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  1. kuroikenshi

    Male player playing as a female character: Thoughts?

    I know that you are not strictly referring to MMO's but... MMORPG = Many Men Online Role Playing Girls :)
  2. kuroikenshi

    Hawken Launching As Free-to-Play with Beta

    Just found out that one of my friends is involved with Hawken! She told me about it and i was surprised a game like this went by my radar! In any case, the gameplay reminds me of the Armored Core series! Really looking forward to this game! :toast:
  3. kuroikenshi

    Best Outer Space flying/mmo game ?

    The problem with EVE (maybe not a problem for some) is that its not Twitch... you just click to a location and your ship goes there... I am under the assumption that the OP wants a twitch game. As most have posted, there if Freelancer which is a great game and some mods out there that really...
  4. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    Nice! Glad everything worked out for you. Still playing here. guild transfered to the new recommended oceanic server of Laethys. The transfering process was really super easy and fast. Was pretty impressed. Finally got my cleric to level 50 and have started to heal in T2's. My frist T2 was...
  5. kuroikenshi

    Hellgate MMO beta

    From what I have heard from beta testers, nothing has improved from its previous version and it has actually gotten worse. Some of the issues that plagued Hellgate was that ranged specs were far superior to melee specs. So if you were doing Hardcore mode (if you died your character is...
  6. kuroikenshi

    Drakensang: River of Time

    I played the first one and it was a great game imo! You defenitly have to put some strategy into combat against the enemies other wise you just get hooked up! I will have to check this out! :toast:
  7. kuroikenshi

    Bethesda Hacked, Details About To Be Leaked

    I just hope Fox Entertainment (News) runs a section for Lolzsec vs 4Chan. imagine the amount of random exploding vans that will be there! :roll:
  8. kuroikenshi

    Need a new computer name :D

    late to the party but how about some Wapanese? ShiroiHige (White Beard) :D
  9. kuroikenshi

    Duke Nukem Forever

    You need to find someone who is good at painting those sculptures and get that bitch painted ASAP!
  10. kuroikenshi

    Best Side-Scrolling Multi-player Combat (NES, SNES, etc)

    Magic Sword I wasted a lot if of my moms money playing this!
  11. kuroikenshi

    Best Side-Scrolling Multi-player Combat (NES, SNES, etc)

    What do you all know about Secret of Mana?!?! Many of summer vacation days were lost with that. I know its not like Contra or that but still! it was a great game for three players at the time!
  12. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    Still playing here! Just havent posted anything cause nothing of interest has happened yet. Currently leveling my cleric... I am doing a inquisitor/sentinal/warden build and I am having a great time! Kill 5 consecutitive people in IPP this morning! Would kill one and then another jumped out...
  13. kuroikenshi

    Shadowrun re-hash?

    Making Shadowrun a FPS in the first place was such an Uggh moment. :cry: I wish they would make it into an MMO. Would be better off that way. What up Street Sam!
  14. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    So Trion just announced that come the 1.3 patch, they will be offering server transfers! Some of the cool things with this are as follows... 1. FREE! 2. You can transfer once a week. 3. Guild Leaders can transfer their entire guild (EXP, PERKS, ranks) with them. I believe our guild will...
  15. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    Click for free 7 day trial Finally got into my flow of making money. I rule the mid level weapon range on the AH. buy 3p worth of mats, make 30p in profits! :rockout:
  16. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    Also to add to it, i think it maxes out to 50g per respec when you have done it enough.
  17. kuroikenshi

    Real swords in video games; Oakeshott’s Typology

    Meh, i'll bite on this... I would suggest reading Berserk. Its a well known Manga in Japan. The artist for it is a huge fan on historically and functional correct armor and weapons. I think you would get your rocks off on it.
  18. kuroikenshi

    Summer Game Suggestion?

    I would suggest the Monster Hunter series... PS2 had Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter G, Monster Hunter 2... wii has Monster Hunter 3. Great adventure games that you kick the crap out of huge dinosaur like monsters and wear their asses like a hat! :rockout:
  19. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    I would just wait... you can level pretty fast if you are in good groups and do quests... so getting the lower pieces would kind of be a waste.
  20. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    I will throw it out there as well... if any of you are in the Japan or Australian time frame and you dont have a guild, why not try Briarcliff Defiant side? We are a small guild who just likes to run stuff when we can. We all have families and kids so we have kind of take care of those before we...
  21. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    There is a lot to do in my opinion... -Expert Dungeons (5 man content-All lower end dungeons get ) -Expert Rifts/Slivers (10 man endgame) -Raids (20 man content) -Invasions -Crafting Rifts -Warfronts (Instanced PvP)
  22. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    You can... I know in the mid 40's bracket. A lot of people form Shimmersand rift hunting groups. Its a desert contested area and people do the rifts because they drop high end ingredients for crafting and good rewards. With that, you can be with your raid and the opposing factions raid can...
  23. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    I dont doubt you but man its a huge pain in the ass... maybe not so much now that we have crafting rifts along with the current daily event of collecting dragonmaw shells. I have gotten so many good reagents from thta. Weee!
  24. kuroikenshi

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    Would it be Lotham by chance? I know that is a pretty populated sever. Well i had a chance to do Expert Iron Tombs and wow... they really did nerf it... our group pretty much did face roll it. I suppose it's for the best for us that don't have too much time... but still... I was liking the...