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  1. fusionblu

    ASRock X299 OC Formula by Nick Shih Pictured

    A shame about the corrosion to the PCI-E slots for the Asrock in the photo. Initially thought it was the lighting but the second slot from the bottom shows it clearly (first half for the front piece, from left to right, is affected). I guess it was moisture or humidity from in between shipment...
  2. fusionblu

    ASUS Intros Crosshair VI Hero Wi-Fi AC Motherboard

    Noticed this too on by board and worked out it was for WiFi just by comparing with other boards (and that it can't really be used for anything else). Does make curious as to whether Asus will sell a separate WiFi kit so those with the initial boards can have the same WiFi connectivity. If so it...
  3. fusionblu

    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    Nice to see a review for these at last and one with a Gigabyte motherboard instead (ones I have seen so far used Asus ones and did not think their reviews were thorough enough). Motherboard availability is the obvious issue so far. Now I would like to see a review to determine the differences...
  4. fusionblu

    Reference GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PCB Compared with TITAN X Pascal

    Silly question, would it possible to modify a 1080Ti and turn it into a Titan X (pascal) by just adding the missing RAM chip to the board and then modifying the BIOS where the converted Titan X could overclock better than a normal Titan X through the additional Mosfets and other additional...
  5. fusionblu

    First time PC Build

    Very solid build overall but will make a few points: RAM is excessive unless you need it for hardware intensive tasks which need more than 30GB+ (or maybe if you have a RAM disk configuration for certain performance benchmarks, etc). No problems with having the RAM as it is though. You could...
  6. fusionblu

    Should I buy Windows 10 Home or Pro?

    Not sure if the exploit still exists but you might be able to upgrade to MS Windows 10 Pro from your current Windows 7 Pro OS if you seek to upgrade to the accessibility webpage on their website. From what I can tell the exploit is legal (no warez at all, just a loop hole MS may have left open...
  7. fusionblu

    First time building a pc

    Overall build seems solid but would recommend a better cheap high capacity SSD (500GB ideally) for main boot drive by either Samsung or Crucial who are slight cheaper than WD 500GB SSD from some quick research.
  8. fusionblu

    CPU MB Memory Update advice plz

    In your case you would be good to upgrade now for significant performance boost but you might benefit more if you wait for AMD Ryzen and the new release isn't a flop where future proofing and good upgrade is concerned. I would advise making plans for now with replacing almost your whole build...
  9. fusionblu

    Trade i3 skylake for i5 haswell

    Sandybridge i7 - Not work it, literally upgraded from a build from an i7-2700K to my current build (with i7-4790K) and had a significant improvement from just the chipset alone (connectivity improved, audio was good before it packed up and now have to rely on an external DAC amp). Haswell i5 -...
  10. fusionblu

    Sick of my corsair case - all flimsy cheap plastic

    For price point you could easily go for a solid Fractal design case, but as a fan of Midi towers while nothing will beat a case that can be cooled by 3x 230mm Fans (my case, Corsair 650D) the Raijintek Asterion Plus Aluminium Midi Tower Case does seem aesthetically pleasing to the eye and seems...
  11. fusionblu

    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

    Consistent with my current build in System Specs. Did stress CPU before test to avoid results being reduced by underclock caused by general green/ low energy idle settings. No overclock than the usual turbo boost of 4.4GHz from 4GHz by default automatic settings.
  12. fusionblu

    On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    It truly saddens me to find I log back into my account after such an inactive period to attack this article. Personally it would have been fine if the article kept brief and straight to the point that Intel exec made an appearance in the White House and there is a possibility a fab plant...
  13. fusionblu

    Apple's Next-Gen MacBook Pro to Feature a Major Design Overhaul

    SSD is probably built into the Logic Board like the MB 12" Retinas so if any part of the Logic Board fails (RAM, GPU, CPU, Wireless for Wifi and Bluetooth) you also lose all your data. User's fault for not having a Time Machine back up.
  14. fusionblu

    What the hell, optical drive?

    I have seen this odd behaviour with Blu-Ray drives reading lesser disks such as DVDs or CDs. Best trick is to make sure no application tries to perform some automatic action as this would normally make the drive try to detect a disk before it has been read the disk properly and would normally...
  15. fusionblu

    Samsung 850 Evo or 850 Pro?

    Performance between both SSDs are consistent in terms of benchmarks and real world performance. As for quality the Pro would be slightly better, made to last longer and has a longer warranty than the EVO. Can't be certain about temperature, but I doubt there is a real difference given it would...
  16. fusionblu

    Which GTX 980Ti should I get?

    Zotac would be a good option which has already been mentions and for the Asus GTX 980Ti Strix there is a overclocked variant which might be better if you prefer the factory overclock as well as a few more variants. Given a lot of those graphics cards are good you could go by either brand of...
  17. fusionblu

    Which SSD?

    Either Samsung or Crucial are just as good, but I prefer Samsung and would recommend that instead. Main reason against Kingston would be the capacity as it is inferior and would prefer that sort of storage measure to be phased out entirely. My preference for Samsung is general reliability...
  18. fusionblu

    Should I get a SSHD/Hybrid for storage?

    No realistic benefit as just a storage device unless you use it as a boot drive. I had considered this before for storage, but soon realised there was no benefit after a light research given I'm not exactly going to access something on this type of drive regularly and will mostly be adding stuff...
  19. fusionblu

    sata expres??

    Sadly this technology has been mostly abandoned before an actual product which uses the full SATA Express connection was even released, but the most common use for this technology is with M.2 Connection SSDs which are used via M.2 connections on the motherboard (if it has one or maybe two which...
  20. fusionblu

    Sandy Bridge to Skylake. Is it worth it?

    Similar answer from another thread is no. Better upgrade option is Sandy Bridge to Haswell-E using the lowest end CPU which is more powerful than all Skylake CPUs. Most significant upgrade I saw from my Sandy Bridge to my current build was the chipset improvements rather than CPU performance...
  21. fusionblu

    Skylake or wait?

    A difficult choice with all considered with current releases and what will be released very soon. Simple answer is that it would be better to wait given that the Haswell-E build is the best price per performance build given you go for the low end CPU compared to a full high end Skylake build...
  22. fusionblu

    Can some give me a very basic tutorial on the logic behind installing SSDs vs non-SSD hard drives?

    I have had a quick review of this thread so far and I'm surprised to see no one has suggested using a rubber noise dampening block for the hard drive. For the one I use for my 8TB 3.5" HDD my noise dampening blocks are partly an adapter as it is also for putting a 3.5" HDD in a 5.25" optical...
  23. fusionblu

    PC Gaming Is Dying.....

    Good to see that "PC Gaming is Dying...." is being contradicted. I have known on a few colleagues to change from console to PC and have given them advise on PC building. Now all I have to do is get them off COD and Battlefield so I can get them into CS:GO... well only if I finally get bored and...
  24. fusionblu

    LaCie Releasing 1 TB Rugged Thunderbolt SSD

    I built a 1TB external SSD a year ago using the previous generation with Thunderbolt and USB 3 LaCie enclosure with a 1TB Samsung 840 SSD and the only tricky part was getting a 7mm SSD into an enclosure meant for a 9mm HDD. The said enclosure works well, but the USB 3 port is the only part I've...
  25. fusionblu

    GeForce GTX 970 Design Flaw Caps Video Memory Usage to 3.3 GB: Report

    Could be those who play games with hi-res texture mods applied and it might be possible to trigger this fault with a modded game immediately rather than waiting for the card to age with reduced performance. You just need a game which would actually use close to a full 4GB of GDDR5 with other...