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    Giveaway: Diablo 3 GUEST PASS

    Big thanks to Arciks for the Guest Pass! :toast:
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    Giveaway: Diablo 3 GUEST PASS

    I feel like giving it a try but don't want to waste a guest pass for someone who might be really eager to play :) I'll do some more googling :)
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    Giveaway: Diablo 3 GUEST PASS

    Isn't there a way to play Starter Edition without Guest Pass?
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    Anybody playing Path of Exile?

    I played the game during the open weekend and I really love it. Game itself needs some polishing but the passive skill tree rocks. Will continue playing once I can make the purchase. We could get together and party on the heavy bosses? :)
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    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    Check this out :) http://www.dailytech.com/Obama+Admin+Declares+War+on+SOPA+SOPA+Author+Caught+Stealing+Work/article23783.htm
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    Cooler Master Displays Vapor Chamber-based CPU Fan-Heatsink

    I just wonder how long before Tt steals this idea/design :rolleyes:
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    Microsoft to Acquire Skype for Over $8 billion

    @FordGT90Concept Brand and "...the company has 663 million registered users, including 8.8 million with paid accounts."
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    Cooler Master Announces CM Storm Enforcer Gaming Case

    Enforcer MSRP should be $90/€90. I like the case. Two 200mm fans are a great and silent combination for my rig :)
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    AMD Radeon HD 6790 1024 MB

    Some AIBs already have a 1x 6pin version (PowerColor, VTX3D, Club3D)
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    AMD Radeon HD 6790 1024 MB

    So what is the final ROP count on this card? I found another review that says 32 ROPs. Next thing you know this card could unlock to HD6870 :roll: EDIT: Also a $125 MSRP is mentioned.
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    LG Intros E2290V Ultra-Slim Monitor

    A friend of mine got this AOC http://www.aoc-europe.com/en/monitors/led/43th_23_e2343F.php Cables plug into the base and the monitor itself looks awesome.
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    Xigmatek Pantheon

    From the front it is almost identical to CM 690 II. Nice case - nice review.
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    Lantic Announces its GeForce GTX 580 Graphics Card

    New Nvidia partners keep popping out like mushrooms after rain :D
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    Vertex3D Announces Radeon HD 6850 X Edition Graphics Card

    PowerColor, Club3D, VTX3D cards are all made by TUL corporation.
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    HIS Radeon HD 6850 1 GB

    HD6850 priced at $179 and HD5850 was priced at $259 when released so why exactly is it bad that it performs like this? Stupid naming scheme!
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    Thermaltake Launches V6 BlacX Edition Chassis with Single Bay Top HDD Dock

    Same here. It would have been too obvious if TT made the same design as CM so they made it stick out and ugly.
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    Thermaltake Launch Low-Profile CPU Cooler SlimX3 Ideal for Low Profile PCs and HTPCs

    This looks like it could be a nice GPU cooler too :)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536 MB Fermi

    Sorry but I had to skip the review because of the old ATI drivers. This would represent a wrong image in my head.
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    The CM 690 II Advanced Case Thread

    $20 more is not just for the GPU holder. Regular has 2x120mm fans - Advanced has 1x120mm + 2x140mm Regular no X-Dock like (FIH) The Don already mentioned. Regular has only two 5.25" tool-free bay - Advanced all four. Regular has no 3.5" to 5.25" converter included that means also no 5.25"...
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    NVIDIA To Unveil GeForce GTX 400 Series at PAX

    lol :)
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    The CM 690 II Advanced Case Thread

    I have joined the club. My CM 690 II Advanced is in the trunk of my car. Can't wait to get home and put the rig together :)
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    Cooler Master Unveils the Universal System P 100 (USP 100)

    Now the confusing thing is the SilentPro PSU on the pic you edited into the article.
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    Cooler Master Unveils the Universal System P 100 (USP 100)

    No reason not to post pics of the case regardless of the bundle. When I first saw the outside pic here on TPU I immediately wanted to see the insides of the case especially the mounting bays for 3.5"" devices.
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    Cooler Master Unveils the Universal System P 100 (USP 100)

    Here they are :)
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    ASUS 8800GT 256MB original BIOS?

    Does anyone have a ASUS EN8800GT/HTDP/256M graphic card? I need the original BIOS but cannot find it anywhere. ASUS download site offers some .exe BIOS update but I cannot use it since I need to flash the bios from the floppy drive. This is the card...