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  1. infrared

    [WTB] [UK] 2.5" 250-500GB SSD, 850Evo or similar (mission complete)

    Deal :) PM me your payment details and I'll get it sent over. Cheers.
  2. infrared

    [WTB] [UK] 2.5" 250-500GB SSD, 850Evo or similar (mission complete)

    I'll grab that Kingston for sure! Cheers mate Nice, how much do you want for it? :)
  3. infrared

    [WTB] [UK] 2.5" 250-500GB SSD, 850Evo or similar (mission complete)

    Hey everyone, as the title says I'm after a used 2.5" SSD to upgrade an old laptop. I don't mind a high total read/write drive (good asking price is a higher priority), as long as it works and performs as it should I'll be happy. Many thanks :) Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/62650/to...
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    Awesome build, can't wait to see it finished! Metro build is also pretty phenomenal :respect:
  5. infrared

    Post your CrystalDiskMark speeds

    I'll fix the scores table later today, latest forum update has different table bb code. edit someone beat me to it :oops:
  6. infrared

    Is there a way to see my clocks?

    This should do what you want, in terminal type: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz if you do it without the | grep MHz filter it lists tons of stuff but mostly not useful and repeated for every core.
  7. infrared

    Which games haven't you finished yet?

    I'm terrible for not finishing games! I want to finish Prey and metro exodus at some point.
  8. infrared

    Computer got some beer inside the chassis.

    A mate of mine poured a full bottle of beer into an old dell pc years back when we were drunk, I remember it vividly as he was calling it the party computer! :laugh: Anyway, I yanked the power cord, pulled out the hard drive, dvd drive and power supply which were all dry luckily, also removed...
  9. infrared

    970A G45 and FX 8300 no post

    Sounds like it's probably killed the cpu then, sometimes when a vrm fails it will allow the full 12v to the chip killing it instantly, probably what happened here :( RIP fx-8300
  10. infrared

    Speedfan stopped being able to read bus.

    I used to love speedfan for the ability to set up custom fan curves.. these days you have a lot of that functionality in the bios itself so it's far less useful than it used to be. As for monitoring, you can't really beat hwinfo imo.
  11. infrared

    Site to show what vcore is possible at differenet ghz for a lot of cpus

    Ah fair dos, apologies for my earlier post then (deleted out of shame) :) That's a pretty sweet OC on the ram!
  12. infrared

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Being scared of big numbers isn't really that logical. He could be a very sensible rider who only rides fast on track for all you know. Same as how I have a 200mph capable car but don't go stupid on the road, if I want to go fast I make a trip to Germany to visit the Nurburgring and autobahns...
  13. infrared

    Do you play Claw, Palm, or Fingertip and what DPI do you play on.

    I try to use my palm on the mouse but in intense fights usually end up with some kinda weird hybrid grip lol. I usually have my G602 set to 1000dpi and in-game general sensitivity adjusted so I can do a 180 turn either direction starting from the middle or 360 degrees edge to edge of a 45cm wide...
  14. infrared

    AMD Ryzen 3000 "Zen 2" a Memory OC Beast, DDR4-5000 Possible

    I can't wait to see how a 3700x behaves in my Crosshair VI, I've have 3600mhz stable this board, and remember @cdawall getting over 3700 so I'll keep my fingers crossed. If I can't reach at least 3800mhz I'll have to get an X570 board as well. Um?! Even my 1800X is capable of those clocks for...
  15. infrared

    Delidding my Ryzen processor?

    Better cooler first. Also as others have asked.. how hot?? If it's only getting to 75-80c I wouldn't even bother doing anything at all. If you REALLY want to do something to get some improvement, get a razor blade and use it to check how flat the CPU and Heatsink is, might be worth lapping them...
  16. infrared

    Corsair ML120 pwm Premium Magnetic Levitation no rubber in the corners

    When i purchased 4x ML120s they only had 2 with the rubber corners in stock, tbh even the hard corner'd ones are very quiet so I wouldn't worry too much. When you run them hard the noise is almost all from he blades through the air rather than vibration through the case.
  17. infrared

    RAIJINTEK Terrible Service - Newegg false ad

    That sucks :( Personally I wouldn't be okay with waiting so I'd just get a different cooler from a better brand.. if you still have any patience left maybe see if you can get a refund, otherwise drop kick that thing into the bin!
  18. infrared

    Your PC ATM

    bargain! :D probably not quiet at 100%, but you can set the fans curves up to whatever you want, they'll shift a lot of air at full chat!
  19. infrared

    2 fans off 1 header?

    Yep, unless they're really high power server fans they should be fine, the mobo manual should mention somewhere what the max rating is, iirc it's usually about 1Amp per header which is quite a lot when it comes to fans. I bought the connectors and crimp up my own y leads, just missing off the...
  20. infrared

    The Family of man just got Bigger

    How do you know John's partner wouldn't also enjoy a heaven with beer and strippers? lol apologies for off-topic.. :oops:
  21. infrared

    i5 3570k 5ghz

    That's pretty nice! I need >1.5V for 4.8ghz on my naked die wc'd 6700K. It's still kinda fun to abuse it since it stays really cool but I doubt it'd ever reach 5.0, other than a simple cpuz validation perhaps. Your 6600K could prob do 5.0 stable on save-ish voltage! :D
  22. infrared

    Ryzen 1700 Pins Bent

    Why do you seem to be so confrontational? I don't get it. You admit defeat on your current cpu (understandable), so buy another and offer to give yours away (which is really cool of you)... but the way you wrote it seems very mocking/confrontation in nature, as if you're issuing a challenge...
  23. infrared

    The Family of man just got Bigger

    Thread cleansed :) Everyone: As per OP's wishes please stay on topic, this thread is not for religious discussion. Thank you.
  24. infrared

    Can't oc my ryzen 5 2600x to + 4.0ghhz

    You can't just look at the voltage someone else's chip needs, you're totally forgetting about silicon lottery, there's a MASSIVE variance (edit: well, in reality probably +-150mhz above and below an average chip is pretty normal) in what clocks each individual chip can achieve and since the the...
  25. infrared

    Can't oc my ryzen 5 2600x to + 4.0ghhz

    4.0 @ 1.36 would mean you'd need around 1.425 or more for 4.1. The frequency scaling hits a brick wall just after 1.4v Edit - forget what the guy in the cpuz validation you posted below can do, it's irrelevant. If YOUR chip needs 1.36v for 4.0ghz, you will need another 50-75mv for another...