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  1. chamaecyparis

    Thinking of moving an old laptop from XP to Linux

    No. Some do, generally, especially those designated "for old computers" Depends on hardware specs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That taken care of, general recommendations based on typical hardware...
  2. chamaecyparis

    Help me find a suitable graphics card.

    Around here, I buy from these guys -- for example -- http://www.compuvest.com/Desc.jsp?iid=1716775
  3. chamaecyparis

    System for a P III

    TinyCore -- kinda BSD-like but minimal comes with firefox and flash, jre easily accessed and loaded
  4. chamaecyparis

    what distro for Old Machine

    ~1.5GHz and 266 FSB -- at least 512MB required to run even antiX, which is my recommendation. I value performance over looks, just to tell you where I'm coming from. It's Debian-based, so has lots of software packages available. Plus, the smxi script makes post-install tweaking easy. If...
  5. chamaecyparis

    building from LFS

    Part of the fun of Linux is doin' things just cuz ya want to -- more power to you, OP! Recently, I came across a Debian-based distro that may be another place to start your project -- bachata linux.
  6. chamaecyparis

    building from LFS

    Don' know why my last post was not published, but the Linux utility alien allows for what you ask!
  7. chamaecyparis

    Help me find a suitable graphics card.

    [bold mine] OP asked for facts, not opinions! I simply gave him what he asked for. Best wishes!
  8. chamaecyparis

    Help me find a suitable graphics card.

    According to this site ( http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=1168&game=Dirt%203 ), minimum requirements for a GPU in your system are GeForce 8600 GT A person should be apble to pick upa usable and used one from a PC repair shop to about $10. The G73 (...
  9. chamaecyparis

    Question about Iphoto Library

    Shutterfly I do not know if this will work for you or not -- it looks as if Apple is paranoid/greedy about exporters for their porprietary image handler. I suggest going with the GIMP.
  10. chamaecyparis

    building from LFS

    Just as a suggestion, why not try Salix 13.37 Fluxbox and choose the Basic install? The config files for the GUI are like using a text editor to write macros in Fluxbox -- quite easy once done. Really quite configurable. Slapt-get is much like apt-get if you've used Debian-based distros...