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    Problem in DNS configuration

    Guess its just me that is stupid then, and can't do things right first time >.< Hope the OP isn't like me... I see things like "// Do not modify the following lines!" in the example at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=236093 and just think "Oh - I would most certainly have edited those...
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    Problem in DNS configuration

    But first, in order to be a pro, you need know what things should look like. We don't all start as pros, much as we'd love to! It is quite evident this is a first-timer who has never seen any DNS files before. When I was a first-timer, I wanted to see something that worked that had my data in...
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    Problem in DNS configuration

    Rather than editing by files hand and making mistakes, try using a front-end like OpenPanel or Webmin.
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    Laptop advice

    Beatcraft is a Microsoft-only piece of software, and with a Windows licence by itself costing around 90 euros by itself you'll not be able to make anything. As you can't buy anything new for the price, you'll have to scour the second-hand market. Sometimes you can get good deals from local...
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    UPS problem...

    You should always keep up the maintenance / warranty on your UPS so you can get the batteries replaced every few years. Make sure you test them every few months as well!
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    complete nub needs help

    £1000 will get you one hell of a computer. Also, the case won't be the cheapest thing. Likely your HDD will be less than the case. A good case provides not only great cooling, but also ease of installation and upgrades. A decent case should cost you around £100. $400 sounds very expensive for a...
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    Noob Ubuntu question

    For me, it is Windows that has a steep learning curve and is limited. Another quick and recent example - customising my logon screen. I didn't even have to think with Linux as everything was just intuitive; a couple of clicks and I had my cool new logon screen. I've been trying to do the same...
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    Laptop for my wife.

    You can access the internet perfectly well on a tablet, so that is pretty much a non issue as anything can do it. The photo editing on the other hand could be, but it depends if she is doing it professionally and using things like Adobe Photoshop, or just doing the odd holiday snap in GIMP. As...
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    Computer lock up during gaming

    8 beeps is down as Display memory Read/Write test failure http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm So you may have a faulty graphics card / be clocking it too hard.
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    Price estimate on my rig

    Well, this guy is a little over £2k - http://www.ukgamingcomputers.co.uk/triton-watercooled-gaming-computer-p-134.html So people are willing to pay such sums for pre-built systems. It may be worth forking out the extra £80 to get Windows and pre-install it though. This is based on a guess that...
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    Noob Ubuntu question

    Be interesting to know what it was you couldn't get around, especially as I find Windows to be the confusing (and annoying) one! It still confuses me why I can't resize some windows in windows :) I guess it depends on which OS you tried first.
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    Using network hard drive for backup

    It depends what sort of backup you want to do. If you're happy just backing up regular files, then there are a bazillion (really, that many!) different bits of freeware to do that. There is a good list here: http://www.majorgeeks.com/mg/sortname/back_up.html and pretty much all of them can do...
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    Raid Question with a NAS

    I have a caddy for that sort of thing :) I don't have any direct experience with the exact model you have, but I do have a different Thecus device and in that you have to manually add a drive to a RAID set - it won't automatically just add it regardless. Without a caddy, you should be able to...
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    Windows doesn't see it, Mint does

    Sounds like Windows is having a SATA problem; I thought a lot of those were sorted out in Windows 7 but evidentally not :) This guy seems to have it sorted on the ASRock board you have: http://www.yentran.org/blog/2011/08/installing-windows-7-x86-for-the-asrock-939dual-sata2-motherboard/
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    SSD Recognized In BIOS Not Windows?

    Interesting. So right now, its seen in the BIOS but not Windows and is known to work elsewhere. I'd try booting up into something else (such as Linux) to see if it can be seen there. Even something basic like the GPartEd (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php) Live CD/USB would let me know...
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    Need a upgrade for my desktop

    If they worked... very much more so than any other card I've seen. There is even a club or two :) https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/482144/the-nvidia-400-500-series-lockup-club-33-have-a-fermi-based-card-thats-locking-up-blackscreen/...
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    Need a upgrade for my desktop

    I'd avoid the GTX 460 - so many problems with that range of cards. A nice Radeon should be good - you can pick up a 6870 for around £100. Your PSU should be good as is, and both the card and PSU could be used in your new system. Also worth noting that Windows 8 now comes with a system builder...
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    Decent NAS (inexpensive)

    FreeNAS does exactly that with your old hardware - http://www.freenas.org/ - and doesn't need anything fancy to run and the software costs nothing. You'll also get all the nice NAS tools you don't normally get as standard with a general purpose OS, such as email alerting. There are also others...
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    Noob Ubuntu question

    Its pretty easy to work - with most things being the same as other operating systems. And if you get stuck, just like on Windows, you can ask here :)
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    SSD Recognized In BIOS Not Windows?

    Also, if its Windows XP or something old like that, and you change the mode to AHCI... you could find that Windows suddenly won't boot if the change also affects the boot drive. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have similar problems. Linux and other systems are unaffected by this issue, though...
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    Noob Ubuntu question

    It doesn't matter too much about the 8 GB RAM. While a 64-bit system is your best choice (to be able to address > 4GB), 32-Bit Ubuntu has PAE suppport anyway. The "LTS" editions are Long Term Support editions. Stick with an LTS edition if you don't like change. Server editions are very good...
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    cant decide on laptop

    I personally wouldn't consider a GT 630M "decent graphics", especially compared to the Alienware that is the other choice. Sure, if you like playing games on the lowest setting, but that takes a bit of the fun out for me. I know he doesn't want the full settings (and like I already stated, you...
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    Does a Parity Drive Count Against the MBR Limit?

    There are, of course, other pieces of free software available, other than FreeNAS - that is just the one that shines.
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    Does a Parity Drive Count Against the MBR Limit?

    This is simply not the case. You don't need any real knowledge to "go with Linux" in this case. Many people already have Samsung mobile phones, for example, and have no idea they are using Linux and don't find it complicated. And have the Windows mobiles caught on? I don't think so. The same...
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    fibre optic

    Yes, fibre is great. One day we'll even have fibre to the home!