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    Asus 6870 and 400w?

    Hello fellow TPU members. My 4850 gpu has died few weeks ago because it showing artifact and bsod during boot to windows,atm i'm using my old saphire x1550.I only play TF2 and will play BF3 and Guild Wars 2 when it come out.So i want to upgrade my gpu to Asus 6870 Directcu but worried whether...
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    Change partition as system and to drive C

    I just installed windows 7 x64 on drive B (boot,crash dump and primary partition), then i decided to completely remove vista x64 on drive c(system,page file,active and primary partition) and make that as another data storage.But i cant delete or format the drive C.How can i do it?And i want the...
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    P5Q SE/Plus and windows loading BSOD

    hi I've upgraded my mobo from Asus P5KPL to P5Q SE/PLUS and whenever the windows 7 start to loading where the orbs are moving,it get BSOD and its so fast that i couldnt even see the error code! i've tried memory test,default value bios but no luck!and i havent oc my cpu yet so it should not be...
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    help me on recover bad flash bios 4850

    i start to flash my eah4850 512mb a while ago then i guess it went bad flash.It automatically restart and then no post,no display whatsoever.I need help how can i recover my graphic card.Now im using my old graphic card which is ati x1550