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  1. Kei

    What resolution do you game at

    VR resolution myself (2160x1200), but I also have a 1080p monitor that I don't really use very often now. Everything I do ends up being in the Rift now even regular PC gaming so I can have a much larger monitor (as opposed to my 27" LG). I thought about picking up a 1440p monitor, but it seems...
  2. Kei

    AMD Ryzen Discussion Thread.

    I'm offended by the overwhelming amount of totally logical thought in this post, please stop it and resort to sheeping uninformed internet comments. Thank you ;)
  3. Kei

    [WTB][US] Wanted: Motherboard with 4 PCIe

    PM me, and we can talk :)
  4. Kei

    AMD ZEN CPU Complexes Indivisible, Don't Expect 6-core Ryzen: Report

    Interesting, I must admit I do really like 6 core processors.....however, I don't care how they sell them, just give me one now please, I'm hurting with all this waiting lol. :)
  5. Kei

    [WTB][US] Wanted: Motherboard with 4 PCIe

    lol, I'm going to be buying a Ryzen setup to play with as well. I can't stop buying just to see how it feels even if I sell it a month or two later. Curiosity and a few extra bucks are so dangerous for me. FOR SCIENCE!!!! :laugh:
  6. Kei

    [WTB][US] Wanted: Motherboard with 4 PCIe

    I totally agree, these things do some serious work. It had done everything I ever wanted, and did an awesome job at VR. I just don't need two or three mean machines in the same house lol, so......pay it forward price is the result. Don't terribly want to put it on eBay so I've just sat on it...
  7. Kei

    [WTB][US] Wanted: Motherboard with 4 PCIe

    I have a very cheap deal if you're game for it. I've been thinking about doing another box for my girlfriend for productivity or to another sim racer to pay it forward..... AMD FX 8350 8-core cpu Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Corsair Vengeance ram 8GB Cooler Master V8 (version 1) already lapped and...
  8. Kei

    My "Budget" PC Build (If $1,000 is "budget")

    I do strongly agree with Bill about SSD's if you can swing one , especially for the OS and/or program drive . In my experience, it's easily worth the money, and the only time I use an old school drive is when I need bulk storage for cheap.
  9. Kei

    My "Budget" PC Build (If $1,000 is "budget")

    If I may...I'd say scrap that 1Tb drive (I do love WD though), and instead hit up Amazon for a drive. I just bought my second Seagate SSHD 2Tb drive from there for a whopping $57 shipped with a warehouse deal (not in original box). I bought them both within the last week. Looks like they have at...
  10. Kei

    Samsung 840 Pro issue.

    Old thread I know, but figure I'll post this here for someone in the future wondering about Sata 3Gb vs Sata 6Gb cable differences. http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/your_sata_cable_slowing_down_your_data_transfers_max_pc_investigates There is no real difference between the two...
  11. Kei

    [FS][US] XFX Ati HD5770 gpu $70 shipped

    sold thanks for looking all :toast: Kei
  12. Kei

    [FS][US] XFX Ati HD5770 gpu $70 shipped

    the children need your help