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    Video HW Transform & Lighting (questions)

    Hey guys, its me again! lol I know I'm annoying. Anyways I am having trouble with this "Video HW Transform & Lighting" when checking my Sys. Req. for certain games. I read from a few users that they have the same problem, but normally continue, passing up the warning, and that everything still...
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    Area 51 PC

    Yeah I am used to using the PS2 controller, I am a huge fan of any FPS online gaming, I love the competition. I tried playing CS a while back, but I had no mouse, it was hard. I am just now getting used to the mouse with keyboard, great stuff. Thanks for the help.
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    Area 51 PC

    Hey guys whats up? I recently grabbed a copy of Area 51 for my PC, looks good, runs perfectly. I am trying to get my PS2 controller to work for it, but it won't let me use it. I have a USB converter, I use it for MUGEN and N64 games, works perfect! I'm not surprised that it doesn't work for Area...
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    Dual Core Optimizer (questions)

    Hey, I recently downloaded a game for my PC (Bioshock), I noticed that it came with a few features, the package. My RAM didn't meet the min. requirements by 500MB of RAM, I still decided to give it a try, but it wouldn't even let my E1705 Dell lappy start up properly, fortunately I saved a...