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  1. ZoneDymo

    AMD "Raven Ridge" and "Summit Ridge" CPUs Won't Work on X570 Chipset

    weird, wonder what the problem is for this, I think in 99.9% of the cases it wont matter but still.
  2. ZoneDymo

    AMD Announces Radeon RX 5700 Based on Navi: RDNA, 7nm, PCIe Gen4, GDDR6

    once again, I say its all about the price, they cherry picked some obscure title that just happen to favor AMD so realistically this RX5700 will probably in general trade blows with the RTX2070 which is fine as long as the price is nice and low.
  3. ZoneDymo

    AMD Announces 3rd Generation Ryzen Desktop Processors

    looking good, but now we have to wait for some independent reviews
  4. ZoneDymo

    AMD Zen 2 CPUs to Support Official JEDEC 3200 MHz Memory Speeds

    Sexy, now lets hope the ram is a fair price....
  5. ZoneDymo

    COLORFUL Readies World's Most Unique RTX 2080 Ti

    gpu brackets, upside down motherboard cases, this vertical cases form silverstone, there are some options.
  6. ZoneDymo

    Sapphire Reps Leak Juicy Details on AMD Radeon Navi

    you would think people would welcome some competition of any kind...but no, instant negativity.
  7. ZoneDymo

    GPU Test System Update May 2019

    should we not at least wait for the next non-beta drivers from AMD?
  8. ZoneDymo

    MSI X570 MPG Motherboards Leaked: Gaming Pro Carbon, Gaming Plus

    just get it to stores already so I can finally upgrade jeez
  9. ZoneDymo

    AMD X570 Unofficial Platform Diagram Revealed, Chipset Puts out PCIe Gen 4

    Just report the fanboy comments and move on, no need to actually give the attention they desire.
  10. ZoneDymo

    U.S. Tech Industry, Including Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm, Ban Huawei

    "Google has announced that it will no longer allow Huawei to license Android, and will stop updates and Google Play access to Huawei smartphones. " I mean, clearly that is about current models. Sure, if AMD made anything for a Huawei phone it goes for them as well.
  11. ZoneDymo

    COLORFUL Announces iGame G-One All-in-One Gaming PC

    well thats kinda obvious, if its junk then any price would be too high. personally, yeah 5000 bucks is a lot, but imo this is pretty cool if it runs well (not overheating etc but considering they put this stuff in laptops it should be fine)
  12. ZoneDymo

    AMD to Detail Zen 2, Navi Architectures Come Hot Chips in August

    Mods...seriously, I dont want to tell you how to do your job but you can see the bait fanboy reactions going on in every threat right? Care to do anything about this?
  13. ZoneDymo

    Epic Announces the "EPIC Mega Sale", with $10 Off on Every Game Above $14.99

    inb4 anti epic store / pro steam store comments
  14. ZoneDymo

    Intel Tried to Bribe Dutch University to Suppress Knowledge of MDS Vulnerability

    I believe it, it kinda sorta happens all the time sooo yeah. Hackers inform a company of a weak spot, they get paid for their find and they give the company a deadline to fix it or else they reveal the information. This is really no different so whats your problem?
  15. ZoneDymo

    AMD Confirms Launch of Next-gen Ryzen, EPYC and Navi for Q3

    the tech news brings all the (fan)boys to the yard, and they're like, mines better then yours, damn right, mines better then yours, you should join me, like you have no choice.
  16. ZoneDymo

    HP to Introduce Omen X 25, Omen X 25f 240 Hz, 1080p TN panel Monitors

    well not really if you want to run high settings as well, you will be hard pressed to find a videocard that can even reach 240 fps unless you run the best of the best.... twice.
  17. ZoneDymo

    Crytek Updates CryEngine Roadmap: Version 5.7 to Support DirectX 12, Vulkan and Ray Tracing

    right? how on earth did they put that ray tracing demo together? By my knowledge they dont sell jack (which mind you I find very sad because imo Crytek is a very cool company but still)
  18. ZoneDymo

    Intel Switches Gears to 7nm Post 10nm, First Node Live in 2021

    I find the claim "relentless innovation continues" quite funny coming from Intel tbh.
  19. ZoneDymo

    ASUS Launches ROG Strix LC Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    can I get a yawn?
  20. ZoneDymo

    Noctua NH-U12A

    idk, its a top of the line cooler that is still cheaper then most water cooling solutions, I would say the price is fair. unrelated: quite difficult to make out which coolers are actually the best tbh, I mean all the info is there but there is so much to keep in mind, like the Reeven Naia looks...
  21. ZoneDymo

    AMD's Zen 2 Threadripper Conspicuously Absent From Company's Latest Roadmaps

    thats honestly why I think they are holding off on threadripper for now
  22. ZoneDymo

    AMD's Zen 2 Threadripper Conspicuously Absent From Company's Latest Roadmaps

    Could we get a mod to delete some of these comments? its embarrassing tbh.
  23. ZoneDymo

    Possible Listings of AMD Ryzen 9 3800X, Ryzen 7 3700X, Ryzen 5 3600X Surface in Online Stores

    Again all, pls dont just believe this, I feel these are put out deliberately just to make people disappointed with the actual products no matter how good they are.
  24. ZoneDymo

    Alphacool Announces Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO Radeon VII M01

    post pics when installed !