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    AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Overview

    I'm aware, I was also costantly swiching to 17.7.1 and WIn 10 with autoupdating the driver was not helping it. The other possibility it is because I bought my self a RX 580 and inititaly I didn't have a poblem on the latest driver at that time. That was only short lived and I had it again, at...
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    AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Overview

    This is not AMD only problem some Nvidia users are also having this problem, but on a much lower scale. There is probably something wrong in OW also. I had that problem, but I managed to fix it with reinstalling Win 10. I will also test with my roommate, he also is expirencing this bug.
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.11.3 Hotfix

    17.7.1 driver is also stable for OW. Also it clearly says in the know issues that it is still not fixed.
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    AMD EPYC 7601 Processors Set Two New World Records on SPEC CPU Benchmarks

    I checked HPE site yesterday could not find any Epyc ProLiant servers for sale.
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Goes Free to Play for the Weekend

    Overwatch is also going to be free to play this weekend. They should have chosen a different date.
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    How's your Windows 10 Fall Creator Update experience so far?

    I have been with this update for some time the only problem I had is forced updated my AMD video drivers to e version that crashes Overwatch. Had to disable driver updates or it will reinstalled it self after I do a downgrade.
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    Sharkoon Announces the PureWriter, Kailh Mechanical Keyboard with Number Block

    I think I found my keyboard. I was looking for mechanical with slim keys. I may be jumping on this soon. Just need to find how hard it will be to get it where I live.
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.3 Drivers

    That is good to hear. I started having this problem since driver 17.7.2, I have to revert to 17.7.1. I was not sure if it was Win10 Insiders or something else until my roommate started to have them with regular Win 10.
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.1 Drivers

    "Overwatch may experience a random or intermittent hang on some system configurations." I'm having this problem since 17.7.2, so I'm sticking to 17.7.1. At least they acknowledged it.
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    Outertech adds AMD Ryzen Processor Optimization to Cacheman 10.10

    I think it was combination of things. That Windows is not CCX and Hyperthread aware, but it was proven that it was not true for the Hyperthread part. It is possible to further tune the scheduler for the CCX
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    JEDEC Updates Groundbreaking High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Standard

    By the time you need 8gb for regular gaming the card will not be able to run games above 30 fps. There is no point in future proofing. Not to mention the consoles will delay that.
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    AMD Demoes Quiet and Groovy New Reference CPU Cooler

    AMD measures TDP differently then Intel. AMD TDP is like worse case where Intel is average between many same CPUs .
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Detailed

    I aways related Catalyst name to the Chemistry definition as in accelerate GPU performance. I would have like it to stay but I'm not against the new one.
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    AMD Achieves High-End Embedded Performance Leadership with New R-Series

    First there is not such ting as GCN 1.1 and 1.2. This naming was made from the community. Second they are working on Arctic island which will be on 16/14 nm and surely will have bigger changes in the GCN then the previous minor changes.
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    Mad Catz Ships the R.A.T. PROX Gaming Mouse

    I'm waiting for the MMO variant.
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    AMD Unveils Fiji Based Dual-GPU Graphics Card

    Not enough HBM for all the cards
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    AMD Fiji XT Reference PCB as Short as GTX 970 Reference, R9 295X2 Performance

    Shouldn't that be DisplayPort 1.4a
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    More Radeon R9 390X Specs Leak: Close to 70% Faster than R9 290X

    For who is deceptive for the one that can't read the Y scale? Nobody is going to buy the card based on that graph. It will only make you a little exited before you see the scale on the graphs.
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    Raptr Gamer-Community Service Hacked

    Actually games are been cracked not hacked, there is a difference. You can't gain any credentials from cracking a game. Only if the crack is stealing them from you PC.
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    MSI to Refresh X99S Motherboard Series as USB 3.1-equipped X99A Series

    PS/2 are for comparability reason. You can use N-key Rollover for you KB too or use your KB or mouse to start your PC. Same as how I like to have at least one USB2, because USB3 may need drivers when you installing an OS.
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    Corsair RM Series 1000 W

    I bought the PSU last week, but it had audible hum, possibly from the capacitors or transformers. So I return it and took a new one. The new one too had hum but it was less lauder then the first one. Since I don't wont to bother my self any more I will stick whit it. Other minus is that the...
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    AMD Readies Two New Performance-segment FX Processors

    Probably until 2016. As they said they will have new ark around that time. That will make it around 1.5 years.
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    USB-IF to Demonstrate USB Single-Cable Solution at IDF San Francisco

    That is not USB-C in the picture.
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    Corsair Releases the HXi Series Power Supplies

    No, I just bought RM1000 for the price of RM850, but it is yellow and this one is blue. I want blue and Platinum.