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    SOPA-like Legislation Mulled in Spain

    The question is not if a government is corrupt or not. The point is that Spain is one of the most corrupt countries in the developed world. I'd like that Spain is anything like USA, Germany, UK, etc ... But, we seem to Italy, another country collapsed by corruption.
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    SOPA-like Legislation Mulled in Spain

    I think that before imposing unconstitutional laws, they should stop stealing our money day after day. We are very tired of our politicians. In Spain we have over 300 cases of corruption: http://maps.google.es/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=208661973302683578218.00049ca0e3e7654bb763a...
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    Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution USB 3.0

    Is exactly the same case but with USB 3.0, Air Penetrator and the HDD mount system from the Silverstone FT02. Something I love from that case and the review seems to not take into account is that it has "positive pressure", so all the dust is caught by the filters and the components remains...
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    New cooler needed for my ATI 5850

    In my experience, the Twin Turbo is very quiet. It's better to have two fans rotating at 1000 rpm that one rotating at 1500 rpm (always talking about similar fans). Another possibility is the Thermalright Shaman. It's also very quiet.
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    Tired of my case, please help me choose new one

    Are you sure is the case? Did you try to turn on the computer without the HDD? Maybe is a dumb question, but in some cases the HDD produces a kind of vibration sound that is very annoying. That's the reason I sold the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 and I bought a year ago the Silverstone FT02. The...
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II Pictured

    I expect they improve a lot from Cosmos 1000. I had one and it was the worst 200€ expended on computer hardware in my life. The Cosmos 1000 has a terrible airflow, the HDDs in summer hits 65ºC (I tried installing a fan in the HDDs cage for improve the temps) and it vibrates a lot with more...
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    AIDA64 v1.80 Unveiled by FinalWire

    From www.hwinfo.com: Latest Hardware Components Supported Intel Nehalem family: Core i7 (Bloomfield), Xeon 55xx (Nehalem-EP/Gainestown), Xeon W35xx (Nehalem-WS), Xeon 65xx/75xx (Nehalem-EX/Beckton), Core i5/i7 (Lynnfield), Core i7 (Clarksfield), Havendale, Auburndale, Xeon (Jasper Forest)...
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    Corsair AX850 850 W

    Very great PSU. My girlfriend has it and it's incredible. What I like more is that is almost silent even with the computer using furmark + LinX. She's very happy with that PSU. Ah, like always, great review :p
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    Tired of my case, please help me choose new one

    I always recommend the Silverstone FT02. It's a great case. A very good compromise between cooling and silence and an elegant design.
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    SilverStone Fortress FT03

    Aaaah, thanks for the info :toast: So big tower heatsinks doesn't fit correctly :p
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    SilverStone Fortress FT03

    Great review and great case. I have a Silverstone FT02 and I'm very happy with it :) The only thing I dislike from the review is that: It should be installed taking in account the 90º rotation. For example, my setup: The CPU heatsink is installed taking in account this.
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    Silverstone Raven RV02E-BW

    My girlfriend and I have the FT02 and we are very happy with them. For we only have two faults: - It is very long and the cables from the power supply may be too short. - Fans are not very good. I'm saving money to buy 3 Silverstone FM181. The FT02 is the best case I used (I had a...
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    Scythe Announces Mine 2 CPU Cooler

    Holy shit :laugh: Can't wait for reviews. Also I want to see with 3 Gentle Typhoons :laugh:
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    Scythe Announces Setsugen 2 VGA Cooler

    Seems that they solved most Setsugen problems with this new version. I had one for my HD4870 but I replaced with an AC Twin Turbo Pro cause I need for doing a CrossfireX. Now I'm using on my girlfriend computer. She has a HD5770 so I had to bend a bit the heatsink, but it work fine...
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    New Case to replace corsair 800D

    I bought a FT02 2 weeks ago. I couldn't be more satisfied. I came from a Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 and the only thing I miss is that Cosmos 1000 is huge. The FT02 is quieter and cools better. The CPU never hits 45ºC and the crossfire never hits 85ºC with the fans at 50%.
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    New Case to replace corsair 800D

    Silverstone FT02. It's the best case for air cooling.
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    HD4870 CrossfireX trouble

    Well, the problem has gone. I dismounted everything. I also changed the positions of the GPUs because the setsugen seems to not like the crossfire sandwich. In some benchmarks I almost doubled the results. So for 40€ including shipping I improve the FPS and I can wait better until the next...
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    HD4870 CrossfireX trouble

    Exactly. I can't enable in any place. Also, if I conect the second card alone it doesn't give me any video signal.
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    HD4870 CrossfireX trouble

    I didn't tried, but in fact, I can't enable in any place xD I will try 3D Mark 06. Thanks :p
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    HD4870 CrossfireX trouble

    Hi, About a month ago I bought a 4870 second-hand to make a Crossfire. At the time I received it I tried to verify it works correctly. It worked and saved because at that time I didn't have much time to do tests with the Crossfire. Now I have started to test and it does not work correctly...
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    Corsair Graphite 600T

    Well, it has better fans, has foam in the case to reduce the noise, 90º motherboard mounting and almost no plastic. I think FT02 is the best case for air at the moment.
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    Corsair Graphite 600T

    Here in Spain it costs 159€ in most places (in some others more xD) and the Silverstone FT02 costs 181€. For 20€ more I can purchuase a much better case.
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    MSN messenger 9 problems

    I prefer to use Miranda IM. 3~4 MB RAM footprint and very low CPU usage.
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    Thermalright Intros Archon CPU Cooler, Makes Room for Memory

    140 gr for every fan. 806 gr + 140 gr if you want one fan, 806 gr + 280 gr if you want two. It looks great :)
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    Corsair Announces Retail Availability of Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

    I don't like. Too much plastic for an almost 200€ case. I prefer Silverstone FT02, CM ACTS 840 or CM HAF X over Corsair 600T.