own Vanity with a Trident-Z Royal Jewel Case

    I'm in for a couple dozen...
  11. diatribe

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce Drivers that Add DXR to Select GeForce GTX GPUs

    He said it would be worth it when 2018 Ti's were $600 to $700. Not that they are that much.
  12. diatribe

    [Finished Build ]Level 20 XT Heavy Purple Beast !

    Beautiful. However that single D5 may not be enough for such a big build. Especially if it's only getting >0.5 gpm flow rate.
  13. diatribe

    Borderlands 3 Confirmed to be EPIC Games Store Timed Exclusive on PC, Developed in Partnership with AMD

    Bullshit! As a Borderlands fan and a store exclusives opponent, this really pisses me off.
  14. diatribe

    AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su to Deliver COMPUTEX 2019 CEO Keynote

    Maybe. But maybe not. You don't know this anymore than we do. I'm afraid you're just setting yourself up to be disappointed.
  15. diatribe

    Anthem Gets NVIDIA DLSS and Highlights Support in Latest Update

    I assume that this is for 4K resolution, which isn't too unusual for modern titles.
  16. diatribe

    Intel "Ice Lake" GPU Docs Reveal Unganged Memory Mode

    They're really not though: AMD for reference:
  17. diatribe

    EKWB Updates Their Kits With Newer, Extended Range 120 mm Fans

    Based on VSG's testing and my personal observations, the F4-120ER's can spin very slowly and run in near silence. I think their low end is around 350 RPM and they are pretty much silent at 750 RPM.
  18. diatribe

    Spire X2 Also Launches the Aura Fan 3-pack

    So much wasted space in order to fit led's into the frame. It's counterproductive since if means the fan blades end up being shorter. Might as well call this a 110-100mm fan.
  19. diatribe

    Corsair Crystal 680X RGB

    It's a little too shallow. I think they should have made it deep enough to install a 360 mm radiator in the top/bottom. I would also like to see the removal of the front glass. I can't get aboard this new design fad of placing fans behind glass and choking their airflow.
  20. diatribe

    Aqua Computer Announces farbwerk 360 - the next generation RGB LED controller

    Molex can run higher amperage than SATA. It's going to need it given up to 360 LEDs can be connected at once. SATA Output: 4.5 amps 5V 4.5 amps 12V Molex 11 amps 5V 11 amps 12V
  21. diatribe

    CORSAIR Hydro X Custom Watercooling Parts Up at Swiss Retailer + Visual Impressions

    The pricing on those fittings are shameful! Do yourself a favor and investigate Barrow. If you order from FormulaMod you can get the same fittings for 20% of the cost.
  22. diatribe

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 and GTX 1650 Pricing and Availability Revealed

    RTX Titan RTX 2080 Ti RTX 2080 RTX 2070 RTX 2060 GTX 1660 Ti GTX 1660 GTX 1650 Remember back when there were 2-3 GPU offerings per generation. Memories
  23. diatribe

    ENERMAX Intros REVOLUTION D.F. 80PLUS Gold Certified PSU with DFR Tech

    That's a fair guess, but I would like to know for sure.
  24. diatribe

    Anthem Physical Sales Unsurprisingly Worse Than Mass Effect Andromeda

    It's weird how much hate Mass Effect Andromeda gets. I played ME Andromeda about 8 months after release and thought it was a pretty good game.