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  1. X-TeNDeR

    NZXT Debuts HALE90 Power Supply Series

    When we get bored with black, its white all over again. When we will get bored with this new white, what...? Black and red isn't dead, its replaced with white and red :)
  2. X-TeNDeR

    XFX Readies Pair of Single-Slot Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Cards

    Higher temps, Less materials, and it would be more expensive than the full-sized card! WooT i like how these things work :laugh: And i'm still gonna get it, to compensate for ASUS's we-only-have-six-slots-for-ya motherboards (and using several expansion cards).
  3. X-TeNDeR

    GeForce GTX 460 to Come in Distinct Variants, Launch Date Surfaces

    Come Geforce 460... Come and make my (soon-to-be) 5850 a penny cheaper :toast: Core harvesting at its finest.
  4. X-TeNDeR

    Acer Designs Aspire One Netbook With Low-Wattage AMD Processor

    I'm glad to see AMD is expanding into Netbooks. power consumption is a bit high but if the performance is good, this can be a nice package (with the GPU). I think this should be priced competitively in order to roll the platform in the long run.
  5. X-TeNDeR

    ASUS ROG Crosshair IV Formula and Extreme Motherboards Pictured

    Hellooo, My new motherboard. :)
  6. X-TeNDeR

    GeForce GTX 400 Series Performance Expectations Hit the Web

    Very interesting.. ofcourse this can be a ploy by NVIDIA to dazzle us untill the real deal is here, shocking the gaming community (as AMD did with the "400 shaders" HD4xxx) If this info is true - they should Ship these cards with Doom 5 ;)
  7. X-TeNDeR

    ASUS ROG P55 Maximus III Formula in Pretty Pixels

    Looks amazing. though i can't help but notice that ALOT of the newer motherboards use this color-scheme. originality anyone? Me still wishes for some white and red combination, like some of the older sapphire boards :respect:
  8. X-TeNDeR

    (Useful Tool) AMD OC Calculator in Excel

    Hi, I've been expecting such comments, and they are good and valid, and i do intend to expand this tool with more features and tweaks. its a WIP. :) The tool is simple, it won't predict your optimal timing, nor it will incorporate statistical values and OC database, because its too much for its...
  9. X-TeNDeR

    Intel Core i7 950 and 975 Extreme Detailed

    $649. definitely for Everyone. :laugh:
  10. X-TeNDeR

    (Useful Tool) AMD OC Calculator in Excel

    Hi guys, I wanted to share with you this little tool i've made recently, which makes the majority of the OC math fast and simple. We have all been in those moments infront of the BIOS, trying to find the sweet spot while calculating those multipliers and divisors, and finally getting lost with...
  11. X-TeNDeR

    Athlon X2 7750 BE Unlocked to Quad-Core

    ^ Dont forget this isn't 100% sure and there is no guarantee whatsoever. About what npp said: its all about volume. sell thousands of cheap parts, instead of hundreds of more expensive ones. if the average joe see the potential in buying a dual-core which is dirt-cheap, and unlocking it to tri...
  12. X-TeNDeR

    Athlon X2 7750 BE Unlocked to Quad-Core

    Me suspects a plot by AMD to rule the (CPU) world :wtf: Seriously, think about it: AMD use all native-quads for their different lineups, and one day, slips a bios or some patch that unlocks dormant cores... if its true, AMD are w1zzards lol. This gives their processors so much value, alot of...
  13. X-TeNDeR

    DFI Prepares LANParty JR 790GX-M3H5 AM3 mATX Motherboard

    I only have 1 expansion card, my good old PCI Soundblaster Live!, and shame you couldnt see how my radeon X1950 cooked it over time, to the point where it is now dead. the cards were so close to eachother, that the whole sound card got steaming hot over long gameplay sessions. this was never the...
  14. X-TeNDeR

    DFI Prepares LANParty JR 790GX-M3H5 AM3 mATX Motherboard

    I don't get the idea with these minimized boards which support even mounting a microwave on them.. i'm a microATX board user myself, and its hard to decide which expansion card will be scrapped just because you have an heatsink on your graphics card, and almost any other part won't fit with it...
  15. X-TeNDeR

    Single-PCB GeForce GTX 295 in the Works

    Exactly! I don't hate NVidia, i hate the SANDWICH design. OnionMan, the hope is for them to stop making these sandwiches permanently, and stick to one pcb designs for good. no matter how long this new 295 lasts on the market, the important thing is the change in design approach imo. :toast:
  16. X-TeNDeR

    Single-PCB GeForce GTX 295 in the Works

    The current NVidia offerings are more potent, thats true. but i was referring to the now apparent fact that the complicated sandwich designs made by NVidia are too expensive and big. fanbiosm aside, i wouldnt mind having the GTX295, performance-wise. but these cards are too expensive and...
  17. X-TeNDeR

    Single-PCB GeForce GTX 295 in the Works

    Your local AMD fanboi here, Once again, ATi's original concept of 2 gpu's on the same PCB has proven to be the better solution. Sandwich cards are for hungry people lulz. now let NVidia struggle with heat dissipation on this one. :)
  18. X-TeNDeR

    RV790 Reaches 1.00 GHz, Indicates Overclocked SKUs in the Making

    Considering the upcoming price-cuts and 4890 price tag we get on launch, AMD has a pretty good lineup imo. But i can't stop thinking about HD5xxx series... :rolleyes:
  19. X-TeNDeR

    PowerColor bundles S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky with HD 4870

    Stalker is a great game, i LOVE it! its true that the game had some issues regarding stability and performance, but they are almost all gone in the latest 1.5.08 patch. also, the Stalker community came up with some nice addons and fixes that address the remaining rough-spots. hell, one of them...
  20. X-TeNDeR

    ATI Radeon HD 4870 and Radeon HD 4850 Price Cuts This Week

    Competition is good :toast:
  21. X-TeNDeR

    XFX GeForce GTS 250 Pictured, Looks Familiar

    Oh wow, XFX was the first to come up with the new PCB and specifications for this brand new line of cards. they are quick! only time will tell if this new card is worth something. :toast::laugh: I'm gonna stay a bit more with my 8800GTS.. ehm, 9800GTX ehm ehm, before i'll upgrade to this next...
  22. X-TeNDeR

    New Seagate Firmware Turns Sour, Dangerous

    Ouch. Makes me feel luckey, as i've just recently picked up the WD6400AAKS instead of the Seagate ST3500320AS.. i had a hunch of sorts, dunno:o Every now and then a company has a flowed product line. its a bummer when it comes to HDs filled with all your nice pr0n idol's work, but thats...
  23. X-TeNDeR

    Phenom II X4 In For Price-Cuts?

    Hell Yeah! Decent Quads for as low as a Phenom X4 B2 OC! Love the price wars, lets hope AMD holds on. Go AMD Go! :cool:
  24. X-TeNDeR

    R700 Supports 4-way Crossfire X?

    ^ Thats even more value added to the cards. They can do gaming, crunch numbers, and keep it nice and warm for the night too. :laugh:
  25. X-TeNDeR

    R700 Supports 4-way Crossfire X?

    Exactly. :)