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    Upgrade Advice

    Currently running an OC'd Q6600 and a 4870 with some DDR2-800. I figure its had its 4 year run, time for an upgrade. Ive been out of the computer/gaming scene for the past couple years, and im not current on the latest and greatest hardware. I need a bleeding-edge CPU, Mobo, ram, gfx card...
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    BFBC2 Weird framerate issue

    Yeah thats the monitor. I run 1280x1024 because i get the best framerate/gfx quality ratio at it. Plus things are a bit bigger so its easier to see at a higher FOV. At 1650x1080 i just dont get the framerate i want all the time. At 1280 it just seems to run smoother with less drops. When i...
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    BFBC2 Weird framerate issue

    Q6600 @ 3.0 ghz 4870 4gb ram win7 x64 So im playin fine, lala, getting like 50-85 fps, avg 60 fps at all times in firefights, running around, etc, etc game plays great. 1280x1024,High settings except shadows and effects medium, 2xAA and 4x AF. no vsync or hbao. 80 fov. Then all of a...
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    Copyright Infringement or Hoax? Help!

    Wow dude... dont pay them a damn cent, that sounds like a straight scam. Not your IP address, you dont have the game, just some scammer tryin to make a quick buck. I would just ignore them. btw use Rapidshare/megaupload next time :p
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    COD4 Class choices

    Well, im assuming your playing the stock game so here..some perks may change depending on TDM/SD but these are the best all around kits hands down. Hardcore and Softcore. M4+red dot w/ bando,stoppingpower+steadyaim AK47 w/ bando,stoppingpower+deep impact AK74u w/...
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    will pc gaming become obsolete?

    Well, this is true. PC gaming is always more expensive than consoles, but the quality of gameplay is so much better on a PC. Remember that most people do not buy a computer just for gaming, and they add on later components to make it more suitable for gaming. Plus theres the whole social aspect...
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    weird COD:WAW problem.

    right on eh
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    weird COD:WAW problem.

    Are you behind a router? I assume you probably already checked this but try hooking up directly to the modem itself. I remember back when i was playing WaW i always had to reboot the router and then try reconnect right away to be able to connect to the master server. "supposedly" they fixed...
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    Nasty trojan/virus, need some advice

    naw it was the trojan, my rig is running perfect and super fast now.
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    Some Acer Predator Gaming PCs Recalled Due to Overheating Issues

    that case looks so fucking tight, much better than alienware IMO, i wonder if its all plastic tho...if that was some like lian-li quality or something wud be tight :p
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    Nasty trojan/virus, need some advice

    hmm, got rid of the main trojan, and found another little sucker, was masquerading as a mp3 file. lil bastard. all good :D
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    Nasty trojan/virus, need some advice

    Backstory; not hugely necessary but So basicly what im asking is there any way for this sumbitch to hide on my external drive invisibly/latch onto another file or something for the ride without me finding it? Ive manually gone threw and checked each individual folder, turned on "show hidden...
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    post your old-time favorites

    haha yeah...i had a level 50 master sorc with 64 mag lvl on Antica, till i sold it to some brazilian dude for like 300 dollars cause i wanted a xbox360, lol. get sum SD's up in this bitch hehehe
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    post your old-time favorites

    kurs u played L3? wer u in ne squads?
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    Next Class you want updated?

    well it IS TF2 man, thats where part of its appeal comes in rite
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    post your old-time favorites

    Well, Simcity3000- I remember trying to delete enuf stuff off of my dads computer so i could fit the 170mb installation. This must have been 99-2000, running an old P1@166mhz with 32mb of RAM and a 400mb harddrive. F22 Air Dominance Fighter-first game i ever really played significantly, it...
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    Logitech MX518 versus Razer Copperhead

    mmm dont get a lachesis, laser is horrible for tracking. Get the Deathadder, its cheaper and alot better. Remember more DPI does NOT mean better mouse, thats simply a marketing gimmick. Laser engine=bad for FPS if you use low sens, itll skip like crzy. personally i love my G9 but thats just...
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    Project Infinity... (Htpc with built in 8inch Touch Screen)

    Looks great man, i really dig the silver front, if i could make a suggestion tho. i think you should stealth that 5.25" with a peice of the same material as the front, then have that flip down. I think it would look very clean and sexi. jus a suggestion, keep up the great work man!
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    Logitech MX518 versus Razer Copperhead

    rev1 is 1600 dpi, rev2 is 1800 and is the same engine as the Deathadder. Really good mouse.
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    Logitech MX518 versus Razer Copperhead

    MX518 rev.2 is a Razer Deathadder in a logitech body. I highly reccomend logitech, simply due to build quality and EXTREMELY good RMA on there gaming gear. Razer has lower build quality as well. Laser is worse than optical for tracking. 1800dpi is more than you need. Im still waiting for...
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    Assasin's creed.

    yep, you hit the nail on the head i played to the 6th mission, got bored. this is exactly the reason i download games, then buy them if theyr good. except for farcry2 and warhead, i fell for the hype on those ones. :ohwell: and yeah, farcry2 is just assassins creed with guns and africa...
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    Crytek CryENGINE 3 to be On Display at This Year's GDC Expo

    Warhead ran half as good as FC2 for me at lower settings Warhead-Mix of High/Med, 2xAA,4xAniso, 1280x1024-avg 22-25 fps FC2-Mix of Ultra/High, 4xAA,8xAniso,1440x900-avg 45-50fps :ohwell: oh and btw, im pretty sure your eyes can tell the difference between framerates, atleast i can...
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    Crytek CryENGINE 3 to be On Display at This Year's GDC Expo

    CryEngine 3, now you'll only need 4gb GDDR5 and an Octacore processor to run decently. yay I think the real money is in the Dunia engine which FarCry 2 was built on, i mean it looks amazing and runs incredibly well on a variety of systems. Now if we can only get a good game built on it...
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    World of Warcraft "as addictive as cocaine"

    CS 1.6 is one of the most addicting games of all time IMO ive seen my cousins fist fight over that game back in the day, my buddies GF broke up wit him over cs back in highschool. "jus 1 more death man then we;ll switch, promise" almost all MMO's are addictive once you get ingame...
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    CeBIT 2009: DFI

    mATX is a pain in the ass, what you need is a case that is supposed to be mATX but you;ve modded to fit a full ATX board. yeh that wud b sexy, im soooo considering doin it w. mine, all i gotta do is find an extra half inch n i can get a decent atx board in there :p